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Ji Yueze returned to the company in a bad mood. He didn't do much work all afternoon. Instead, he wanted to see if Bai Zhen was a man of his word. He said that he would come to see him in the evening. If he didn't dare to come, he would see how he tortured Bai Yiyan. This is a fool for her, but not even love. In the evening, we will arrive soon, and the city will be surrounded by thousands of lights.

Bai Zhen is really tired walking on the road. She has been worried about Bai Yiyan's situation. She is afraid that she will drag her down again this time.

Ji Yueze must hate her very much. Thinking of this, Bai Zhenzhen's pace has quickened.

She had made a mistake in that year. She could never make another mistake. She was only sorry for Bai Yiyan.

Bai Zhen came to the front desk of the company and asked the front desk to make a phone call.

When Ji Yueze receives the front desk call, Jun's face flashes cold frost. In fact, he has a premonition that Bai Zhenzhen will not run again this time. He may have underestimated Bai Zhenzhen's affection for Bai Yiyan's niece.

In an instant, I understood why Bai Yiyan wanted to cover up for her again and again. Everything was because of love. Love is the most unreasonable thing in the world. Some people don't want to die for it, and some people give up their dignity for it.

Ji Yueze suddenly thought of the cruel words he said to Bai Yiyan at noon. He felt like something was blocking him. He was not happy. Bai

Zhen Zhen followed the assistant and walked into Ji Yueze's office door. Ji

Yue Ze sits on the black big chair and looks at her coldly. I haven't seen her for a few days. Bai Zhen has lost a lot of weight and hasn't taken care of the maintenance. The whole person is very haggard.

"Young master Ji, I'm standing here. You can call the police to catch me. I won't run away!" White really calm mouth. "

is it impossible to escape?" Ji Yueze sneered.

Bai Zhenzhen sneered at himself and said, "well, it's also a kind of torture to live a day of fear every day. I'd rather be locked in, and my conscience can live on somehow!"

"Do you have a conscience? Didn't the dog eat it? " Ji Yueze sneers.

Bai Zhenzhen bowed his head, was ashamed and blamed himself: "I'm sorry, I didn't understand when I was young and made a serious mistake. You can catch me, but please don't hold your breath with Xiaoyan. She was forced by me. She didn't mean to protect me!"

"Oh, a couple of affectionate nephews, do I need to be moved?" Ji Yueze didn't want to hear this nonsense. White

I really find that I may have nothing to say. Ji's family hate her deeply.

"I don't want you to go to jail now. I'll find you a place to live, but you don't want to run anymore. I'll find someone to watch you!" Ji Yueze said in a cold voice.

"Why? I have promised to give everything. Why don't you arrest me at once? " White really look at a blank.

"Don't ask so much, it's my decision!" The cold opening of the season.

Bai Zhenzhen nodded: "well, I will do whatever you want me to do, but please don't blame Xiaoyan. She is a good child. She is just too kind and easy to be soft hearted, but it's not her fault. It can only prove that she is a good girl!" "

I can see whether she is good or not. As long as you don't run around, it's the best for her!" Ji Yueze had some regrets about the cruel words he said in the afternoon. After listening to Bai Zhenzhen's words, the feeling became stronger.

Indeed, if a person is too kind, too kind is also a shortcoming, then there is no reason. "I really don't run away. I'll cooperate with you all."

"Come with me now!" Ji Yueze and Ji Xiaohan have discussed how to deal with the real thing in the afternoon.

Ji Xiaohan has a villa, which is vacant now. He will send someone to stare at Bai Zhenzhen and prevent her from running around again. Comparatively speaking, it will be safer. Bi

unexpectedly, if she was sent to the police station now, all the evidence she confessed would immediately involve Ji Lin. the old man is not deaf now, and he will certainly hear something. For the reason that grandpa can support more time, Ji Xiaohan really doesn't want to tell him about the killing of his two sons. He can't stand the blow.

The only way is to watch Bai Zhenzhen first and ask her to record all the process details she knows.

Bai Zhenzhen agrees with all of them. That night, how did she find Ji Lin? How did she listen to his use? How did she implement all kinds of temptations to Ji Nan. It was more than 11:00 p.m. when he drove out after he shut Bai Zhenzhen in his villa.

Because he has been busy with this matter, he omitted his dinner again. At this moment, his stomach is empty and he needs to eat something. Season

Yueze suddenly thought of the picture of cooking at home with Bai Yiyan. Although the woman's cooking skill is not good, she is also a home-made dish, nutritious and fresh.

I want to eat the rice she made. Ji

Yueze drives her car to the downstairs of her community, looks up, and sees a trace of light in her window. It seems that she is still at her home.

Ji Yueze beat a steering wheel in frustration. As expected, he couldn't do things too well and speak out.

Now, he wants to save something, but he looks like he is fighting. At the end of the day, Ji Yueze got out of the car with a thick face, wore a hat and a mask, and went to the elevator. Stand

outside the door, raise your hand and knock.

Bai Yiyan soon opened the door. Her eyes were swollen like peaches, apparently crying for a long time.

Two people are standing, one is outside the door, the other is inside the door, looking at each other, both of them are speechless. "

Why are you here again?" Bai Yiyan took a deep breath and found that her voice was hoarse. Ji did not know how to answer her for a while, so he casually opened some doors and walked in.

"Your aunt came to me!" Ji Yueze speaks lightly. Yi Yan's face was slightly stiff, but soon she also accepted the fact.

"Did you take her to the police station?" Bai Yiyan closed her eyes tightly. She felt that she still had to pay back the debt she owed.

"Not yet!" Ji Yueze looked at her and said, "I have other plans. Don't ask!" Bai had to resist curiosity. Empty

is more silent in a short time. Season

Yueze also felt that his recurrent character was not very good. He took a few steps towards her and was very close to her. He reached out and straightened her disordered hair: "what I said in the afternoon, it's a bit heavy, it didn't hurt you!" White

Yiyan meimou opened wide, then bit her lips: "of course not, I deserve your scolding!"