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Mu Shi Ye laughed and admitted it with a nod of his head, "That's right, I feel guilty. I owe you too much, can you give me a chance to compensate? "Don't let me suffer day and night."

"Isn't that what I wanted? If I can torture you, I would be the happiest! " Pei An Xin said in violation of his conscience.

"Are you happy?" Mu Shi Ye Tu Ran reached out and pulled her into his embrace. His voice trembled slightly: "I know, you're unhappy too!"

"Mu Shi Ye, what are you doing? "Let go!" Pei An Xin did not expect him to be so brazen, to actually hug her like this in front of his sleeping daughter.

"I don't want to!" Mu Shi Ye replied casually.

He really didn't want to let go of her. He dreamt countless times that he could once again hold her in his arms.

Pei An Xin also did not ask him to let go, because she was extremely infatuated with this embrace.

Mu Shi Ye reached out his hand, but he could not touch the hair at her waist. His heart inexplicably ached as he asked in a low and hoarse voice: "Why did you cut your hair?"

"Because I want to forget you!" Pei An Xin spoke the truth.

"I remember you threatening me before, saying that if you break up later on, you will cut off my most beloved long hair. You really keep your word!" Mu Shi Ye indeed still missed the scene of her black hair fluttering in the wind, but that was already the past. Now, with her shoulder-length hair, she had a completely different charm, her charm revealing a hint of wildness.

Suddenly, he found that no matter what kind of person she was, he liked her and had an appreciative look in his eyes.

"Do you know that I mean what I say now? Then you should also know that I don't love you anymore, just don't love me anymore. Pei An Xin laughed sarcastically.

Mu Shi Ye's thin lips fiercely kissed her neck. "If I were to give up so easily, I won't be called Mu Shi Ye!"

His thin lips touched her skin, causing Pei An Xin's entire body to tremble. Inexplicably, it caused her to recall the countless times she had been together with him, when they were young and full of vitality. Together, they unrestrainedly enjoyed the beauty of youth, enjoyed the sweetness of love, and thought that they could be like that until they grew old.

Unfortunately, reality gave her a head-on blow, allowing her to return to her original life, cruel.

Mu Shi Ye looked at her with slight astonishment.

Pei An Xin crossed his arms in front of his chest and walked towards the Walk Outside.

Mu Shi Ye quickly followed her out.

After entering the living room, Pei An Xin did not need to speak with a suppressed voice, and his tone had returned to normal: "I know that this idea is very childish, but for a while, I really felt especially resentful. However, fortunately I managed to endure through it all, so I did not really do anything stupid."

Mu Shi Ye looked at her complicated and contradictory expression. That expression really made his heart ache.

"An Xin, do you know why I still like you so much? It's precisely because you're inherently kind, you never take the initiative to harm anyone. You have your own personality and principles. " Mu Shi Ye sighed.

"What's the use of being kind? Kind people are more likely to be bullied by others. I'd rather have a bad nature." Pei An Xin covered her face, and tears rolled down her face.

Mu Shi Ye walked over quickly and hugged her gently from behind. He lowered his head onto her shoulder and said with a suppressed voice, "Don't think like this, don't change your mind. An Xin, you're right now.

Pei An Xin cried for a while, before calming himself down, and pulling his hands away from his body, "Go back, I need to rest!"

Mu Shi Ye, however, was unwilling to leave. His large palm was once again held back, and the man's gentle voice sounded beside his ears: "An Xin, I don't want to leave. I want to stay with you guys forever!"

Pei An Xin swiftly escaped from his embrace, his face ice-cold. "If you want to be a scoundrel, I won't allow you to enter my door in the future."

Mu Shi Ye exhaled helplessly. "I just want to accompany you, and never thought of harming you again!"

"I don't need you to accompany me!" Pei An Xin's expression became even colder.

Mu Shi Ye knew that her stubborn personality, forcing himself to stay would not benefit him much, so he took the suit jacket and looked at her again before opening the door and leaving.

As the night fell, Pei An Xin was stunned for a while and decided to sleep in his room.

The moment she lay down, the little guy reached out his hand to touch her face. As he did so, he called out in a dreamy voice, "Daddy …" "Daddy!"

Her whole body froze. In the dim light, she looked at the upturned corner of her daughter's mouth. Was she dreaming? Dreaming of her father at her side?

Tears inexplicably rolled down Pei An Xin's face as he covered his lips, trying his best to not let himself make a sound as he cried.

After Mu Shi Ye left the Pei household, he sat in his carriage!

He was depressed, so after smoking two cigarettes, he realised that he was still depressed, thus, he called Luo He Ning and invited him out for a drink.

He did not expect Luo He Ning to already be drunk from the alcohol, but he was willing to come over to have a chat with him.

When Luo He Ning arrived beside him in the driver's car, his face slightly flushed, the two of them took advantage of the light from the street lamps and walked towards the coastline.

At this moment, the night was a bit dark, and there were very few people. The two silhouettes were extremely long, and the wind that blew against them caused their hair to be messed up.

Luo He Ning picked up a small stone from the side and fiercely threw it with his arm. The small stone was instantly submerged in the ocean surface, with not even a splash of water.

"What's the matter with you?" Luo He Ning had followed him for a long time, but still did not see him speak.

He looked at the endless waves of water in front of him and self-deprecatingly said, "In the past, I felt that my reincarnation was very successful, that I was a rich person. Now, I feel that I have lived a very unsuccessful life, that my spirit has turned into that of a poor person with nothing at all. Luo He Ning, tell me, how can I save my love, she won't even let me near his."

Luo He Ning saw that Yue Yang was actually sighing emotionally, and he instantly felt even more lost.

I feel the most pitiful. Seeing your sister, I feel like I'm a thief with a burning heart, but my face has to pretend that nothing happened. The moment your sister's eyes swept over me, I feel scared. Both of them were standing in the darkness, listening to the waves.