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Yang He turned pale with fright, and stopped at once, pleading: "adjutant Chu, may I have a word with the vice president? Don't worry, I won't disturb you, just two minutes. "

Chu lie frowned, and realized that things were not simple, so he asked seriously, "maybe you don't have time. If you need to make comments on your work, you can go to the forum of the general office to publish..."

Yang He's eyes are red with anxiety, so she said loudly: "Mr. vice president, I know you're listening. I just want to tell you that I've always liked you and admired your talent and ability. My name is Yang He. I know that it's a problem for you to say these things. If I can't help but want you to know, I really I really like you. "

The two adjutants looked surprised. At this time, Ling Mo Feng came out with a glass of book in his hand and looked at Yang He, who was excited and nervous. He said with a light smile, "I'm very grateful that you can like me, but I haven't considered the emotional matters at present."

Yang He looks at Ling Mo Feng coming towards him, as if he is a cold moon hanging in the sky. It is dazzling, but it has a cool breath, which makes people dare not approach.

She has always felt that Ling Mo Feng's temperament is warm and will give people strength, but why this time, she saw a hint of coldness from the man's smile expression?

"I have no other idea. I just want to let my husband know my affection for you. If there is a chance in the future, I just ask Mr. vice president to give me a glimmer of hope, and I will love you well." Yang He's eyes are almost enchanted. He looks at Ling Mo Feng without blinking. The deep infatuation makes the man light up his eyebrows.

Chu lie seemed to see her husband's troubles, and hurriedly interrupted Yang He: "Yang He, sir said, at present, there is no matter about feelings, please leave first, don't disturb Mr. reading."

"Well, I'll go first, Mr. vice president. Excuse me!" Yang He also felt a little ashamed, blushed, turned around and walked away.

But her heart was still beating wildly. She was proud of her courage. She had no difficulty in saying "like" to Mr. vice president.

What's more, the vice president was just surprised, but he didn't refuse her confession mercilessly. It's the man she likes, warm and modest. How happy it will be to get along with such a man all his life.

Yang he left. Ling Mo Feng's brow was still tight. He said lightly, "she is the friend Yan Xi said. Unexpectedly, she would come to me directly."

"Yes, it's a surprise. Isn't miss LAN a friend with her? If it's a good friend, it's time to avoid disrespect, isn't it? " Chu lie was also puzzled.

LAN Yanxi only told Ling Mo Feng that Yang He might like him before, but later she broke up with Yang He, but she didn't explain to Ling Mo Feng. After all, she was embarrassed to let Ling Mo Feng stand for her because of the hatred between women.

So, at the moment, Chu lie and Ling Mo Feng will feel the accident.

"Look back, I'll ask Yanxi!" Ling still wants to talk to LAN Yanxi about it.

Yang He hides in the bathroom excitedly. She can't believe that she actually confessed to Ling Mo Feng. She only hopes that Ling Mo Feng will give her a chance to love him in the future.

LAN Yanxi's promotion was announced in the afternoon, and she was also informed by the Ministry of personnel. This promotion made her enter the Ministry of foreign affairs and work as an assistant beside a well-known female diplomat. Although she was only an assistant, it was admired by many people. If the assistant did well, she could be a qualified diplomat immediately Meanwhile, the future is definitely worth looking forward to. Besides, lanyanxi is still so young and new.

However, her promotion, for her another news was made public, this is not a matter.

It turns out that she is the apple of blue family's eye. It's said that her father died when she was young. Blue family's two uncles dare not speak loudly to her. Blue family's two uncles spare no effort to spend money on her and want to give her the best love. Now, she is engaged to Vice President Ling mofeng. In the future If Ling Mo Feng is elected president, she will be the first lady of the future. How glorious that is.

Lanyanxi seems to be mythologized in an instant. All kinds of labels are pasted on her. Of course, there are good and bad ones. Some people begin to expose her shortcomings. They say that she has been unattainable since she was a child. They say that she is a loser. Every birthday is a big deal. All kinds of gifts are soft handed. Many people take out all kinds of black photos from her childhood to black her, but it doesn't affect lanyanxi's name Style is recognized by Chinese people.

LAN Yanxi is sitting in the bedroom, holding the iPad, drinking tea and watching the movie, waiting for the end of the year, and reporting on her new job in the general office.

She doesn't care who wants to black her, but she can almost think of who is providing the media with those black photos. I'm afraid there is no one but her two uncles.

Lanyanxi can actually pursue this matter, but she didn't do that. She didn't want to hurt grandpa's heart.

The most painful thing for Grandpa was that he had three sons, but they didn't know how to help each other. On the contrary, because of the incessant struggle in property, lanyanxi had to doubt whether his father had any relationship with his two uncles in the past.

She knows grandpa's mind best, so she doesn't want to know what happened. Even if she catches two uncles, she can't let Grandpa know.

In fact, there is a reason why blue Laozi dotes on this granddaughter, because she is the most sensible and seems careless, but she has clear eyes, which can see everything very clearly and also very lightly.

Ling Mo Feng's big hand on the desk, stroked his forehead, spent more than half an hour to look up all kinds of information about LAN Yanxi on the Internet. Unexpectedly, in just one day, thousands of them had something to do with her. With the development of this speed, she was afraid to catch up with the popularity of female stars.

I don't know whether it's good or bad for her. She used to be a low-key person. Most people know that there is a beloved granddaughter in the blue family, but no one knows how she looks or how she behaves. So lanyanxi can still have her own personal space. Like many girls, she can go shopping and enjoy her own life.

But now she has exposed everything, just afraid to live a low-key life, it is impossible.

Some people like to be famous, some people are afraid of being tired of fame. Those who enjoy fame will feel glory, while those who are tired will suffer.

In the evening, lanyanxi still couldn't calm down. She was a little bored walking around the room. Just now, she had received many phone calls from her friends in the evening. She was confirming one thing with her. Was she going to marry Ling Mo Feng.

Lanyanxi's unified answer is that he doesn't want to marry.

But she still heard the sour tone of several female friends, saying envious blessings on her mouth, but she was afraid of jealousy.

LAN Yanxi is very depressed. I hope Ling Mo Feng can come back to accompany her.

Time flies, it's late at night, but LAN Yanxi is not sleepy. She lies on the bed, covers herself in the quilt, and brushes with her mobile phone.

On the Internet, there is a lot of shouting and swearing at her. She is speechless. Is she really so bad? Others said that she clearly wanted to take advantage of the halo of big miss Lan's family and enjoy her success. LAN Yanxi was speechless and speechless.

Think about it carefully. It seems that I have some suspicion of being cheap and being good. Forget it. I don't know the common people.

Ling Mo Feng is willing to share all this with her. Who's in the way?

Acid spray.

It may be that LAN yanxibrush's news is too serious, and he didn't hear the sound of a car drawing sincere attention downstairs.

It was not until Ling Mo Feng walked up the stairs that he saw the little bag on the bed with only two small night lights on. The light was not enough, but when he came to the bed, he saw the girl on the bed writing constantly, as if he was returning the post.