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C1278 wrongdoing caught

This night, lanyanxi slept safely. In addition to occasionally putting thin legs on men's legs, two small hands would touch each other unconsciously. In addition, he was honest. Lingmo Feng's shoulder was slightly painful, which made him unable to turn over at all. Therefore, it was uncomfortable to sleep on his side like this. Until early in the morning, he slept for a while 。 The two

individuals were awakened by the alarm clock set by lanyanxi. Almost instinctively, lanyanxi sat up, rubbed her eyes, and found that there was still a person lying next to her. Her squinting eyes were suddenly open.

Ling Mo Feng also slowly sat up with one hand, and his thin lips raised a lazy smile at her: "good morning, did you sleep well last night?"

LAN Yanxi pulled the messy long hair and smiled: "it's OK to sleep. I feel two people are sleeping, but it's warmer." "

of course, there are many benefits for two people to sleep. I'll tell you later!" Ling Mo Feng started to be unruly early in the morning. Then, he was taken out of bed, made a phone call and said to LAN Yanxi, who was going to the bathroom, "I'm going to go first. My people are waiting for me downstairs."

"Is your wound OK? Do you want me to change your medicine before you leave? " Lanyanxi knew that he wanted to avoid suspicion, so she left early in the morning, but she was more worried about his wound. "

it's OK, don't worry, I have a doctor downstairs!" Ling Mo Feng said, walked to her face, and deliberately rubs her long hair: "if there is time, I will spare time to see you!" "

MM!" LAN Yanxi blushed. Why does she feel warm. But it's clear that this man is very hateful to make her long hair into a henhouse.

Ling Mo Feng also reluctantly left. LAN Yanxi, with a cup in his hand and a toothbrush in his mouth, leaned against the curtain and watched the procession downstairs leave. "

is this the way to go?" LAN Yanxi sighed in his heart. Strange! What's her mood? Is it gain or loss? But she didn't get anything at all. How could she feel lost?

LAN Yanxi hurriedly brushed his teeth twice, so that he would not have another chance to think nonsense.

In Luo Jinyu's private apartment, it was rainy and snowy in the night. Outside the balcony, there was still a snow pile, but the temperature in the bedroom was as warm as spring. Luo

Jin Yu just took a bath and was about to walk out of the bathroom when he saw Yang ChuChu in pink pajamas bending over and didn't know what he was doing. Man

holding a dry towel, he was about to dry his neat short hair. Seeing her guilty look, he couldn't help but flash behind the curtain of the bathroom. He smiled with thin lips and decided to see what the little thing was going to do. He thought that she must be playing some surprises waiting for him. He liked to see her like this.

At this time, Yang ChuChu seems to have made a decision under the pain. He gets up and quickly runs to her dressing table. He opens a small box, takes something with his fingers, and then runs back to the bedside table.

"What did she take?" Luo Jin's eyes are confused.

Just when Luo Jinyu decided to go and see what she was doing, he let go of his steps.

Walk behind her, hands around her chest and watch her every move. I saw that the little woman had a thin needle in her hand and two small packing bags that she would use every night in her other hand. Then Luo Jinyu saw that she took the needle to carry the packing bag.

"Well, what are you doing?" Seeing all this, Luo Jinyu was shocked by his handsome face. "

ah..." Suddenly, Yang ChuChu was frightened by the man's voice. The tool fell from his hand. The other hand quickly squeezed the two bags of things tightly in his palm, turned his back to his back, and forced a smile and said: "no Nothing. Have you taken a bath? "

"Reach out!" Luo Jinyu came to her step by step, with a deep and serious voice.

"I have nothing in my hand? What do you want to see? " Yang ChuChu's pretty face turned red. It's really not a bad thing to do. Why should she choose so anxiously at this time? After

was arrested on the scene.

The man has reached out a big hand to her. The strong eyes make Yang ChuChu feel guilty. He can only open his small hand, and the things in his hand fall on his palm.

"Why do you take a needle to promote this? What do you want to do? " Luo Jin's eyebrows are twisted. She really doesn't understand her mind any more. "

I I am... " Yang ChuChu, with a small head low, looks like a child who is being trained for doing wrong. She subconsciously points to her finger, then raises her head and plucks up her courage and says, "I just want to see who our two born children will look for!"

Luo Jinyu: "..."

Yang ChuChu said here, some uneasy raised eyes to peep at the man's expression. "

How do you think about these things?" Luo Jinyu was about to laugh and cry at her. "

why can't I think about it? My mother and your mother agree that we have been together for so long. Next, we just want to have children." Yang ChuChu muttered a retort. Luo

Jin Yu stooped, picked up the needle that she had just dropped, turned around, put it back in her small box, and threw the two bags that she had torn into the garbage can.

At last, he turned around and came to her with his eyes full of affection. He put one hand on her thin shoulder: "you promised me that we would not have children before we got married!"

"I promised, but now I want to go back!" Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes also looked at him straightly: "I went to see sister Mu Lin today. She has been pregnant for six months. I saw your mother staring at her stomach like a lot, and she has been looking. She must want to have more grandchildren. I was thinking, I'm a woman, and I'm also an adult. Why can't I have a baby? If I can have your baby, your mother... "

"Well, remember, you are very young now, and you are still like a child. How can you think about such things?" Luo Jinyu was extremely distressed. He put her in his arms, put her thin lips on her forehead, and murmured softly, "I don't allow you to think about these things. I said that before we got married, I won't let you bear any questioning eyes." Yang

is held in his arms by a man with his face close to his chest. She clearly hears the man's heart beating fast, but why is his voice so steady? "

LUO Jinyu, sorry!" Yang ChuChu suddenly blamed herself. She could feel that the man was angry and furious. Everything was wrong because of her behavior just now. "

don't think about it any more. I'll make it clear to her from my mother's side. Now my brother's baby is about to be born, and she won't be in the mood to worry about whether we have children or not!" Luo Jinyu gently pushes her away, looks at her pretty face, and tells her word by word.

"I see. I'll never do that again!" Yang ChuChu knows that men are so angry because they want to protect her. In fact, she is also very entangled and scared. She is not really going to have a baby. She is aware that Luo Jinyu's mother likes it. If she can get pregnant, will she accept herself more?

"If I catch you doing this kind of boring thing, see how I clean you up!" Luo Jin scolds her, but she touches her long hair gently. "

I won't do anything you don't like, I promise!" Yang ChuChu immediately reached out and swore.

"Well, it's not so serious. It's late. Go to sleep!" Luo Jinyu chuckles. "

that's how you sleep?" Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes secretly looked at his face for fear that he was still angry at his behavior just now.

"Otherwise? Didn't you work all day today? When you were having dinner just now, you were all tired. Aren't you tired now? " Luo Jinyu is helpless to her. "

aren't you afraid that I've done everything?" Yang ChuChu is not a person who can hide his mind, so she asked directly. "

tell me about it, have you done it?" Luo jinyuwei looks at her with his eyebrows raised. "

of course not. I just got those two, and I didn't get any other promotion!" Yang ChuChu explained earnestly and anxiously.