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C928 being his bride

Ji Shangqing is embarrassed to tell his sister that he was bitten by a dog. It's disgraceful. It seems that yunning doesn't want to care any more. She put on the sunglasses on her face. It's really disrespectful to put on the sunglasses at this time, but she doesn't care so much. She's upset. Moreover, she doesn't want to look at Jilin in the opposite direction. Just after

she was able to hide her resentment, but when she saw Ji Lin, she couldn't help it. She really wants to take advantage of him to roar a few times and ask him why she should treat herself like this. Does she regard her as an abandoned child?

So, before giving up her, do you still think that her innocence can be used by him?

Ji yunning is not stupid, on the contrary, she is still very smart. She feels that Ji Lin really wants to give up her, but before giving up, she still wants her to create a little value for him.

She is too naive, the original ruthless people, really can not be moved by the truth. When he was caught at the beginning, she cried for a long time, begged for the second eldest and Ji Xiaohan, but now? She just felt that her feelings were a little superfluous in those days. Maybe Ji Lin should be locked up for a lifetime and never let it out. His heart is black.

In fact, Ji Lin has been secretly looking at Ji yunning, because she suddenly returned home, did not say hello to him, has aroused his suspicion. Yunning feels that he is staring at her. She pretends to look down at her mobile phone instead of him. At this time, the man who presided over the wedding stepped onto the stage, holding the microphone and reciting some affectionate words. The present guests were immediately moved by this kind of leucorrhea and applauded from time to time. At the end of the play, the main part is the play. Ji Xiaohan will wear a diamond ring to Tang youyou in front of the guests, and make the most important oath in front of the priest. It's at this time that Xiao Han came to the stage. He has a straight suit, which is perfect. Qi

quality, Qi field, are amazing. No matter how many girls in the audience make a voice of astonishment and low voice, so the man who can't be seen in the world is the husband of a woman today. How can we not be shocked?

Ji yunning's eyes seem to be absorbed by some kind of light. She takes down her sunglasses in a hurry. She doesn't want to see this man through that thin layer. She should firmly remember him in her heart. Season

after Xiao Han went on stage, the host announced the bride's entrance, and the elegant violin sounded on the scene, performing a moving and romantic tune.

Hearing the host's voice, Tang Youyou, who was waiting outside, took a nervous breath.

At the moment, Ji Xiaorui and Ji xiaonai, who are carrying the flower basket, are also nervous. Ji xiaonai, who is holding the flower basket, pokes her head: "brother, how many people are you nervous?" Season

Xiaorui calmly said: "no!"

"What to do? I'm a little bit afraid I'll fall for a while. Brother, will you give me a hand? " Ji xiaonai is already confused about his future. Don

youyou and Xia Weiwen couldn't help laughing when listening to the conversation between the two children. The sad mood just now was also dispelled by the conversation between the two little guys.

"You walk well, but don't wrestle. You'll be laughed at." As soon as Ji Xiaorui heard that her sister was even ready to wrestle, she told her urgently to be careful.

"Oh, I will!" The little guy immediately bit his lips, with a brave look. "

Xiaorui, xiaonai, you can go!" Chaveen reminded them in a warm voice. In

Yes, two little guys grabbed a braid of flowers in their hands and immediately fell a piece of rain of flowers. It was very romantic.

The appearance of Tang youyou and two little guys attracted the eyes of the whole audience in an instant. Two little guys are lovely and beautiful. Tang youyou wears a pure white wedding dress and a light headdress. Her delicate and beautiful facial features can be seen vaguely. With the music, she puts one hand on her father's arm and walks forward with him. Red

the perfect combination of three generations on the carpet is amazing. Although it's not uncommon to get on the train first and then make up the ticket, it's still a bit of a dream when a family like this appears at the wedding site.

It may be that the atmosphere of the scene is too strong, or the newly arranged starry scenery on the church is too romantic, and the guests at the scene hold their breath.

Tang youyou's feet were not stable several times. Fortunately, her father supported her steadily and didn't let her stumble over her long and wide wedding dress. In front of Ji Xiaohan, Xia Weiwen's eyes couldn't help being red. He only whispered, "I have entrusted you with youYou. I hope you can treat her well!" Season

Xiao Han saw Xia Weiwen's red eyes and nodded sincerely: "I will, thank you!"

At this moment, Tang youyou was also grateful. She looked up at her father with white hair, and tears flashed in her eyes.

Two little guys stood by, also looked up, looking at daddy and Mommy's romantic hand in hand.

At this time, LAN Yue and the old lady came over and took the two little guys who refused to leave to the side and sat down.

Under the priest's reading, Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou stand face to face.

Through the thin headdress, Ji Xiaohan saw that she was trying to hold back her tears. He was very distressed. When

both of them said I would like to, the audience applauded. Ji

Xiao Han also took the wedding diamond ring, gently held up her left hand, gently put the diamond ring on her ring finger, and gently kissed the back of her hand, as if to declare possession. In this life, she is his wife, and will never let her go. Don't be moved to death. Although she said that crying at the moment would destroy the atmosphere, her tears, which she endured for a long time, fell down.

Season owl cold gently opened her veil, attached to her ear whispered: "children here, I will not kiss your lips, kiss your forehead!"

Tang youyou is stupefied for a while. The next second, the thin lips of the man are on her forehead. Tang youyou lowers his head, a little shy.

Applause broke out again.

The romantic wedding ceremony is over.

The guests also transferred to the banquet hall.

Ji yunning sat on the seat as stiff as a stone. Just now, she saw with her own eyes that Ji Xiao looked at Tang youyou affectionately. She found that her heart was calmer. Although she was still envious or even jealous, she didn't want to rush up and destroy their impulse. Has she changed?

Perhaps, be careful to know that when you are no longer worthy, the pain and helplessness have changed a person's heart.