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"Let's go and look for something else!" Ji Xiao Han carried his daughter. Strange, he seemed to like carrying his daughter and didn't even want to let go.

"Lu Qing, where is the children's clothing area?" Ji Xiao Han planned to buy some clothes for the two little fellows next.

Tang Xiao Rui, who was holding onto a big bag of toys, looked at his father, who was spoiling Xiao Nai like a fool.

"Xiao Nai, what kind of clothes do you like? Why don't you go and choose for yourself? " Ji Xiao Han felt that Tang You You's writing was too general. What do you mean by like pink?

He had no idea what a princess skirt was. Pink clothes were everywhere, and he could not find anything to look at.

Tang Xiao Nai nodded her head. Actually, she had not been enlightened about buying clothes, but since her father had asked her to choose, she would definitely choose among them.

"Daddy, this looks good …" The little guy casually walked to a small green skirt and pointed.

Ji Xiao Han walked over, took off her skirt and compared it to her: "No, it's too long."

Lu Qing immediately said: "Do you need me to invite a Buyer over? There should be smaller ones. "

Ji Xiao Han raised his hand. "No need, I don't want anyone to see these two little fellows."

Lu Qing could only retreat a few steps. It seemed that Young Master had protected Liang Ge Xiao Bao Bei too well, but this was also a sign that he loved his son dearly.

"Lil 'Rui, pick out the clothes you like as well."

"No need to pick, Mummy bought all of my clothes for me. She has good eyes!" The little guy confidently held his hands together, as if he had no interest in buying clothes.

Ji Xiao Han looked at the two little fellows, his daughter had a blank look on her face, and his son had an expression of lack of interest.

He suddenly felt that this shopping spree he had arranged had somewhat failed. That's right, he was a man, bringing a group of men with him to shop?

He had never liked shopping since he was young, nor did he know how to do it. Yet now, he brought his children to buy things?

"It's because I didn't arrange it well enough. Next time, I'll have to ask your Mummy to come and buy it with me." Ji Xiao Han felt a headache.

After Tang Xiao Rui heard it, his large eyes turned to the side. "Daddy, you should still give Mummy a lot of money. Let her buy clothes for us.

"Alright, that's all we can do!" Ji Xiao Han felt that it was better to let Tang You You decide how the two little fellows dressed.

"Daddy, since we're here, why don't we take a walk?" The little guy didn't want to go back yet, because they still had something very important to do.

"Fine, let's go for a walk again. I'm going to play with you guys anyway!" Ji Xiao Han gently nodded and agreed.

Tang Xiao Rui immediately ran forward, carrying the doll she had picked up, while also quickly chasing after him.

The laughter of the two little fellows resounded around the market. In Ji Xiao Han's ears, there were only the few words that he heard from his daughter, "Big Brother, wait for me … Wait for me! "

Ji Xiao Han and Lu Qing followed behind the two little fellows. As they walked, Lu Qing reported the profits of the shopping mall to Ji Xiao Han.

Time was very leisurely, and Ji Xiao Han felt that this afternoon was very happy, thanks to the happy voices of the children.

In a wide hallway on the fifth floor, the two little guys suddenly stopped.

Two pairs of big eyes stared at the row of jewelry stores.

"Xiao Nai, quickly tell your father to buy it …" Tang Xiao Rui finally found the jewelry district with his sister, and he immediately went over to his sister's ear.

Tang Xiao Nai looked at the bright and shiny jewelry, her two big eyes shining along with it.

"So beautiful!" The little guy already liked these shiny things at a young age.

"Mummy likes it too!" Tang Xiao Rui also laid down beside the window, sighing as he looked at the contents.

When Ji Xiao Han and Lu Qing walked over, they saw two little fellows laying on the ground, staring at the jewels in a daze.

Lu Qing immediately laughed out loud: "Young Master, seems like children like these shiny things too."

"Yeah, it's a pity that Xiao Nai is too young, if not, I can give it to her." Ji Xiao Han said with incomparable emotion.

His daughter wanted the stars in the sky, and he wanted to pick them with his bare hands, not to mention the precious stones that shone like stars.

"Daddy, Daddy, come quickly!" Tang Xiao Nai turned around and saw that her father was standing behind him.

Ji Xiao Han immediately took a step forward and stood beside his daughter, bent over, and admired it along with her.

"Daddy, are you trying to buy anything for me?" Tang Xiao Nai suddenly raised her face, with an innocent look, she asked with her childish voice.

Ji Xiao Han looked at her pair of eyes that were extremely similar to Tang You You's, and was slightly startled. Then, he replied gently, "Of course, whatever my daughter wants, Daddy will buy for you."

"Really? "Daddy said so. You're not allowed to act shamelessly." The little fellow was immediately overjoyed.

Ji Xiao Han pointed at Lu Qing who was at the side: "Let Uncle Lu bear witness. If Daddy is being shameless, Daddy will …"

"It's a puppy!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately answered for him.

Ji Xiao Han, "..."

Lu Qing burst out laughing without regard for his image.

Ji Xiao Han stared at him with a sharp gaze, causing him to stop laughing immediately. He must have had an internal injury.

Tang Xiao Rui, who was at the side, cunningly curled his lips, placed his hands on his chest, and leaned on the side of the cabinet, waiting for his father's face to be slapped.

"Daddy, why don't you give me all the jewelry in this shop? just put it in my schoolbag? " Seeing that his father had agreed, the little guy immediately took off the small backpack on his back and unzipped it.

When she said these words, Ji Xiao Han and Lu Qing couldn't help but tremble a little.

"Daddy, hurry, help me pack it up, I really like these jewelry." Tang Xiao Nai had an innocent and innocent look, but her tone was a little anxious.

Ji Xiao Han could not help but frown. "Xiao Nai, you are still young, you are not suitable to use these jewels.