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C1140 he's different from what he thought

The day of Tang youyou's study soon arrived. Four female bodyguards sent by Ji Xiaohan followed her to go abroad by plane. Ji Xiaohan personally took the time to see her off. On the way, he gave her all kinds of advice and encouragement.

If there used to be such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Tang youyou couldn't even think about it. The most important thing for her is her two children. But now, with the care of the elder of Ji's family and the guard of Ji Xiaohan, she feels that where she goes, she has no worries. This feeling of peace is really good.

After sending Tang youyou to the airport, Ji Xiaohan took a car back to the company. As soon as he stepped into the office, assistant Lu Qing knocked on the door and walked in: "President Ji, you asked me to investigate this blue Wei. I have got the information. However, at present, how could she have anything to do with Ji Shangqing? She is an ordinary female college student, the long pour is beautiful, perhaps, Ji Shangqing is pursuing her

Ji Xiaohan listens to Lu Qing's words, reaches for the information and comes to have a look: "with my understanding of Ji Shangqing, he is absolutely not interested in this kind of woman."

"If the young master knows him so well, what secret has happened between him and the girl student?" Lu Qing immediately made bold assumptions.

"We can't relax anything about Jilin's father and son. You can check the occupation this woman is engaged in to see if she has any eyes." After reading these materials, Ji Xiaohan felt that it was necessary to check them carefully. "

OK, I'll do it now!" Lu Qing nodded and turned away.

Ji Xiao's eyes narrowed. Ji Lin was busy holding the old president's thigh recently. He was actively trying to please each other. It seemed that he was preparing for the fight for power.

Ji Xiaohan really wants to get rid of this annoying uncle now. He doesn't want to see him jumping up and down like a clown in front of him, disturbing people. However, due to the face of his grandparents, Ji Xiaohan really can't do such a cruel and poisonous thing.

This is his difficulty. He is so considerate because he is different from himself and Ji Lin. he is a devil who is cruel enough to destroy both hands and feet. He will never join him.

Ji Shangqing's company has been cut and officially operated. At present, the momentum of development is quite good. The old man dragged the sick body and went to cut and sit for him personally. It can be seen that the old man will eventually treat him the same and will not ignore this grandson. Busy

Ji Shangqing raised his wrist and looked at his watch. It's more than seven o'clock in the evening. Today, it's the first day that Lan Wei came to cook dinner for him. Although there are mountains of materials to see at hand, Ji Shangqing put down his pen directly, took the key, and walked out of the office quickly.

He made a phone call to Lanwei and knew that Lanwei was waiting for him outside his community door.

Ji Shangqing looks slightly happy, and his steps are also accelerated. Blue

slightly pinched the canvas bag in her hand, looked up at the high-end residential building of the rich living in the center of the city, which was not the same as the ordinary residential area. The high-rise buildings separated from each other were more luxurious and bright in the dark night. Blue

a little dark, she knew that she was a poor person since she was a child, and she was much poorer than other families. She did not expect that one day, she would be entangled with a rich young master. Some people are born on the finish line, but people like her who have not reached the starting line in college are not even qualified to catch up.

More than ten minutes later, a black car stopped by her side, the glass window fell, and Ji Shangqing said lightly, "get on the bus!" Blue

slightly opens the door and sits in.

The car drove into the underground parking lot of the community. Ji Shangqing parked his car in his private parking space. Turning around, he saw the nervous blue light and smiled: "what? Don't you regret it, or worry that I won't pay you? "

"No, I don't regret it! No worries. " Blue shook his head slightly. "

Oh?" Ji Shangqing put out Yinzhi, pushed the door and got off the car, and blue Weiwei hurriedly followed him.

"Why not worry? Have I earned your trust? " Ji Shangqing asked curiously.

Blue slightly looked at his face, then bit his lips: "I thought you were a bastard at first, but I got along with you several times, and found that you were not so bad!" "

yes? Bad guys don't write on their faces. You should be careful about me! " Ji Shangqing saw her serious face and couldn't help but want to tease her. "

it's late. I'd better make dinner for you as soon as possible." Lan Wei doesn't want to fight with him, because she comes here to work. "

don't worry. I'm on a one-day shift today and I don't have time to prepare the ingredients for the evening, so you may need to accompany me to the supermarket for shopping." "

now?" Blue slightly surprised. "

Why are you still in a hurry?" Ji Shangqing asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No, if you don't feel like trouble next time, I'll go shopping for you." Blue slightly proposed. "

OK, you can help me from tomorrow. I'll give you another card." Ji Shangqing said as he took her to the elevator.

There are large-scale shopping supermarkets in the community, and Ji Shangqing has passed directly with blue Weiwei.

Blue micro walked in such a beautiful community for the first time, still amazed by the greening and pattern here. This is the place where the rich live. It's as beautiful as heaven on earth. In the

supermarket, Ji Shangqing pushes the shopping cart, with LAN Weiwei at his side, some of whom are mana and some are at a loss.

"Do you know what to buy?" Blue slightly glanced at Ji Shangqing. He just got off work and was wearing a dark suit. At the moment, he took off his coat and a white shirt. The whole person was fresh and clean, which made people mistakenly think that rich kids like him should not even know the oil and salt. So blue micro decided to buy some for him.

"Just pick out the dishes you can make. It seems that there is no soy sauce and salt at home. I'll go over there and have a look." Ji Shangqing didn't know what blue Weiwei was thinking. When he said that, blue Weiwei's expression was a little surprised.

She didn't expect Ji Shangqing to be able to distinguish these kitchen supplies, which is really unusual.

In the process of purchasing, Ji Shangqing chose all the expensive fruits the same and pushed them to pay the bill directly. When closing the account, blue heard the figure and jumped inside. This was her salary for a month.