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Ji Xiao Han promised to help Tang You You find the location of the jade ornament, but he could only say it out loud, he hoped that the jade ornament would never appear again.

The next morning, the sun shone brightly!

Inside the Luo Group's CEO's office, Luo He Ning held his cell phone, and anxiously pushed open his brother's office.

Luo Jin Yu raised his head, looked at him, and said indifferently: "All these years, have you still not developed the habit of knocking on doors casually?"

When Luo He Ning was scolded by his brother, he did not get angry. He just placed his phone in front of him, pointed with his finger: "Big brother, is this person you?"

Luo Jin Yu shifted his gaze from the computer screen to his brother's phone. He saw a blurry figure, and beside him was a small petite figure. Because it was taken in the dark of the night, the photo was very hazy, but the contents had already clearly written down the name of the female lead.

Even though the news of Yang Chu Chu returning to her apartment with a man late at night with her hand in hand, although it wasn't too big of a splash, to the media, any news that was dug up was worth it. Furthermore, the Yang Chu Chu in the entertainment world's water was like a flawless white lotus flower, everyone was extremely curious about her relationship.

Luo Jin Yu stared at the screen of his phone, he knew that the male lead in the photo was him.

However …

The picture had become so blurry, and he hadn't even taken a headshot yet, so how could his brother be so sure that it was him?

Could it be that he had secretly practiced the Fiery Eyes of Truth?

With a face full of playfulness, Luo He Ning watched his big brother's gradually darkening face, and chuckled. "If I remember correctly, this is the exact jacket you were wearing when you went out the other day …"

Luo Jin Yu was displeased with his brother's thorough inquiry.

"Which one of your eyes recognized me? Is there no one else in the world who wears the same clothes as me? " Luo Jin Yu said coldly.

Luo He Ning narrowed his eyes, holding the phone, he scrutinized it a few more times: "But I feel that this person is you, my intuition is always very accurate."

"Then this time, you guessed wrong!" Luo Jin Yu said indifferently.

Luo He Ning was startled, then he laughed: "Maybe, Yang Chu Chu's mother is related to our Luo Family a little. Big brother, no matter how hungry you are, you shouldn't extend your hand to your own family, right? The last time I saw Yang Chu Chu, her mother told her to call me uncle!"

Because of his brother's words, Luo Jin Yu's expression turned uglier and uglier.

"You seem rather free, don't you?" Luo Jin Yu's voice became stern.

Luo He Ning jumped up in shock and quickly jumped down from his desk. "I'm going to work now, brother, don't be like this!"

Luo He Ning took his own phone and ran, afraid that his big brother would catch him, and give him a bunch of work to do.

Luo Jin Yu's handsome face was cold as he lost the mood to work.

His little brother's words just now were like needles stabbing into his heart. Was it really impossible for him and Yang Chu Chu to be together?

If he was really with her, wouldn't that break the moral line? Would he be cursed?

Luo Jin Yu self-deprecated, but his heart had already fallen on that little thing, how could he take it back? Could he take it back?

Not long after Luo He Ning left, an assistant came in and asked: "Luozheng, there is a Miss Mi Fei Er who is in the hall asking to see you."

The expression in Luo Jin Yu's eyes stiffened. Mi Fei Er?

What was she doing here again?

"Want to see it?" The assistant carefully asked, seeing that he was silent.

Luo Jin Yu said in a low voice: "Let her come up!"

The assistant nodded and hung up.

A few minutes later, Mi Fei Er opened the door and walked in.

She wore a skintight, waist-length dress, perfectly displaying her slender and delicate figure. The figure's elegance made all the men who saw her hold their breath. She was a true goddess!

Mi Fei Er entered and sized up his spacious office. With her beautiful red lips hooked up in a smile, she leisurely walked to his desk and asked: "I didn't expect that you had already completely taken over the company. I heard that your put the company took care of it extremely well.

Luo Jin Yu didn't want to hear her complimentary words, so he only asked coldly: "You came to find me, is there a reason?"

"I don't have a job recently, so I'm just an idle. We have a good relationship. I came over to chat with you, is that not okay?" Mi Fei Er seemed to be satisfied with the handsome man sitting on the office chair. He had become the mature and calm man that she wanted.

Luo Jin Yu's face turned cold and his voice became cold: "I'm very busy right now, I don't have time to play with you!"

"Don't be so cold. Let's have lunch together, okay?" Mi Fei Er bent down, both her hands supporting his desk, her tone filled with gentleness.

Luo Jin Yu threw down the pen in his hand in annoyance, his hands crossed in front of his chest, and said indifferently: "You want to find me to reform?"

Mi Fei Er was startled, then she nodded: "What if I say yes? Will you agree? "

Luo Jin Yu laughed and mocked: What do you think?

As Mi Fei Er looked at his upturned lips and that cold smile, her heart trembled.

"Jinyu, do you have a woman you like?" Mi Fei Er still understood Luo Jin Yu quite well. If he had feelings for someone, his eyes would not be so cold. Mi Fei Er was a little sad, because there was another woman that had taken his place in Luo Jin Yu's heart.

"Yes sir!" Luo Jin Yu replied loudly.

"Was it the girl you chased at the airport? She is Yang Chu Chu? A little star. " Mi Fei Er suddenly laughed, as if he had discovered his secret.

Luo Jin Yu's face suddenly darkened.

Mi Fei Er ruffled her long hair: "I recently had a press conference for a brand, tell me …" Should I invite you, this little girlfriend? "

Luo Jin Yu knew that Mi Fei Er's work was related to fashion. He immediately said coldly: "Don't randomly guess, it's not her."

"Isn't it her? Today, a photo of her having sex with a man was published by the media. From the back, I could tell it was you, the CEO of the Luo Group. You actually liked a young girl … Will this news be even more explosive? "

Luo Jin Yu stood up, both of his hands were placed on the table, his gaze warning: "Mi Fei Er, you cannot be a lover, at least you can still be friends, what you said just now, I'm afraid you can't even be friends anymore."

Mi Fei Er was so angry that her face was flushed. "You're not willing to look at me directly, is it because I'm married, that you like Yang Chu Chu's youth? Luo Jin Yu, when I was getting married, why didn't you come look for me? I said before, as long as you came, I would leave with you.