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C1184 leading the snake out of the cave

Ji Yueze rushed to the villa, and the sharp screeching sound of the sudden brake woke up the people sitting in the living room. Ji

Yueze rushes into the living room and sees Bai Yiyan with red eyes. He nervously goes over and puts his hand around her and comforts her: "OK, don't be afraid. I'll let my brother find someone to deal with this. The police are also trying their best to find your little aunt. I'm sure she will be OK." "

I think this is what Cheng Jianhong did. His goal is me. Unfortunately, I haven't let him find it all the time. He wants to threaten me with his aunt. Ji Yueze, do you have any way to let me have a phone call with Cheng Jianhong? I just want to ask... " "

if he did it, do you think he would admit it on the phone? Xiao Yan, calm down. Cheng Jianhong won't be stupid enough to admit it. If you call him, he will expose your whereabouts. He will send someone to ask you for trouble. Believe me, as long as you don't show up, your aunt is safe. He aims at you. He doesn't need to be charged with murdering people. " Ji Yueze carefully helped her analyze the matter, hoping that she could listen to it.

Bai Yiyan is also dizzy, so she didn't think about it. Now listening to Ji Yueze, she feels reasonable.

At this time, Cheng Hong's phone entered Yang Siyu's mobile phone. Yang takes a look at Siyu and hands it to Bai Yiyan: "it's supposed to be for you. It's the number you just dialed out." Bai

Yiyan hurriedly takes her cell phone to answer, and hears Cheng Hong's voice coming from that end: "Bai Yiyan, where are you? Can you go home? If you learn to read your aunt's life and death, you should come back and wait for news with us. " "

did the kidnapper get the news? You tell me, I will find a way to save my aunt! " Bai Yiyan asked in a hurry.

"Bai Yiyan, you are so unfilial. Are you afraid to go back to this house? In vain your little aunt still talks about you every day. " Cheng Hong tried to trick her into going home. "

don't you all welcome me back?" Bai Yiyan sneered. "

just now the police came to ask about the news. You can also cooperate with the police investigation when you come back. Bai Yiyan, where are you? Are you still abroad?" Cheng Hong couldn't find a reasonable reason for her to go back. "

you don't care where I am. If you have the latest progress of my aunt, please let me know and I will find someone to help." Bai Yiyan is also a real person who doesn't want to see Pei's family. "

the kidnapper just called. She said that in a day, if you don't show up, they will tear up the ticket. The other party is taking advantage of you. Do you really want to watch your aunt die for you? Bai Yiyan, aren't you a filial daughter? If you have a little conscience, you should take your life to replace your aunt, understand? " Cheng Hongjian couldn't persuade her back, so he had to sneer at her. Bai

Yiyan shivers all over. As expected, she is the person she is looking for, and Xiaoyi is just a substitute. "

what else did the other party say?" Bai Yiyan's voice was a little broken. She asked calmly. "

I don't know what to say. You have to think about it. Your aunt has two underage children. Do you really have the heart to see her die for you?" Pei Hong said, and hung up the phone directly.

Bai Yiyan felt that her eyes were black and she could not stand stably. Ji Yueze put his hand around her and forbidden her to stay in his arms. She asked in a low voice, "who called you? What did you say?" "

it's Pei Hong. He said that the kidnapper called him and wanted to take my life for my aunt's life. Ji Yueze, what should I do? The other side obviously took advantage of me. My aunt is dying. I can't do nothing! " Bai Yiyan is very flustered at the moment. She is not a selfish person. If the other side wants her life, she is willing to change her aunt back. "

it seems that Cheng Jianhong is playing a trick. Otherwise, call Peihong now and tell him that you have an appointment with him. I'll call my brother again to see if I can lead him out and catch them." Ji Yueze also doesn't want Bai Yiyan to be an ungrateful unfilial daughter. The kidnapper said so clearly. Bai Yiyan didn't show up, for fear that this matter would be stuck all the time, and Bai Wanqing's crisis would be even greater.

When Bai Yiyan calls Peihong to set up a meeting place, Ji Yueze also contacts the police and Ji Xiaohan, and creates a trap together, waiting for the bandits to hook up. Xiao Ze, let Bai Yiyan be in danger. Will it hurt her and her baby "

I know it's very risky, but the kidnapper wants to catch her. As long as she appears, it's possible to lead the snake out of the hole. Don't worry, I will take good care of her." Ji Yueze can't just care about the safety of his daughter and children at the moment. He also has to save people. Otherwise, Bai Wanqing's accident will affect his relationship with Bai Yiyan. He doesn't want to let this woman be shaken. Let me go with Miss Bai Leng Fei immediately opens his mouth. Ji

Yue Ze looked at her gratefully: "Leng Fei, you're a stranger now. You're good at martial arts. I can only leave Xiaoyan to you for a while, and I'll follow you."

"What about me? I want to help too! " Yang Siyu immediately stood up and said. "

think about it, don't mix it up. Stay at home and wait for our news." Ji Yueze doesn't want to drag her into the water.

Yang Siyu also felt that he was useless, so he nodded: "well, you have to be careful. It's safe. I'll wait for you at home. Xiaoyan, it's you. Don't scare my future nephew!"

Bai Yiyan avoided a forced smile and said, "I hope we can all come back safely." Police

Fang has got the meeting place, which has been arranged secretly. Ji Xiaohan has also sent his men to defend around, waiting for the bandits to show up. No.

just like that, the other side is also searching for Bai Wanqing's whereabouts. Although those photos have been carefully processed, the police also want to find clues from them and rescue people.

Bai Yiyan and lengfei arrive at the appointed place in the car. Peihong often goes to a teahouse for tea. Pei

seeing that Bai Yiyan didn't come alone, Hong immediately stared at lengfei: "who is she?"

"My friend, I'm afraid, ask her to come with me!" Bai Yiyan replied. Pei

Hong looked out of the window, and then sneered, "I'm afraid of death, isn't it? Then don't come at all. If you provoke the other party, all three of us will die, and your friend's life will be wasted! " Pei

Hong deliberately said that he wanted to scare lengfei away. Unfortunately, lengfei was very calm and stood close to Bai Yiyan.