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C1018 is this a surprise?

The long corridor paved with flowers is extremely romantic. On the rostrum next to it is a specially invited professional performer. The melodious melody of the violin and the light and pleasant piano make people intoxicated. The elders of each family have sat on both sides of the rostrum, and lanrona's smile is not so strong. After all, it's hard for her daughter to marry into Luo's family and take over the marriage. At the beginning, she was afraid that her daughter would be too strong to find a satisfied man, but now, her worry is superfluous. She not only attracted a younger man than her Besides, this man is so handsome and excellent.

Sitting beside lanruona is murin's father, Mu Chengping. He looks excited and happy. However, when he and lanruona look at each other, the expression on his face is a little stiff. LAN

ruona's expression suddenly darkened. Her fingers unconsciously pinched her dress. She felt that the man around her didn't really love herself. She was so stiff even when she looked at her. Did he have another woman?

Lanruona's heart ached inexplicably as if she had been stabbed by a needle. "

I didn't think you would come!" Lanruona sneered, because Mu Chengping just came back. "

How can I not come to my daughter's wedding?" Mu Chengping replied calmly.

"I don't think you want our family for a long time. Your research results are the most important." Lanruona looks inexplicably sad and wronged.

Mu Chengping's face also flashed a pain. He was silent for a long time before he replied: "I have always wanted to come back, but every time I come back, you will have a deeper resentment against me. I am afraid to come back!" "

Oh, that's a good reason!" Lanrona has a stronger sense of ridicule.

"Don't quarrel at her daughter's wedding, she will be sad." Mu Chengping doesn't want to talk with her any more. This is what their husband and wife do. If they disagree, they will quarrel. That's why the relationship between them has always been rigid and cold. "

Mu Chengping, I just want to ask you if you There are other women out there? " Lanruona's eyes were inexplicably red, and tears rolled in her eyes.

"Mu Chengping's tone suddenly excited:" of course not

"Is this your truth?" Lanrona didn't believe him at all. After so many years of separation, did he really have no other women? Who can believe it? "

Yes, that's my truth!" Mu Chengping answered her without even thinking about it.

"Well, if If I plead with you to apply for a transfer back, will you? " Lanrona finally believed him, and she also decided to put down the pride and dignity of women, to beg her husband not to leave. Chengping's fingers on his knee trembled a little. Obviously, it was hard for him to believe when he heard this suddenly.

"Before, I was too proud to take you seriously. It was my fault. I was not so strong and independent. Other people were accompanied by their husbands for a walk, but I dare not even step out of the gate. I envy them so much." Lanrona's voice is more and more sad, as if she has endured too much, overstocked for too long. Now when she speaks, she will lose face, but it seems to be relaxed and relieved. Mu

Chengping turns around and looks at the tears in her eyes. He sighs a little, reaches over and holds lanrona's stiff fingers: "if you would talk to me like this several years ago, why should I escape to such a far place alone? I thought you looked down on me and didn't love me anymore. " "

If I don't love you, why should I marry you? Give you a baby? I don't have water in my head. " Lanruona suddenly burst into tears and smiled. She felt a sense of peace in her heart, as if she was holding her hand tightly. This feeling is very practical.

"Then don't blame me again. We are all old. Live a good life." Mu Chengping also doesn't want to travel outside alone. He also misses the family and his new granddaughter. Immediately, his daughter's child will be born. He also envies the life that others can accompany them and bring them children.

Lanruona didn't think that she had the courage to take a soft, and the return to her was a sincere feeling. She was a little stunned.

"Well, don't complain!" LAN ruona is so coquettish that she looks like a newly married young woman. Her face is low and blushes. Luo Jinyu's parents are also sitting in it, but their life is much happier than lanrona's. They have been singing along with their wives for many years. Their feelings are so strong that they can leave their two sons behind and move abroad to spend their later years in peace. Therefore, Luo Jinyu's growth is to lead him. Their parents just leave their brothers behind. Of course, as a man, they don't care Will rely on their parents excessively, Luo family two brothers, already had this consciousness.

At this time, the host has announced the formal opening of the wedding on the stage.

Mu shiye is sitting in the front row with his daughter in his arms. Suddenly, he is surprised and reaches out to grasp Pei Anxin's arm: "tell me quickly, my eyes are clear. Does my father hold my mother's hand?" Pei

Anxin, reminded by him, suddenly looked at lanruona, and then she was surprised: "you have no eyes, it's true, two people are holding hands."

"What's the matter?" Mu shiye couldn't believe it. He was worried that his parents would have a big quarrel at his sister's wedding, and then he left unhappily. At this moment, how could he not only not quarrel, but also hold hands tightly. "

What's the surprise? Don't you see that your father still loves your mother?" Pei Anxin, as a bystander, found at a glance that his father had deep feelings for lanruona. Although he deliberately hid such feelings, his occasional eyes could not hide them. "

really? Why didn't I find out? I always think they are the third enemies! " Mu shiye Jun's face is still shocked. Maybe he hasn't seen his parents' love for a long time. It's not like a surprise, but it's like scaring him. Pei

Anxin covered her mouth and chuckled: "how can you think of your parents like this?" "

that's all. I grew up watching them quarrel." Mu shiye shrugs his shoulders and says without a face.

"Well, they are feeling better, aren't they? Don't think too much! " Pei Anxin knew that her family environment had made Mu shiye suspicious of love all the time. When she took the initiative to pursue him, she was abused by his emotions.