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C830 guard the younger brother and enter the arena

In the hotel, a group of men are swearing. On the sofa next to them, there is a man sitting on his back. Before the man was wearing a mask, but at the moment, his mask has been taken off, showing a young, handsome, energetic and frivolous face. It is Ji Yueze. And a few men who were smashed by him took a bottle, one of them covered his face, and blood flowed down his head. Several men had surrounded the European quarter Yueze before. However, when they saw the mask on Ji Yueze's face fell off, several men were afraid to do it again. But at this moment, Ji Yueze's face and hands were still covered with color, looking very embarrassed.

"Is he ill? He kicked Bai Yiyan away, but now he's a hero?"

"Don't say it. Just say two words."

The first man immediately denounced his brother, and then went to see Ji Yueze. Ji Yueze's face was a little painful. In addition, he was drunk, and his mind was gradually not clear.

"What to do? Hit him... " A few men next to me began to be afraid.

"We didn't do it first. Even if his brother came, it's not our fault!" Another man said angrily.

"Just a few of you are talkative and want to sleep with Bai Yiyan, aren't you? You're just afraid to go to jail now. " The first man was very angry, teaching his own people.

"Elder brother, you promised me. If you have a chance, I'll ask Bai Yiyan out. Let's have a good time!"

"And say it!" The man's face was pale with fear. He raised his hand and wanted to hit again.

At this time, a group of people rushed into the front door of the hotel. The leader of the group was a man with noble temperament, dazzling light and powerful aura, which silenced all the people present.

Season owl cold came to see, saw a mess on the ground, fell all over the ground broken glass, as well as wine melon and fruit is also fell a step, looking at the scene, season owl cold eyes color is one of the cold.

"What's the matter?" Ji Xiaohan asked a lobby manager next to him.

The lobby manager quickly said the reason: "Mr. Ji, I don't know how to fight. But your brother started to fight first. He took this bottle. Look, he hurt the man's head."

Ji Xiaohan glances over there and sees a man holding a towel and pressing his head hard.

Being swept by the eyes of Ji Xiaohan, the man shuddered for a while. Obviously, he was afraid.

"Why did he hit you?" Ji Xiaohan asked the party directly.

One of them began in a row: "we don't know. He must be drunk and crazy."

"My brother can't hit people at random!" Ji Xiaohan knows his brother very well. He will never be a lunatic who hit people at random. Those men's faces were obviously not very good. The man headed by them quickly apologized: "Mr. Ji, I'm sorry. We didn't know that he was your brother. It was just too confusing. He hit my brother suddenly, and we beat him together. We didn't deliberately pick things up

really, we will pay for your brother's medical expenses."

"Am I thinking about the medical expenses with you?" Season owl cold eyes color instant cold as frost, stare at each other's eyes and ask: "I am asking you, why he will hit you, what are you keeping?"? Dare not say it? "

The man was soaked in cold ice. He was sweating and shivering. The young man next to him who was beaten may be just in his blood. Seeing that his eldest brother even has no voice to speak loudly, you should know that in their eyes, eldest brother is definitely a big man. But at this moment, he is under the pressure of Ji Xiaohan's breath. He dare not breathe. He also apologizes with a low voice. He immediately says: "I just said I want to sleep white Yiyan, he hit me with a bottle of wine. "

This sentence completely untied all the answers. Suddenly, Ji Xiaohan's face turned overcast and cold, and his ferocity crossed his handsome face. Then, he sneered, "who do you say you want to sleep with?"

"Bai Yiyan? Yes? Didn't they break up? Is it possible that Bai Yiyan could not sleep with any man after breaking up? " The other side immediately felt that he was reasonable and spoke loudly.

Everyone nearby felt the air was frozen. Next second, it may become the scene of the murder. One by one, they were frightened, and unconsciously stepped back, afraid of being implicated, they would finish it.

The man who spoke loudly was suddenly slapped by his elder brother.

"Tell you to shut up for me. A few words will kill you!" The older man was so exposed that he had to take a piece of transparent tape to seal up the mouth of his disorderly speaking brother.

"How do you beat my brother? I'll beat you now!" After Ji Xiaohan's words, six tall and strong bodyguards walked forward behind him. The man who was still boasting just now, when he saw this move, his legs were soft and he fell on the ground directly with a thud. He covered his bleeding head and cried: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I don't really want to sleep with her, I'm just greedy for the fast music on my mouth, Mr. Ji

, your adult has a lot. Don't worry with me. My mouth is cheap, I don't care Sensible, I will not say it later! "

Ji Xiaohan looks at the other side and feels ashamed and remorseful. The frown disappears slowly. He says in a cold voice, "you beat my brother. It's not over!"

After that, he let the bodyguards around him directly set up Ji Yueze and left the scene. Of course, Ji Xiaohan can't beat people in front of the public like his younger brother. At least he needs to take into account the image of Ji's family. If Grandpa knows that the two brothers are so big and still fight and make trouble with people, it's uncertain what kind of anger they will become. Twenty years of hard education is destroyed in a

fight. This kind of thing that makes the elders angry, Ji Xiaohan won't do it.

However, he has a way to make these people pay a painful price.

Behind him came a howl of crying wolves and ghosts, but the man who was his brother kicked his brother on the shoulder and directly kicked his brother to the ground.

That man was so angry because he knew that what Ji Xiaohan said was endless. It was such a terrible and creepy thing.

Ji Xiaohan did not send his brother back to his apartment directly, but opened a suite for him in the hotel. After the two bodyguards sent him to the bed in the room, he went out. Ji Xiaohan looked at the wound on his brother's forehead and the position of his chin, which was torn out by several bloodstains. He sighed. This face, but his signboard, is now destroyed.