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Luo Jinyu knows that his mother must be very angry. Since two years ago, his mother has been urging him to find a marriage partner. Moreover, every month when he urges, he is always perfunctory. As a result, his mother once thought that he was not interested in women, and even worried that he would like men. He found an assistant in the company to monitor his social relations with men all the time. Luo

when Jin Yu knew this, he was so angry that he couldn't laugh or cry, but at the same time, it also proved that his mother also cared about him. He wanted him to get married and have children and move his life to the next price. He is twenty-eight years old this year. In two years, he will be thirty. His brother's wedding date has been set. As his brother, he is still quiet. His mother must be in a hurry. He called him for more than half an hour the other day. He asked him to put down his work and find a woman. He remembered that he still stressed that he only wanted to work at the moment and didn't want to find a woman Girl friend. All of this, to blame, I can only blame myself for hiding too much, so my mother suddenly knew that he had a girlfriend, so she came back in such a hurry. "

mom, will you stop being angry? I know, this matter, I did not do, I apologize to you! " Luo Jinyu was a sensible child when he was young, which made people feel relieved. He was born with tolerance and steadiness of his elder brother, and Luo mother was always proud of him. But

I didn't expect that it's not a good thing for my son to be too mature and sensible. He likes to hide everything from her. It's really hard to control. "

why apologize? I am asking you now, so many women you don't find, why did you find a girl? How old is she? Is she an adult? " Another reason for Luo Mu's anger is that Jue's Yang ChuChu is too young to be a marriage partner at all. Although her son is also excellent, they are too different in age.

Luo Jin Yu Jun's face was embarrassed and said in a low voice, "of course, she is an adult. She is nineteen years old!"

"Nineteen? How small, I can talk with people at this age if I don't study hard. What are you doing at 19? You study at school when you are nineteen. " Luo Mu sighed, how can I feel that the relationship between the two people is not reliable? Luo

Jin Yu didn't really think about what a person should be doing when he was 19 years old. He just thought that Yang ChuChu was young and had her loveliness. She was really a lovely girl.

"Mom, not everyone should do something at every age. It's clear that her situation is quite special..." "

of course, I know that she is special. I heard that her mother is busy at work, and she has less discipline. At the age of thirteen or four, she began to learn to play truant, fight, and do nothing all day. Later, when she went to any art school, she followed her way to become a star. Jin Yu, did you really understand her? If it's the daughter of a serious family who is still studying in school at this age, besides, I don't like you to marry a woman who is an artist to go home. Our Luo family has always been strict. Moreover, your grandfather's generation is a great scholar. You are sure that your grandfather will agree if he knows? " Luo Mu frowned. When she mentioned her son's marriage, she had all kinds of thoughts. It was really difficult for her mother.

Of course, Luo Jinyu took all these things into consideration, so he decided to hide his family and Yang ChuChu for the time being.

However, it is because he thought about all the things, or found his feelings for Yang ChuChu can not be separated, will continue to be with her. "

mom, if you think she is young, I can wait for her for a few years, until she reaches the legal age of marriage, then I can think about marriage." Luo Jinyu said in a low voice.

"What?" Luo Mu was shocked by her son's words and got up from the sofa. She put the cup on the table and said angrily, "how many years will you wait for her? You are 28 years old this year. How many years can you wait for her? Three years, five years? If at that time, someone else's little girl thinks you are old again and goes to find a young one, what do you want to do? "

Luo Jin Yujun's face was a little stiff and his eyes flashed. Of course, he also considered this relationship. However, he felt that even if a man was thirty-five years old, he would not be despised by others. As for whether he would be abandoned by Yang ChuChu, he did not seriously consider this matter. "

son, don't you think about what it will be like in the future? You just want the freshness in front of you. I advise you to find a woman with the same educational background and knowledge as you. It's the best to be in the right place. In this way, you can help each other in your future work. Have a look after your brother. He has a better vision than you. Find a capable woman like Mulin, and they will definitely help each other in their career in the future. " Luo Mu is very satisfied with the marriage of her youngest son, Luo Henning. Therefore, she only feels that her eldest son should choose women like his younger brother. Luo

what Jin Yujue's mother said is reasonable, but it's different from doing or not, and it can't be confused. "

mom, I won't break up with Chu Chu. I promised her that I would take care of her and marry her in the future." Luo Jinyu knows that his mother is still angry at the moment, but he must tell her his decision. Whether she answers or not, he will stick to it.

"You..." Luo Mu then turned pale with rage, reached out and pointed at him: "are you going to kill me? You take care of her? When she's a daughter to take care of? " Luo

Jin Yu's handsome face suddenly turned pale, and his tone was heavy: "Mom, I get along with her very happily. She has a simple temperament and no complicated thoughts. I like this relaxed life." "

Oh, no mind? If you don't know who you are today, will she be with you? "

"Mom, you are too radical. Everyone's identity is closely related to his charm. If I am not who I am today, how can I ask such a young woman to live with me?" Luo Jinyu is also a little annoyed for some reason. Although he feels angry with his mother, he really feels that his mother can't understand what he thinks. Luo

the mother's face was dull. She had never been red faced with her eldest son since she was young. Her best eldest son even used this tone to assassinate her.

As soon as LOM's eyes turned red, she immediately picked up the bag: "it seems that I have come here for nothing. I will go to your brother now. I can't care about you!" "


Luo Jinyu was so relieved from the earthquake that he realized that he was angry with his mother and wanted to stop her. But Luo Mu walked so fast that he didn't stop him.