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I think I hurt her

"Quarterly, we are truly honored to be able to enjoy the company's new benefits for the first batch." The person in charge of Only Idealism led Liu Xi to welcome him, and expressed his gratitude excitedly.

Ji Xiao Han symbolically extended his hand out and shook hands with the person in charge of Only Idealism.

It was hard for Tang You You to understand what his mother meant by this. Didn't she just say that if she saw this man, she would take a detour around him?

What was going on now? He was completely stupefied.

The reason why Liu Xi made this arrangement was actually to hope that Tang You You could toast Ji Xiao Han and say some good words. Previously, Ji Xiao Han had almost gotten rid of Tang You You's work, but he had always remembered this matter, and was just thinking that if he had the chance to show off a little in front of Ji Xiao Han, the misunderstanding from before might just disappear like smoke in thin air.

Since her godmother had arranged for her to sit so close to Ji Xiao Han, he had no choice but to sit down.

A faint smile hung on Ji Xiao Han's handsome face, giving off a rare feeling of intimacy.

The group of female employees in the room all looked at Ji Xiao Han bashfully, the more they looked, the more tempted they would feel.

He really didn't expect that there would be such a handsome and rich man in the world. He was simply the perfect incarnation.

How would it feel to be able to date such a man? He must be so happy that he was about to die.

The delicious delicacies were soon served on the table. The fragrance assaulted the nostrils and caused one's appetite to stir.

However, it wasn't an easy task for Zhang Xuan to have a hearty meal with his boss.

Very quickly, people started toasting to Ji Xiao Han and a few of the higher ups.

Tang You You lowered his head, ate, and pretended not to notice the toast.

"Slow down, quick, give the Quarterly a toast!" Liu Xi suddenly called out her name softly.

Tang You You was slightly stunned, when she raised his eyes, she saw the man sitting in the right spot, with a pair of unfathomable eyes looking at her.

Tang You You's heart inexplicably jumped up and down because of his gaze.

"Hurry, hurry!" Liu Xi was still urging her, thinking that this was a good opportunity that he couldn't afford to miss.

Tang You You had no choice but to give up on her delicacies and place a cup of wine in her hands.

"Walk over!" Liu Xi said in a low voice.

Tang You You had no choice but to quickly walk in front of Ji Xiao Han. It was just that, she did not expect that when she was about to reach his side, someone extended his leg and tripped her.

The cup in Tang You You's hands directly flew towards Ji Xiao Han, and he himself did not escape from it. With a scream, she threw herself into Ji Xiao Han's embrace.

This sudden change in the situation caused everyone present to stop their movements and look in shock at Tang You You who was struggling to stand up from Ji Xiao Han's embrace.

Tang You You had not expected such a miserable situation to occur, she raised her head again and saw that the collar of Ji Xiao Han's dark black suit had been drenched by his own wine.

Liu Xi was also shocked. He hurried over and scolded Tang You You first: "Tang You You, what's wrong with you? Do you not have eyes to walk? Look at how you spilled the wine on Quarterly's clothes, hurry up and take a tissue to wipe him clean. "

Tang You You was woken up by her godmother's voice. After that, she grabbed a tissue and walked to Ji Xiao Han's side, wanting to help him wipe it clean.

Ji Xiao Han did not reject, and only looked deeply at her.

He was still reminiscing about the feeling of her throwing herself at him earlier.

He already knew that her body was weak, and the feeling of being hit by force just now wasn't bad at all.

"Sorry …" Quarterly! " Although Tang You You felt apologetic for her mistake, she knew clearly that someone had tripped her. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for her to throw herself into Ji Xiao Han's arms.

Who is it?

Tang You You turned around in anger. In the place she just went, there were three women sitting.

"Alright, stop wiping, I'm fine!" Ji Xiao Han saw that she was wiping indifferently, and did not get angry. He only reached out his hands indifferently, and gently pushed her hand away.

Liu Xi immediately apologized from the side, "Quarterly, I am really sorry. She is a newbie, there are some things that I still haven't done well enough. I hope you don't blame her."

Ji Xiao Han squinted, this Liu Xi seemed to be very protective of Tang You You, is there any connection between them?

Tang You You lowered his head and did not speak further.

Ji Xiao Han raised his head and said to Liu Xi: "It's just an accident, it's not a big deal. You can go back to your seat to eat."

Liu Xi never thought that Ji Xiao Han would actually become so easy to talk to, and immediately let out a breath of relief before sitting back down.

Tang You You also sat back down, and very quickly, there were people discussing in a low voice.

"This performance was really good."

"I was carried by Quarterly just like that."

"Why didn't I think of that?"

"Director Liu is too nice to her, and apologized on her behalf."

"She came in through the back door. I heard she signed the contract!"

Tang You You knew that after that small incident just now, she would definitely become the focus of everyone's discussion.

Ji Xiao Han's gaze intentionally fell on her face. Seeing that she seemed to be even more dispirited, his mood also became heavy.

Originally, Ji Xiao Han had planned for some more interesting programs, but seeing that she had become dispirited from his mistakes, Ji Xiao Han decided to let her go.

With the hug from before, his purpose in coming here today could be considered accomplished.

She must be upset about the accident now.

Tang You You was not upset, but angry. If she knew who tripped her, she would definitely not forgive her.

Did he think she was so easy to bully just because she was a newbie?

After finishing this meal, Tang You You did not raise her head to look at Ji Xiao Han, but she could still feel an intense gaze that occasionally stopped on her body.