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C1569 the sound of heartbreak

Yang he shut herself up in a bathroom. She squatted on the floor, her heart aching like a wring, and her reluctant tears fell madly.

She wriggled the tissue in her hand as if it were lanyanxi's neck, making her want to tighten and break it.

"It's not true, it's not." She denied it in her heart.

But at this time, a few women come in to make up and talk loudly about the hottest smell.

"It's very kind of LAN Yan to hope for his life. If the first lady is going to be the first lady right now, it's such a good luck that people can't envy him." One of the women couldn't help sighing.

"An uncle in our office said that he would look at his face. He said that lanyanxi was Wangfu's woman. You see, it's easy to say that. As soon as they are engaged, that faction will not become. Mr. vice president is bound to be the next champion. Lanyanxi doesn't have to worry about anything." There is a woman nearby who also deliberately lowered her voice and said the gossip.

"It may be that, in a word, we have not offended her, and her future status does not hinder our business."

"That's true, but I heard that many people have offended lanyanxi before. When she becomes the first lady, those people will be unlucky." Someone laughed again.

"Ten years in Hexi and ten years in Hedong, no one was optimistic that lanyanxi would be liked by the vice president at the beginning. Now, we are slapped on the face, who loves who knows. Anyway, we are still low-key, don't think so much about Xiao." Another woman summed up with a clear voice of life.

Yang he held his breath until the women left noisily, and she stood up, cold all over.

LAN Yan is about to become the first lady. She has a valuable status. It's just a matter of words for her to revenge.

"She won't let me go. This vicious woman, with such a small heart and eyes, will definitely wear small shoes for me." Yang He walked out in a loss of soul, hands on the washing table, looking at her failure in the mirror, she suddenly felt that she was a little ugly.

"I might as well do the last one as wait to be tortured and revenged by her." Yang He is biting his teeth. He feels that he has no way back. LAN Yanxi will certainly torture her to death after sitting in the first lady's position.

"But what can I do? What can I do? " Yang He holds his head and feels it's about to explode.

In the rigorous and atmospheric box, lanyanxi had the opportunity to eat in such a spacious and bright place for the first time. She was a little nervous and restrained.

Ling Mo Feng reached out and put a piece of vegetables in her bowl: "Yanxi, there is no outsider here. Don't be nervous. Eat a piece of fish. The fish is very fresh."

LAN Yanxi looked out of the window and saw the flag rising high in the square. She couldn't say how she felt, but she was really happy.

"Well, don't clip it. You can eat it, too." LAN Yanxi took the chopsticks and bowed his head to eat.

The man's eyes gently coagulated her, and he was relieved to see her.

"I think it's strange. When I was secretly in love, I felt very relaxed. Now I am clearly in love, but my heart is scared. Am I not blessed?" LAN Yanxi couldn't help laughing at himself.

"What nonsense? Eat. " The man put the dish in her bowl again and scolded her softly.

LAN Yanxi also felt that he was exaggerating, and he had a big appetite with a smile.

When Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yan Xi finished their lunch and were ready to leave, Chu lie came to report with a solemn look: "Sir, those who led the trouble are coming again."

"I know. You invite them to the meeting room on the first floor. I will meet in person." Ling Mo Feng's face was heavy. He felt that this was not a simple disturbance. It was a hindrance to the state affairs.

LAN Yan hopes to see Ling Mo Feng have something important to deal with. She avoids wisely: "I'll go back to the office first. You're busy."

"Well, wait for me to get off work in the evening." Ling murmured to her.

LAN Yanxi nodded his head sweetly and left.

Ling Mo Feng went down to the first floor directly, the elevator door opened, and Yang he was doing reception work at the front desk. Looking back, she saw Ling Mo Feng's handsome figure. Her heart beat fast and her eyes were hard to move away from him.

"Do you know what the vice president is going to do?" Yang he was just lazy, so he didn't know what happened. He asked a female colleague.

"Just now, a group of people were invited in from the door. That's the marchers. Some of the leaders came in. Mr. vice president is supposed to deal with this." The man kindly informed.

"I want to see it too." Yang he immediately said, finish saying, she turned to follow.

Ling Mo Feng is in the reception room on the first floor. He looks angry to see six or seven men shouting there.

"Here comes Mr. vice president. Be quiet and speak one by one." Chu lie immediately came forward to have a big drink and shocked the men.

The first man saw Ling Mo Feng and rushed to him immediately, but was stopped by the bodyguard.

"Ling Mo Feng, you are the leader we elected. You should make a reasonable explanation for this matter. You should not let us lose our sense of security or trust in the political situation." The man immediately called out in a voice of great injustice.

Ling Mo Feng's face is gloomy and his voice is firm and powerful: "please calm down, everyone. We have made all the testimonies public. You should be clear that the kidnappers have been killed on the spot and will not threaten your personal safety any more. Please believe in the country and our ability to maintain the national security and peace."

"Ling Mo Feng, they all say that you are able to speak and speak. It's true. At this time, you can still pretend to be dignified. If you really have the ability, why do you want to frighten a child like this? I know that the child is so scared that he's mentally abnormal now. You've also locked up his children and won't let the media interview him. Are you still human?" Another man immediately shouted and scolded.

Lingmo Feng can only speak seriously in the face of their unreasonable quarrel: "that child is undergoing treatment, we have asked the most authoritative doctor to help him, and it's also the meaning of his family to not allow the media to interview him. The child has been frightened and should not be pushed to the storm again. If you really think about the child, you should stop spreading these frightening words On this matter, look at it calmly. "

"Just listen to your one-sided words, who can believe that, in the end, is not the war between you and Mr. President caused it? Ling Mo Feng, I heard that you are the winner. Please talk about how you feel now and kill your biggest enemy. You must be in a good mood. "

Chu lie and a group of Ministers immediately changed their faces. One of the important officials came out and criticized: "you don't know the inside story. Please don't comment in vain here. If you feel it's a happy thing to speak out quickly, but you don't forget where it is. You have to pay legal responsibility for everything you say and do."

"Oh, threatening us? We are barefoot and not afraid of wearing shoes. The root of this matter is the war of you in power. We are all cannon fodder. " Another man immediately made a mockery.

Ling Mo's face is full of criticism and scolding from these people. His face is a little gloomy. In fact, he has absolute reason to doubt who is the messenger behind these people, and what is their purpose and motivation.

"Please calm down, everyone. Your query is legal. However, freedom of speech also scores clear occasions. I believe that you are all rational people and will not be picked and urged by others. After all, political affairs are sensitive and complex. If you really want to dig into this matter, I will send someone to cooperate with you." Ling Mo Feng said calmly, turned around and left.

Lingmo Feng just came out, was hit by a person, he subconsciously reached out to hold each other.

"Are you ok?" Ling Mo Feng saw a woman and asked in a low voice.

Yang He raised his head incredulously, and saw Ling Mo Feng's handsome face close by, and his hand was still holding his shoulder.

At this moment, she really wanted to rush to hold him and feel the warmth of his arms.

At this time, a roar came from behind: "Ling Mo Feng, you go to die."

As soon as Ling Mo Feng turned around, he saw that the men who had made trouble just now, one by one, took out a knife and rushed towards him crazily.