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He is very expensive

"Alright, Daddy, stop pretending, what are you pretending in front of me for? Didn't you want to go through two different worlds with my Mummy!" Tang Xiao Rui curled his lips, he did not like his father's nonsense.

Ji Xiao Han looked up at Tang You You, who couldn't help but laugh. This devilish brat, he must be beaten up when she gets back.

"Alright, I just want to bring your Mummy out for a romance. Do you have any objections?" Ji Xiao Han decided not to pretend to be elegant.

"Then remember to bring my Mummy back safely. Also, you are not allowed to bully her!" Hearing that, Tang Xiao Rui immediately warned him.

Ji Xiao Han was about to go crazy, this little thing, do you know what it meant to bully?

"Son, why are you looking so closely at your Mummy? Don't you want her to be closer to Father? " Ji Xiao Han suddenly asked unhappily.

"How are you two going to get close to each other? Haven't we slept together already?" Tang Xiao Rui felt that they had already slept on the same bed before for Tang Xiao Nai, so they should have already been close to him a long time ago.

When Tang You You heard that Ji Xiao Han wanted to teach his son a lesson, he quickly snatched away his phone, turned off the handphone, and whispered into his ear: "Xiao Rui, have you eaten yet?"

When Tang Xiao Rui heard her voice, he immediately smiled and said, "Not yet, I'm already preparing to eat. Mummy, where are you guys eating?"

"Oh …" We are... The restaurant! " Tang You You said embarrassedly in the hotel's restaurant.

"Mummy, you seem to be very nervous!" Tang Xiao Rui immediately recognized it.

Tang You You immediately comforted her: "I'm not nervous, stop thinking random thoughts, hurry up and go eat, I'm hanging up!"

After returning the phone back to Ji Xiao Han, Tang You You glared at him and asked: What topic do you have with your son everyday?

Ji Xiao Han slowly placed his phone on the table, his thin lips curling up into a smile: "Most of them are talking about you, ah."

"Talk about what? What do I have to talk about? Why don't you talk to him about his classes at school? And his interests? " Tang You You felt very depressed. This father and son duo was talking about him all day?

"Do you think we need to worry about your son, that clever little thing? "I feel like he's like me. I've always known what I wanted since I was young!" Ji Xiao Han said very conceitedly.

Tang You You was extremely surprised, then she laughed: "How do you feel about your son?"

"Not good. Because I'm too clear on what I want and what I want to strive for, I'll unconsciously add too much pressure to myself." Ji Xiao Han answered very seriously.

Hearing that, Tang You You's expression became a bit worried: You're right, my son was indeed sensible since he was young, because he was too sensible, I couldn't bear to see him at times, but, as a man, you are a success, your career is flourishing, isn't that the dream of all men? "If my son is as outstanding as you in the future, how much less worry would I have to worry? When I get old, will I become like your grandmother?"

Ji Xiao Han raised his head and looked at her, his gaze deep: "You also think that I have succeeded in my business? Are you impressed by my charm and ability? "

When Tang You You saw that this man was about to start acting sloppy again, she couldn't help but roll her eyes. "If I wasn't subdued by you, would you think I would sit here and eat with you?"

"It's not just about eating. We have other programs as well!" Ji Xiao Han's tone became even deeper and more hoarse.

Tang You You immediately laughed out. After laughing, she stared at him bashfully: "Alright, you're not letting me eat properly."

Only then did Ji Xiao Han retract his dishonest expression, and said in a low voice: "My son really cares about you, and I can tell that the reason he became so mature at such a young age was because he really wanted to protect you!"

Tang You You's eyes warmed up as she lowered her head and bit her lips, "I know, although my son is mindless and joking in front of me, I can still see that he really cares about me, and wants to grow up quickly and protect me!"

"So, you should marry me earlier. This way, your son won't have to worry about being bullied every day. Because, in the future, I'm the only one who can bully you!" Ji Xiao Han laughed with great interest.

Hearing that, Tang You You immediately glared at him: Who said you can bully me!

Ji Xiao Han spread his hands: "Then it's up to you to bully me, the result is still the same!"

"You … I really don't want to chat with you anymore! " Tang You You was about to faint from anger due to this man, how did he circle around, and not know how to change the topic?

Or was the man only interested in that topic now?

He was truly speechless.

Ji Xiao Han saw that he had really angered this little girl, he could only hold back his laughter, and said with a serious face: "Alright, alright, let's not chat anymore, shall we eat first? Would you like some wine? "

When Tang You You heard the wine, her beautiful eyes instantly lit up. "That's fine, how about a bottle of more expensive red wine?"

Tang You You was a little greedy, especially for the good wine, she really wanted to repay the favor.

Seeing her little greedy look, Ji Xiao Han immediately snapped her fingers. The waiter immediately walked over and asked: "Mr. Ji, may I know what you need?"

"Bring me your most expensive bottle of red wine!" Ji Xiao Han instructed indifferently.

Seeing that he really wanted the most expensive red wine, Tang You You could not help but look at him guiltily. After the waiter left, she asked in a small voice: "The most expensive, will it be very expensive?"

Ji Xiao Han's gaze swept across her face, "To me, none of these are expensive!"

Tang You You was speechless. Indeed, she had thought that anything expensive would just be a piece of cake.

After waiting for the wine and dishes to be served, Tang You You picked up the cup and took a whiff, "It's so fragrant!"

"Let's take a bite!" Ji Xiao Han looked at her rabbit like appearance and immediately felt his heart itch. This woman's innocent look sometimes really made people like his.

Tang You You immediately took a sip and the wine fragrance melted on her tongue. Her eyebrows immediately raised upwards: "As expected, expensive things are good stuff!"

"What about the noble man? Can you call her a good man? " Ji Xiao Han asked jokingly.

Tang You You blinked his eyes: "Are you very expensive?"

Ji Xiao Han nodded: "Yes, I am very expensive!"

"Then can I sleep with a very expensive man today?" Tang You You had also learned dirty from Ji Xiao Han.

Ji Xiao Han's expression instantly became sinister, his lips pouted, and with a low voice he said: "Yes, willful sleep! "No money!"

Tang You You curled her lips in an instant. "I was just saying it was expensive, but I didn't expect it to be so cheap."

Being stabbed by her words, Ji Xiao Han was speechless for a while. Her thin lips were unsatisfied as she said: "Isn't it because of you that I was willing to lower my price?"

Tang You You was instantly amused by his words, she raised her cup in front of him: "Cheers!"