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You have a girlfriend.

When Luo He Ning saw her proactively leaning on his body, a layer of darkness also gradually shrouded her clear eyes.

The woman had a faint perfume on her body. She didn't seem to be greasy at all. On the contrary, she had a mature aura that belonged to someone of her age. She was very attractive.

"Lend me a shoulder to lean on, my legs are weak!" Mu Lin had truly drunk too much, and at this moment, he felt that his entire body was devoid of strength.

Luo He Ning immediately asked softly, "Mubai, can I carry you out?"

"I'm very heavy, you can't carry me!" Mu Lin chuckled.

In the next second, Luo He Ning easily carried her. Mu Lin felt an unprecedented sense of safety.

Her blurry eyes widened slightly. In the next second, she laid back in his embrace and didn't say anything.

Actually, Mu Lin was not as drunk as she was, but, the one who came to fetch her was Luo He Ning, she suddenly felt that she might be even more drunk.

Luo He Ning felt that the woman in his embrace calmed down, her thin lips raised slightly, as she walked towards the Great Walk Outside with heavy steps.

When he reached the car, he gently put Mu Lin down and opened the door to the car. He gently sent her to the front seat and sat her down, then helped her buckle up.

After doing all this, Luo He Ning sat in the driver's seat and asked softly: "Mubai, where do I send you to?"

"I don't know, I can't go home. Otherwise, my mom will scold me!" Mu Lin closed his eyes and muttered.

Luo He Ning saw that she was really drunk, so he asked in a low voice: "Then do you have any other places to rest?"

"Yes, I have an apartment that can take me there …" As Mu Lin said that, he took out his phone and found an address for him to look at.

"Alright, you sit tight. I'm going to be driving!" Luo He Ning drove towards her apartment.

When they reached the apartment building, Luo He Ning realized that Mu Lin seemed to have fallen asleep. He sighed softly as his heart ached.

He directly carried her to the twenty-eighth floor, then gently woke Mu Lin up, "Mubai, do you have the key?"

"Yes!" Mu Lin reached into her bag but she could not find the key.

Luo He Ning had to help her open her bag, only then did he realise that when the woman left her room, she actually wanted to put so much equipment inside.

When his hand caught the object that women often used, his handsome face immediately swelled red.

Finally, as he was sweating profusely, he found the key and opened the door.

As he supported Mu Lin who was staggering to her bedroom, Luo He Ning was sweating profusely.

This suite was obviously filled with the traces of a woman. Even the decorations were of a very delicate and exquisite style.

Luo He Ning never thought that Mu Lin, this seemingly beautiful female CEO, would actually have such a fine room of her own.

He had always thought that Mu Lin was one of those powerful girls.

"Luo He Ning... I still want to drink! " Suddenly, the woman on the bed stood up and pointed at the door. "Go to the wine shelf and get a bottle of red wine for me …"

Hearing that, Luo He Ning's handsome face became startled, and he anxiously advised: "Mubai, don't drink anymore, you're already drunk!"

"But I want to drink, I'm not in a good mood!" Mu Lin supported his forehead with his hands: "Can it be that you feel that I don't have the slightest bit of femininity?"

Luo He Ning looked at her dumbstruck, and shook his head. "No way, I feel that you have a lot of femininity …"

"You're lying, I know …" I know that everyone in my company is saying that I have a manly personality, that I don't know what it means to be gentle and considerate, I know, I know everything. " At this moment, Mu Lin's heart was in pain, because she was actually a little moved by Luo He Ning. But when Luo He Ning called her "Luozheng", he called her by such a strange name that she couldn't even take the initiative if she wanted to.

At the moment, while he was standing in his room, Mu Lin could not do anything.

Luo He Ning saw that she was so sad that he started crying. He immediately walked over, knelt beside her and consoled her in a low voice: "Who said that, I feel that you are an exceptional woman. You have qualities that other women do not have, you are graceful, magnanimous, and have a very good personality!"

"Do you like me?" When Mu Lin heard him praise himself so much, she immediately blinked her eyes. Her blurry eyes, stared straight at him.

Luo He Ning's heart was beating wildly. Seeing the woman's face that was so close to his, heated up to the point of being extremely beautiful due to the alcohol, Luo He Ning's heart skipped a beat.

He immediately lowered his head bashfully. "I …" I am not worthy of you! "

"Why do you men say that? Heh, I finally understand. Is it because women are too strong, that no one will like them? " The moment Mu Lin heard his answer, her mood instantly collapsed. It was probably because she had endured too many of these false words that she was so excited at this moment.

Seeing that she was actually laughing coldly because of this, Luo He Ning was also stunned.

"I like you!" Luo He Ning suddenly shouted: "Mu Lin, I really do like you, it's just that, in my heart, I am inferior to you in every aspect …"

"Say that again!" Mu Lin suddenly stopped laughing coldly, her beautiful red phoenix eyes stared straight at him.

"I... "I am inferior to you in every aspect …"

"It's not that. It's the first sentence!" Mu Lin immediately interrupted him.

Luo He Ning's handsome face instantly flushed red as he said nervously, "I … I like you! "

"Are you sure?" Mu Lin seemed to wake up from her stupor and immediately questioned her: "If you like me, why didn't you tell me earlier?"

Luo He Ning looked slightly surprised: "I don't dare to say, for fear that you will despise me!"

In the next second, she immediately pounced on him from the bed. Seeing her pouncing towards him so crazily, Luo He Ning's only option was to spread his arms and hug her tightly: "Mubai …"

"Call me what?" Mu Lin felt that the scent in his embrace was really nice, clean and sunny. What to do, she had gotten addicted to it.

"Mu Lin!" Luo He Ning carefully shouted out this name. This was a name that could only be called in dreams.

"Un, hug me tight!" Hearing him call his name, Mu Lin's heart was filled with an indescribable happiness.

Luo He Ning hurriedly hugged her even more tightly, and after that, he whispered: "How do you feel towards me? Do you like me? "

"I like it!" Mu Lin nodded, "I liked it a long time ago!"

Luo He Ning was shocked, and asked puzzledly: "You said that you liked me since a long time ago, how early was that?"

This answer was simply too surprising. However, it was also a truly pleasant surprise.

"I can't remember, but I like you now!" Mu Lin didn't want to waste time thinking about that. She only knew that at this moment, she wanted to be in his arms.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" Mu Lin suddenly raised his head from his embrace and stared straight at him.

"No!" Luo He Ning answered in a slightly hurried manner. He had been waiting for her this entire time.

"From now on, you have it!" Mu Lin pointed at her face. "It's me!"