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C643 to make her fall in love with him

The screeching brake sound is in her ear. The inertia brought by the emergency stop sports car makes Bai Yiyan, who is unprepared, get a hard squeeze from her seat belt and fall back to the back of her chair again. She's totally lost.

"Why don't you die!" Bai Yiyan immediately glares at the man around her.

Because he is ready to brake, he is not embarrassed. He has deep eyes and stares at her angry face.

Later, he suddenly extended his big hand on the steering wheel to her. His long, bony fingers pinched Bai Yiyan's small, white chin and moved it from side to side, which seemed convenient for him to look at her better.

Bai Yiyan is shocked by his strange action. The man's fingers are very warm. They touch her soft skin. The heat is transmitted to Bai Yiyan's heart in an instant, which makes her breath lose rhythm and her heart beat faster.

Ji Yueze does not speak, a pair of sharp dark eyes, still looking at her.

"What are you doing?" Bai Yiyan's heart was hairy when she was stared at. How could this man look like he was choosing his pet?

She's a living person, and doesn't want to be his pet.

"Well, it's not too bad, though it's average!" After checking, Ji Yueze came to a conclusion.

Bai Yiyan's breath was tight. Because of his words, she almost choked with saliva.

What do men mean by that?

She's not bad at all.

"If I could be more obedient, I would think about you!" Ji Yueze and Gao Leng raised his eyebrows, and Qingyue's male voice rang.

"What do you think of me?" Bai Yiyan is confused by his words.

Ji Yueze's eyes once again locked her, because the light around was very weak, so her sparkling eyes were more and more clear, making her whole person covered with a light halo.

"Consider making you my real girlfriend!" Ji Yueze's reply was simple and direct.

"What?" Bai Yiyan's beautiful eyes were startled, and she looked at him incredulously: "what you said is true?"

Ji Yueze lightly curled his thin lips: "it depends on whether you are qualified to be my girlfriend."

Bai Yiyan's inner joy, because his words were like pouring a basin of cold water in an instant.

"Don't you have to be your girlfriend after a rigorous selection?" If that's the case, then she really doesn't need to look forward to anything. Bai Yiyan's view of love is to be happy with each other, not because she likes a person, so she has to work hard to make herself the kind of person he wants.

She doesn't want to make a change. She's her. Different fireworks.

Ji Yueze said coldly, "I like my obedient girlfriend."

"I'm not a pet dog, how can I do what you say?" Bai Yiyan laughs. Sure enough, this man is demanding a lot. Since that's the case, what else can I fall in love with? I can live alone.

Ji Yueze didn't expect this woman to have a lot of character. Who said to pursue her just now?

Isn't it who falls in love first who loses first?

Ji Yueze also wanted to show his sense of superiority, but he soon found out that Bai Yiyan would never compromise on his demands just because she liked him.

"In that case, forget it!" Ji Yueze took a cold look at her and started the sports car again.

Bai Yiyan is very depressed. Does this man regard her as a plaything?

The sports car drove on, but Ji Yueze was a little distracted. He was waiting for the woman's answer. However, Bai Yiyan in the passenger seat was mute and didn't say a word.

Ji Yueze's eyebrows are even tighter. Is this woman really going to let him go?

Bai Yiyan's five tastes are complicated. She can't hide her inner love. However, she doesn't want to lose herself.

About to arrive at the center of the city, Bai Yiyan finally spoke.

"Take me to your place to pack up. Since you don't need me to act with you, I'll move back to my own place tonight. I won't disturb you."

What Ji Yueze wants to hear is not her words. Jun's face changes slightly.

"Do you really want to leave tonight?" Ji Yueze glanced at her indifferently.


"Are you not afraid that I will not give you money?" Ji Yueze sees her so firm tone and wants to play a joke with her intentionally.

Bai Yiyan's beautiful eyes were shocked instantly. Then, her beautiful face was angry: "Ji Yueze, how can you not trust me?"

"Unless you promise to continue to be my girlfriend in name, we agreed on a three-month period. It's not yet time, so you can't leave." Ji Yueze always has a way to deal with this woman, because he feels that she is sometimes stupid and easy to bully.

Strange, how does he feel that he is addicted to bullying her?

Bai Yiyan's head is down. It's true that she signed for three months at the beginning. She knew that things would be over so soon, so she shouldn't have signed for that long.

"You have confessed to your elder brother. What do you want me to play with you?" Bai Yiyan sneered. Ji Yueze glanced at her with a light tone: "as a star, I have to maintain my good image. If I leave you so soon, I will be scolded very badly, saying that I am abusive, so you don't need to play in front of my family in the future, but you need to

cooperate with me to play the relationship between men and women in front of the media."

"After three months, you can't force me to do it again." Bai Yiyan can't refuse to sign the contract, but when the time comes, she really doesn't want to play with him anymore.

She was afraid that she would act more seriously. Bai Yiyan was really afraid that she would sink deeper and deeper.

Ji Yueze turned his back and didn't give her a definite answer, because he believed that in the three months, he had thousands of ways to make this woman fall in love with herself.

"You must promise me." Bai Yiyan doesn't want him to be vague, so she will firmly ask him to promise herself.

Ji Yueze picked his brow lazily, put one hand on the steering wheel and one arm on the position where the window fell. His voice was not cold or hot: "OK, I promise you!"

He can only temporarily promise this woman, only in this way, can stop her endless words.

Bai Yiyan sighs a sigh of relief. Since Ji Yueze has agreed, she can take the money and leave the man completely in three months. In the future, she can still worship him as an idol and be his woman and wife, which she can't even think of.