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C1471 being scared away

Blue mother listened to her daughter's words, although she was sad, she was even more frightened. She could not imagine that the gentle and meticulous man who greeted her with a smile every day was approaching her with evil intention and purpose. Now, her daughter is the only one she trusts in the world, and the one she wants to protect most in her life. If anyone dared to hurt her daughter by her hand, she would never agree.

"Yan Xi, don't worry, mom won't be your drag. I'll do it according to your way. I must be clean with Wang rongduan. You and Ling Mo Feng must also be careful not to let the bad guys have a chance!" Blue mother looked at her daughter painfully, and the color of concern was written on her face.

LAN Yanxi smiled and nodded: "Mom, don't worry, I will take care of myself. Ling Mo Feng has been protecting me. I never dreamed that I would meet such a good man as him."

Blue mother looked at her daughter's smile from the bottom of her heart, and also sighed. Yes, she didn't expect her daughter's luck to be so good. When she was going to face the future, someone stood up to protect her from blue family's harm. Maybe her father was always protecting the only beloved daughter when he was alive.

Coming out of the beauty salon, Wang Rong suddenly appeared in front of his mother and daughter.

"Wang Rong, why are you here?" Blue mother saw him and her face changed for a moment. However, in order not to let the other party doubt, she quickly arranged her expression and pretended to be surprised.

Wang Rong looks around LAN Yanxi's face. LAN Yanxi pretends to look down and tidy up her handbag. Then she immediately shouts, "Mom, my earrings seem to have fallen inside. I have to go in and find them!"

"OK, you go to find it. I'll go back with Wang Rong first. Yan Xi, remember to take the medicine on time. You can't stay sick!" Blue mother cares about her tenderly and wants to take Wang Rong away.

"Well, Ma, you go back first. I'll go after the EARRINGS!" LAN Yanxi finished, turned around and left.

Wang Rong's eyes were very poisonous, but his mother and daughter performed well. He didn't see the flaw either. He reached out his hand and gently helped blue mother to get on the car. Blue mother instinctively wanted to shrink her hand, but she could only bear the advice of her daughter. Anyway, she would be able to start her performance when she came back home.

When LAN Mu and Wang Rong returned home, she vomited deliberately in the bathroom. Wang Rong immediately pretended to be concerned and rushed in. Seeing that Lan Mu's face was white and she was covering her chest with an expression of breathlessness, he hurriedly asked, "what's the matter with you? How can you look so pale? "

"I I feel sick here. Take me to the hospital. Hurry up... " The blue mother pretends to be out of breath, grabs Wang Rong's arm tightly and asks him for help.

Wang Rong was originally playing a love drama with her. She didn't have much sincerity. Now she looks like she's going to have a serious illness. Naturally, it's disgusting from the bottom of her heart.

"Well, are you an old disease? Or suddenly, is there a reliable doctor? " Wang Rong asked her as she helped her up.

Blue mother vomited again, and deliberately vomited on Wang Rong's pants. Wang Rong's face turned black for a moment. He almost wanted to push the woman away, but he held back.

Blue mother was pretending to be sick. Naturally, her eyes missed Wang Rong's face. Seeing his forced gentle care, she was very cold. Why? Since leaving the blue family, every relationship, she confessed to pay sincerely, but in the end, she was hurt again and again. Sure enough, this real society, sincerity is not worth money.

After Wang Rong helped her to sit on the sofa, she went into the room and changed a suit of clothes again. The blue mother's face was pale as snow. With no make-up, she was a little old. Wang Rong had been dealing with young girls in his twenties and eighties all these years. Naturally, she couldn't look older than him. Now on the first sight, she was more disgusted.

Wang Rong drove LAN Mu to the nearest hospital. After a series of procedures, such as doctor's inquiry, examination and so on, he finally made a detailed report at noon.

