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C1318 accidental discovery

LAN Yanxi remembered that she and Ling Mo Feng could not meet privately in the general office. If she was seen by others, she was afraid of unexpected consequences, so she immediately refreshed. Then, she quickly weighed her toes, kissed Ling Mo Feng's handsome face, and retreated step by step: "I'll go back first!"

Ling Mo Feng's face was shocked, and he saw the missing figure of the girl.

If it wasn't for the bitter coffee she had brought in his hand, he would have doubted whether it had been a dream to see her just now.

The thin lips of the man can't help but lift up. The bitter coffee that I just felt, unconsciously, is not so hard to drink in my throat.

Ling Mo Feng stayed in the library until 2:30. When the two adjutants looked at the empty coffee cup in his hand, their faces were very frightened. They thought that they only drank half of their efforts, but they all drank up without adding sugar and milk.

"What?" Ling Mo Feng asked in a low voice when he saw their strange expressions.

"No it 's nothing! Miss LAN is so warm-hearted. She sent us coffee! " Adjutant Chu immediately showed eight teeth and smiled gratefully.

Ling Mo Feng couldn't help laughing. It was not enough for the little woman to torture him. He also tortured his two adjutants.

But isn't that what makes her lovely and interesting?

LAN Yanxi went back to the office and saw that everyone was still on lunch break. She also decided to squint for a while.

In the afternoon, when she went to the tea room to make tea, she suddenly smelled the strong aroma of coffee. She immediately held her head and looked at the coffee made by her colleagues. There was a layer of fine white foam floating on it.

"Wow, it smells good!" LAN Yanxi, a person who doesn't like coffee very much, feels that it tastes good at the moment.

"Would you like a drink, too?" Colleagues asked her kindly.

"Well, have a drink!" Lanyanxi also wants to repay the aroma of coffee.

The colleague showed her the coffee making process, and LAN Yanxi looked surprised: "you make coffee, don't you add a spoon of coffee beans?"

"Not so much. Half a spoon is enough. It's too much. It's bitter!" The colleague replied with a smile.

LAN Yanxi's beautiful eyes were widened in surprise. After that, she made three cups of coffee and added three spoons. Isn't it going to be bitter?

After the coffee is cooked, the colleague puts sugar and cream with a small spoon. LAN Yanxi watches her gently stirring, and the fragrance is pleasant.

She immediately slapped her hand heavily on her forehead. She was so anxious to make coffee at noon that she forgot to add sugar and cream. Isn't it bitter?

"Yanxi, what's the matter? Pay for it! " Colleagues saw her expression surprised and immediately laughed.

"Thank you!" LAN Yanxi took the coffee with both hands, lowered his head and took a sip: "it's delicious!"

My colleague nodded and said with a little pride: "I often drink coffee, and I have learned all kinds of cooking methods!"

As soon as LAN Yanxi heard this, he asked modestly: "elder sister, can you teach me? I like it too! "

"You don't like it. I don't think you have. Do you want to cook it for your family?" Warm hearted elder sister saw through her thoughtfulness at a glance.

LAN Yanxi chuckled twice: "elder sister's eyes are poisonous. I can't hide this carefully!"

"Yan Xi, you are so lovely. Whoever wants to marry you must have a very interesting life. Well, I'll teach you free of charge for your help in work every day." The elder sister nodded in good faith and agreed.

LAN Yanxi is very popular in the archives, because she is very diligent, and she will help others actively, which makes a good impression.

LAN Yanxi grinned. Next time, he must make a good cup of coffee for Ling Mo Feng.

In the villa of Jijia manor, the lights are pale. The old lady is sitting alone in the old man's room, taking care of the relics for her. The old man's will has also been made public by his lawyer. 30% of his shares have been distributed to his three grandchildren. He is not partial to private interests. Everyone is 10% of the shares.

Ji Xiaohan pushes the door in and sees his grandmother sitting by the window alone. Looking at the dark night outside, he feels very bad. He immediately goes to comfort her.

"Grandma, Grandpa's future is tomorrow. Don't be too sad!" Season owl cold reached out to hug grandma gently.

"I'm not sad. Your grandfather said before. He won't go too far because he has to wait for me!" Said the old lady with a chuckle.

Season owl keeps his eyes red and wants to cry.

"Well, at the most time, the atmosphere in our family is too sad. Obviously, the two little guys haven't experienced this kind of thing. Don't frighten them. Tomorrow, we'll deal with your grandfather's affairs. How should our family live? Don't worry about it." It seemed that the old lady decided to turn the page over, because she could not hate anyone even if she wanted to. The man who killed her wife was her own son, and he was also bearing his guilt.

"Well, as long as grandma doesn't mention it, we won't mention it again!" Season owl cold nod.

The two little guys were afraid for the last two days. Maybe it was because they were too small. They were always afraid of the unknown things. So they all slept with LAN Yue.

Tang youyou is also in a heavy mood. Although she doesn't have much communication with the old man, she knows that he is a respectable elder and how much influence he has on Ji Xiaohan.

"Is grandma still sad?" Tang youyou watched Ji Xiaohan come in and asked him softly.

"Well, grandma said she was not sad, but her heart must still be sad!" As Ji Xiaohan said, he took off his coat. Tang youyou reached for it and hung it on the hanger beside him.

"Your grandfather left so suddenly that everyone was unprepared." Tang youyou sighed.

Season owl Han Jun's face is dyed with sadness. Suddenly he reaches out to hold Tang youyou in his arms and leans his head against her hair: "Youyou, I'm very sorry. Grandpa left because of me!"

Tang youyou knows that Ji Xiaohan's heart is pressing this matter. Although he didn't mention it to anyone, the invisible oppression still makes him sad every day.

Tang youyou didn't know how to comfort him. He said too many comforting words. At the moment, he didn't know what else to say. He could only reach out and gently caress the man's hair to let him lean on.

In the night, in the big bed, Tang youyou finds that Ji Xiaohan likes to sleep in her arms these two nights. Like a wounded child, he needs someone to comfort him.

Tang youyou also loves him very much, not to mention when he can walk out of the shadow.

Ji Shangqing, sitting alone in the dark room, this room, once lived by his father Ji Lin.

Suddenly, he put his hand on a small counter beside him. He wanted to find cigarettes and lighters, but he seemed to knock over a wooden box on the cabinet. Something poured out of the box and scattered on the ground.

Ji Shangqing frowned and reached out to turn on the light. He saw several photos and a small book lying on the floor.

He was stunned. He crouched down. One by one, he picked up the photo. All of them belonged to his sister Ji yunning. There were five of them. Two of them were yellowish. It can be seen that they were taken when Ji yunning was just taken home. At that time, she was very young and had a short hair cut.

The last one is a self portrait of her not long before she died. There is also Ji Lin in it. They were taken in an office.

At such a sad moment, Ji Shangqing's mood is more complicated and sad to see the photos of his close relatives.

It must be that my father missed my sister so much that I collected all her photos in this box for you to watch at any time.

Ji Shangqing thinks so. He reaches for that cup of notebook. It's Square and small. He thinks it's dad's diary. It should be about missing his sister.

But when he opened the page with words, his whole body was like an icehouse, and his cold blood was frozen.

This is Ji Lin's notes. He recorded what he thought after Ji yunning betrayed him. Among them, he also recorded how to disguise Ji yunning's death as a car accident. He didn't let the police trace the incident. Everything was handled as an accident.

Ji Shangqing was shivering all over. He didn't expect that his sister was killed by his father. It was a thunderbolt.