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C609 gives him a reason

Bai Yiyan cleverly lies on Ji Yueze's back. The man's back is very generous, giving a very safe feeling.

He steps forward with long legs, feeling that Bai Yiyan belongs to the kind of girl with a little bit of flesh feeling. But why does she carry her back so light? Is she really hungry?

Up to the car, Bai Yiyan did not dare to look up.

"Well, I'll let you down!" Ji Yueze reminds her lightly.

Bai Yiyan let out a sound, the man bent, she lightly jumped from his back.

"Do you have anything special to eat?" Ji Yueze asked her by glancing at her.

"No, as long as you can have enough." Bai Yiyan smiles.

Ji Yueze saw that she didn't ask so much, so he took her to a private restaurant which he often went to according to his idea.

This private restaurant only accepts appointments, but the owner's mother is Ji Yueze's friend, so Ji Yueze always wants to come here for dinner and has a place.

The owner's wife is in her thirties and full of femininity. She sees Ji Yueze coming in with Bai Yiyan on her back. She immediately came over jokingly and said, "it's sad that the big stars are in love. I'm looking forward to being loved by you one day."

Bai Yiyan listened and hugged Ji Yueze's two small hands.

Ji Yueze also felt that she seemed to be a little nervous. He said with a light smile, "scold you for being stupid. You are stupid. She is joking with me. Can't you see it?"

When Bai Yiyan was mocked by him, she immediately blushed, let go of her small hand and murmured: "I didn't say anything, why do you want to scold me?"

Seeing that Bai Yiyan is still a little girl, the woman had to smile and say, "don't mind. I often joke with young master Ji. I don't mean anything else. Although I'm his fan, I don't dare to expect him to see me."

Ji Yueze immediately evil airway: "is you don't see me, every time I come, you are only joking with me, but not serious."

"Young master Ji, you came here with your girlfriend on your back. Don't make fun of it. Come in. In order to celebrate that you finally have a master, I'll treat you today."

"Old analytical Niang is really a good person, then I will eat overlord's meal!" Ji Yueze said as she took a seat with Bai Yiyan on her back.

There are several boxes here, which are full of guests. The only box is for Ji Yueze.

"Come here for dinner, don't you want a single one?" Bai Yiyan looked around and saw that no one came in to greet them, so she asked in a low voice.

"No need to order. All the dishes here are matched by them. Don't worry, they will suit your taste." Ji Yueze explained lightly.

"Do you come here to eat every day? You seem to be familiar with the landlady. " Bai Yiyan doesn't know what's wrong. She feels that all the women who are familiar with Ji Yueze are envious.

"Yes, once, this is my private dining hall." Ji Yueze doesn't hide her.

"Oh!" Bai Yiyan suddenly didn't know what to say.

Ji Yueze took out his cell phone and looked at it, then threw it away.

When Bai Yiyan saw that he was bored again, she suddenly thought of a way and said, "if you are sorry to call your elder brother and ask her about her, let me call. I will ask for you!"

"You?" Ji Yueze is slightly shocked.

"Yes, last time I went home with you, your elder brother was nice to me. He also asked me to treat Ji's family as my own. He certainly would not doubt that I have a relationship with you. As your girlfriend, I'd like to make a phone call and ask about it. It's nothing."

Ji Yueze nodded, and then gave Bai Yiyan his cell phone number.

Bai Yiyan takes out her mobile phone and enters Ji Xiaohan's mobile number. Then she pulls it out directly.

Ji Yueze listens to the beep of her mobile phone. Her heart is hanging. She listens to the voice of her mobile phone with all her mind.

"Why didn't your eldest brother answer my phone?" Bai Yiyan made a call. Unfortunately, she was cut off soon. Obviously, Ji Xiaohan didn't answer her phone.

Ji Yueze sighed: "I almost forget that this is my brother's personal number. If it was not on his storage list, he would not receive any strange calls."

"Well, then what?" Bai Yiyan asked in surprise.

"Take my cell phone!" Ji Yueze gives her the cell phone.

Bai Yiyan has to open his call record, and suddenly sees a name on it. You can't touch it.

Bai Yiyan's heart quivers a little. Is this you who can't touch Tang youyou?

I didn't expect Ji Yueze to put her in such an important position.

Bai Yiyan takes a hard breath and unplugs Ji Xiaohan's cell phone.

Ji Yueze's face is also tense, and his eyes are fixed on his mobile phone.

After a while, the phone was connected, and there came the cold and low voice of Ji Xiao: "Yueze, what else can I do?"

Bai Yiyan immediately asked, "brother Ji, it's me. I'm Bai Yiyan. I heard Yue Ze say that her sister-in-law has had a car accident. How is she now? We are all worried about her. "

"It's you. She's OK. You don't have to worry." Ji Xiaohan didn't expect that it would be Bai Yiyan. He was slightly shocked. Later, he replied in a low voice.

"Brother Ji, I'd like to see my sister-in-law tomorrow. Is that ok?" Bai Yiyan looks at Ji Yueze, then asks in a low voice.

Ji Yueze frowned, why does this woman want to be good at asserting?

"Well, come and see her tomorrow with Yueze." Ji Xiaohan agrees.

"OK, thank you brother Ji. You take good care of your sister-in-law and pay attention to rest! Hang up first! " After Bai Yiyan finished, she hung up.

After Ji Yueze saw her hand over her mobile phone, he was a little dissatisfied: "who told you to go to the hospital tomorrow?"

"Don't you worry about her? I just found a reason for you to visit her. Don't you want to go? " Asked Bai Yiyan strangely.

She did this to give him a chance.

Ji Yueze snorted: "it's between me and Hao. What's your hand?"

"I'm also for you. You don't want to be grateful." Bai Yiyan didn't expect that he didn't appreciate himself. She had to teach herself a lesson. She was a little angry at once.

Ji Yueze's expression froze.

"Well, you'll come with me to see her tomorrow." Ji Yueze is grateful for her, because he can't find any other reason to visit her. If Bai Yiyan will accompany him, he won't be so nervous.

Bai Yiyan nodded, "I'll go with you. Don't worry!"

"How can I thank you for thinking so much of me?" Ji Yueze looked up at her and asked.

Bai Yiyan said to herself, "you know what I want." "Money?" Ji Yueze frowns.