"Stomach cancer!" The two words of the big stab made Wang Rong's expression coagulate at once. His eyes were complicated and he looked at the same blue mother who was at a loss and scared. He angrily pointed to the doctor and asked, "did you check wrong? How could she get this disease?"

Blue mother, of course, knew that all this was just to give her a chance to leave Wang Rong. She had a physical examination not long ago. She had only a few small problems, and she was not sick at all.

The doctor told him some professional knowledge seriously, but Wang Rong didn't hear a word.

"Wang Rong, let's go!" Blue mother looked at Wang Rong, who was going to quarrel with the doctor, and hurriedly pulled his arm out: "I should have expected that I had stomach disease many years ago, but I didn't pay attention to it all the time. I didn't expect that..." Blue mother immediately paralyzed like sitting on the ground, a pair of walking motionless appearance, covering her mouth and crying.

Wang Rong saw her crying and her face stiffened for a long time. He crouched down and asked her, "do you want treatment? I hear chemotherapy is painful! "

"No, I don't need chemotherapy, I don't want to be ugly, I I won't cure it, Wang Rong. You promised me that you would accompany me to travel around the world. We'll book a ticket to go abroad now. I I want to see the world in a limited time, Wang Rong, you accompany me to... " Blue mother immediately grabbed Wang Rong's arm and looked at him with expectant expression.

Wang Rong's brain is going to explode as soon as he listens to it. He just wants to take off this woman. Now, she is almost dead, and he wants to go abroad with him. She thinks it's very beautiful.

"Shall we go home first? A lot of people are watching! " Wang rongqiang held back his expression, squeezed out a fake smile and wanted to help her.

"No, I won't go home, Wang Rong. You promised me. I know that you must love me. Go abroad with me. I have a place. I must go to have a look. If you don't see me, you can't close your eyes. Book a ticket now. Let's go..." LAN's mother originally wanted to follow the script and pretend to go abroad for treatment. But now, she changed the script and used her own lines. Unexpectedly, Wang Rong wanted to get rid of her in a hurry.

At the right time, Wang Rong made a phone call. He took his cell phone and walked forward quickly. After receiving the call, he came over in a hurry. He looked worried: "my company has something urgent. I have to deal with it. You go home first."

Wang Rong finished saying that she really left blue mother and left. Blue mother sat on the ground alone and suffered many people's white eyes. However, she didn't care at all. She felt her heart was dead again.

She took a taxi home, cleaned up her important things, dragged the suitcase, and finally looked around, sent a message to lanyanxi, and went straight to the airport.

LAN Yanxi saw the message, and the whole heart was settled down. His mother left Wang Rong successfully.

Blue mother used another kind of temptation to scare Wang Rong away.

There was nothing wrong with Wang Rong's company. He found a young woman to open a room in the hotel and went back to bed at night. When he opened the door, he found that the things at home seemed to have been cleaned up.

Wang Rong's whole body was stiff. After looking around the room, he found that blue mother had taken away all her valuable things.

"This old woman, if she is mad, she will not really want to die and see the world again." Wang Rongqi smashed the vase at hand: "she's gone, am I a waste? No, I have to find her. No matter what scenery she wants to see, I will accompany her. When she dies, her money is mine too, which saves my breath! "

When Wang Rong arrived at this time, he was still calculating the gain and loss of interests. He didn't wait for LAN Mu to call him, but this time, he made a mistake.

Not only did blue mother not call him, but the phone he called turned into an empty number.

"What happened? This woman will not decide to break up with me just because I left her that day? " Wang Rong looks at the mobile phone, his brain explodes into a blank. Next second, his face turns pale.

He called lanyanxi at the first time to find out the whereabouts of Lanmu. Lanyanxi answered his phone. Wang Rong wept bitterly on the phone and confessed to Lanmu. When lanyanxi heard an upset, he only sneered: "Wang Rong, are you interested in my mother? Maybe it's her money. Your man is so hypocritical. Don't come to me. I don't care about you! "

Wang Rong is scared to death. This task is not finished. What will happen to him?