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C1693 distance can calm people down

The man's words pleased lanyanxi. Her beautiful eyes flashed a few times. She turned to walk away from the man and walked a few steps to the side. She saw that the signboard above said the road sign, and one of the signboards said the water to clean her heart.

LAN Yanxi immediately turned to Ling Mo Feng and said, "I heard that the water is clear, sweet and cold. Let's have a drink."

Ling Mo Feng's face is smiling, gentle and watery: "the time from now to night belongs to you. You can do anything you want."

LAN Yanxi's heart quivers. My God, this man talks too much. He listens too much. What if he is pregnant?

"You can only say these words to me, not to other women, not to a word or a look." LAN Yanxi did not know where the acid, the moment rushed to his front, stretched out a finger, savage bully of the request of men.

Ling Mo Feng was startled by the body that suddenly flashed in front of her. Instinctively, he reached out to help her, but unexpectedly, what he heard was the warning that she was so domineering. His eyes were stunned.

"I didn't hear you?" LAN Yan hopes to see that he doesn't respond, and Mei Mou squints at once.

Ling Mo Feng's thin lips were down. He almost bit her straight finger. LAN Yanxi hurriedly turned his small hand behind him and dodged.

"Yes!" The man could not help laughing at her lovely behavior.

"I can't laugh at other people like this." Blue words hope Mou son stare at him, discover him to smile, sunshine and rain all pour out among them, she does not know where to come of temper, again warn a sentence.

Ling Mo Feng was speechless for a moment. He restrained the gentle touch on his face and shaved her small nose in a punitive way: "how come such a big sour smell?"

LAN Yanxi also knew that he was unreasonable, so he had to turn around and stride towards the pure heart pool like blocking the air.

The man's eyes color a Zheng, the long leg immediately quickly pursued up, low soft light call: "Yan Xi Yan Xi, slow down! "

"Leave you alone!" LAN Yanxi muttered in a low voice, like an unreasonable child.

"The ground here is covered with moss. Be careful not to slip." Ling Mo Feng is anxious, and his long legs are even tighter.

Lanyanxi was trying to reply to him in a big way, but she didn't expect to just turn around and slip under her feet. She cried out in a low voice, and the whole person fell back.

Ling Mo Feng seemed to have expected that she was in such a difficult situation. He stretched out his long arm and firmly grasped her arm. The other hand, even firmly fastened on her waist. Her long hair was scattered around the bend of his arm, and a frightened white face, which had the air just now.

"All right!" The man asked her with concern, but he couldn't help laughing.

LAN Yanxi looked embarrassed and broke away from his arms. He stood up straight and looked down at the shoes at his feet. "If you don't remind me earlier, I'll come here in flat shoes."

Ling immediately clenched her hand: "let's go, don't block up the gas any more, it will make you lose your judgment on the road condition."

"I don't!" LAN Yanxi said with a hot face and obstinacy.

"Well, if not, what are you doing?" Ling Mo Feng is still very interesting. What kind of creature is a woman? With or without a manual, he is not sure about the little woman around him.

"You look good, but you don't let people see you?" LAN Yanxi turns his mouth and hands on the palm of the man's hand, and the two move forward step by step.

Jingxin pool is a natural pool, shaped like crescent moon, with clear water and small fish swimming around.

LAN Yanxi, like a child, squatted down happily, reached for the water column that flowed down from the side and scooped it: "Wow, it's so cool!"

Ling Mo Feng also squatted down with her, stretched out his hand to the water, refreshing and cool. It's really a good spring.

"It's a pity that I didn't bring a bottle, otherwise, I can decorate and go home." LAN Yanxi's eyes reflected the water like a pity.

"It's greedy. It's not enough to drink. I want to take it away." The man chuckled at her.

LAN Yanxi was angry again, and Du gave him a white look: "yes, I am greedy."

Ling Mo Feng, with his wet fingers, lightly tapped her face: "don't you want to drink it? A few drinks will pay off. "

LAN Yanxi's face was rejoicing again. He took a handful and drank it. It was as dry and sweet as juice. It was really different from the water quality in the city.

"Have a drink, too!" LAN Yanxi grabbed the water and put it in front of Ling Mo Feng.

