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Luo Jin Yu's thin lips moved the taste of the wine. A pair of unfathomable eyes, however, locked onto the bashful and enchanting little thing without him noticing.

He was actually able to see through her eyes, her smile, and the corner of her mouth.

However, when Cheng Ying brought her to greet the elders, when she passed by him, she shifted her gaze away.

Yang Chu Chu did not dare to look at him, but when she saw the man turn her gaze away from her out of the corner of her eyes, she immediately felt a little disappointed.

Yang Chu Chu was a contradictory body in her own right. For a young girl like her, she loved to let her imagination and emotions run wild. Maybe it was just a look, or maybe it was just a movement, but it could make her mood turn from clear to gloomy and eventually into a storm.

Luo Jin Yu shifted his gaze. Yang Chu Chu could feel it, he must really hate him.

Cheng Ying greeted the elders first, then chatted happily with others along the way.

In the end, Cheng Ying's gaze naturally landed on Luo Jin Yu and she quickly pulled her daughter's hand, "Chuchu, come over here and let me introduce you. This is your uncle, Luo Jin Yu! He's younger than Mom, so if you see him in the future, just call him Little Uncle! "


Yang Chu Chu only felt her body tremble as a cold feeling rose from the bottom of her feet.

Luo Jin Yu's brows also twitched, maybe, this was the final relationship between him and Yang Chu Chu.

"Cousin!" As a member of the younger generation, Luo Jin Yu naturally had to speak of seniority. However, the expression on his face was a little stiff and awkward.

Cheng Ying said with a face full of smiles: "Jin Yu, looking at your high-spirited look, it seems like you have earned quite a bit of money recently!"

Luo Jin Yu's gaze was intentionally or unintentionally fixed on the head lowered Yang Chu Chu who had a negative look on his face, as he answered absent-mindedly: "No!"

Cheng Ying suddenly realised that her daughter was just like a log, she did not even call for him when she saw him. In an instant, Cheng Ying became slightly angry and pushed him away, "Chuchu, what's wrong with you, call for someone!"

Yang Chu Chu's dizzy state of mind was immediately cleared up by her mother. She looked up and met Luo Jin Yu's unfathomable eyes.

"Uncle!" Her voice was low enough that only she could hear it, like the buzz of a mosquito.

Luo Jin Yu's thin lips curled into a line, his sharp eyes stared straight at the girl's head that was still lowered.

Cheng Ying immediately laughed: "Jinyu, don't mind her. My daughter is like that, timid and lacking manners. When the time comes, I will definitely teach her a good lesson."

Luo Jin Yu only smiled, but this smile contained too much information.

"It's a bit stuffy in here, I'll go out for a walk!" Luo Jin Yu did not want to face Cheng Ying and he was so afraid that he did not dare face him.

"That's right, the air-conditioning in here seems to be too big!" Cheng Ying said.

Luo Jin Yu put down the cup in his hand, ignoring Yang Chu Chu's pitiful and sorrowful eyes, he walked slowly towards the direction of the garden.

Cheng Ying looked down at his daughter and immediately scolded her softly: "Look at you, you don't even know how to socialize. You've made your uncle unhappy!"

"Mom, why do I have to call him little uncle? He's not my blood uncle, and we're not related by blood, so I don't want to call him that in the future!" Yang Chu Chu instantly expressed her dissatisfaction and opinion.

Although you and him are not blood related, but as long as your generation is here, you can't not scream! If you don't call him uncle, what do you want to call him? It's not too appropriate to call him big brother. He's already so much older than you! " Cheng Ying said to himself.

"I want to call him by his name!" Yang Chu Chu muttered.

"What?" Call him by name? "No, you can't call him by his name!" Cheng Ying immediately scolded her daughter: "Mom still has a lot of work to do with him. He's a big customer of our company, you better follow the rules and don't anger him again, understand?"

"Mom, I've told you long ago that I don't want to get involved with your business. What business do you have with him? It has nothing to do with me. Anyway, I just don't call him Little Uncle!" Yang Chu Chu also had her own perseverance.

"You have the same personality as your dad, yet you're so stubborn like that. Are you really going to piss me off?" Cheng Ying had always been strict when teaching her daughter, and Yang Chu Chu had always been a sensible and obedient girl. But this time, Cheng Ying realised that her daughter's stubbornness gave her a headache.

"I can promise you other things, but if I don't agree to this matter, I won't call him!" After Yang Chu Chu finished speaking, she turned around and left.

Yang Chu Chu walked towards the direction of the garden angrily, but right when she reached the door, she bumped into someone.

"Ouch!" Because he was too anxious from anger, Yang Chu Chu walked quickly and with that strike, he directly bumped into the other party's embrace, causing her to have a headache.

Yang Chu Chu suddenly raised her head and saw Luo Jin Yu's ice face, which had never changed for ten thousand years. Her entire person was in a bit of a daze.

"I... "I did not!" Yang Chu Chu really didn't want to crash into his arms on purpose, nor did she want to follow him. It's just that she was in a bad mood, and needed to find a place to stay in peace for a while.

"You still say that?" Seeing her blushing and gasping for breath, Luo Jin Yu couldn't help but ridicule her with his thin lips.

"I really don't have any!" Yang Chu Chu's eyes immediately became misty, and felt that he was wronged.

Luo Jin Yu had originally wanted to give her an ugly expression, but when he saw the mist rising in her eyes, he instantly felt like he couldn't bear it any longer.

"Come with me, I have something to say!" Luo Jin Yu threw these words down and turned to walk away.

Yang Chu Chu immediately followed him to an empty little garden at the side. She could not help but ask curiously: "What are you going to say to me?"

"Before you ask me, shouldn't you bring a form of address?" Luo Jin Yu suddenly turned around, and stared at her eyes that were filled with anticipation with his gaze. "Shouldn't you call me Little Uncle?"

Yang Chu Chu instantly had a kind of negative feeling that she was hit with. Her pure white teeth bit her lower lip tightly, and after a long while, she huffily said: "Why should I call you uncle? I won't scream!"

"Heh, you're still very stubborn?" Luo Jin Yu thought that she would obediently call out to him, but he never expected that she actually didn't want to call him that.