Embarrassed, the man whispered, "I'd better come by myself."

"Drink, it's almost gone!" Lanyanxi urged him at once.

Ling Mo Feng finally got rid of the burden of his identity as president and bowed down to drink the water in her hand.

"How is it?" LAN Yanxi is like a kid who wants to invite contributions. His eyes are full of laughter and happiness.

Ling Mo Feng immediately nodded: "it's very sweet!"

LAN Yanxi bent down again to collect the water.

Ling Mo Feng stood up and reached for his mobile phone. When LAN Yanxi didn't know about it, he took several pictures of her.

LAN Yan and Xi Li immediately look up. Ling Mo Feng is scared and quickly focuses on the nearby landscape. He takes a serious picture.

"Take a picture of me!" LAN Yanxi immediately said with a smile.

Ling took a few steps back and integrated her into the scenery.

She was also wearing a grey dress, with a strong temperament and a gentle smile.

Ling Mo Feng felt that he was a little lost, and was very shy to put away his mobile phone: "OK, where else do you want to go next?"

"I don't know. It's getting late. Let's go home." When LAN Yanxi was talking, he put out his hand and slapped on his feet: "there are mosquitoes biting me!"

Lingmo Feng just found out that she is still barefooted. There are many mosquitoes and poisons here. If she takes a bite, she will get a big red envelope.

"Let's go!" Ling Mo Feng didn't want her to suffer, so he quickly reached for her hand.

It's dark, and there are more mosquitoes. After walking back, lanyanxi has had several bites on his legs.

"How are you?" Ling Mo Feng saw her shaking her legs and asked with concern.

"It's OK. Go home and apply some medicine." LAN Yanxi said with a smile as he grabbed.

Ling Mo Feng looked at her painfully, lovely and pitiful.

At nine o'clock in the evening, Ling Mo Feng made a phone call to his younger sister Ling Nuan. He knew that she had checked into the hotel, had a rest for one night, and would leave tomorrow. Ling Mo Feng asked him to be concerned for a long time, and then hung up the phone. He also mentioned that he asked Mu Weicheng to pick up her car. Ling Nuan answered vaguely, but his heart was happy.

Elder brother unconsciously led the line for her. If elder brother is angry and blames her, she can also take it out and contradict her. Hehe, will she be very bad.

The next morning!

Ling wennuan wakes up in the alarm clock. She has a strange environment and a strange bed. She doesn't sleep well at all. She has been dreaming all night. Some strange dreams are good and bad.

Just after Ling wennuan turned off the alarm clock, she heard a phone call coming in. She brushed her teeth and answered, "Hello,"

"are you awake?" It's the voice of Mu Weicheng.

Ling warm immediately woke up three minutes: "why do you call me so early?"

"I'm afraid you can't get up and miss the bus!" The man answered truthfully.

"I'm not that stupid. I set the alarm!" Ling warm lips protest, feel Mu Wei Cheng this is to treat her as a child?

"Well, you're not stupid." Mu Weicheng comforted her immediately.

"It's said that it will take eight or nine hours. It's so far away. How can you go to work so far?" Ling warm began to blame him.

"Every position needs people. If I don't come, there will always be people coming." Mu replied with a chuckle.

"But why are you? Did you apply for it yourself? " Ling warms his lips.

"Yes, I applied for it myself." Mu Weicheng does not deny it.

"Why? Why escape so far? I'm afraid I can't eat you? " Ling warms up with a little gas and speaks boldly.

The man was silent there for a few seconds, and then he gave a hum.

Ling wennuan is wrapping a saliva. Hearing his answer, she sprays directly.

"Hey, Mu Weicheng, what do you mean? Are you really hiding from me, so far away?" Ling's warm heart was hurt.

"No, I'm not hiding from you. I just want to stay away from you and calm myself down." Mu explained quickly.

"Why, if you're close to me, you can't calm down? I'm so charming. " Ling wennuan was suddenly amused by his words.

"If you've been hanging in front of me, I'm afraid I can't calm down." Mu tells the truth. Ling warm warm immediately happy: "well, I think you are in with me, I accept." Mu Weicheng: "..."