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C1089 friendly meeting

An ancient courtyard with simple street lights and a secret path leading to a pavilion. The pavilion is located in the center of the lotus pond. This season, the lotus is not in full bloom, only a clear lake is available. There are bamboo curtains hanging around the pavilion, and there are bright lights in it. "

Mr. Ji, this way, please!" A suit man bowed respectfully and led Ji Xiaohan to the front.

Season owl cold thin lips light hook once, looking at the surrounding environment, imagine that warm as jade friend, now goodbye, is another time.

Through the beautiful landscape garden, he finally stepped on the corridor leading to the pavilion alone.

When he almost came to the door, the curtain was lifted by a pair of men's hands, with a beautiful and picturesque face and a gentle smile, he looked at him: "you can't be surprised to find such a simple place."

"If I don't know you, I'm sure you're too poetic, but fortunately, I knew you were a quiet person before." Season owl cold light smile, directly into the pavilion, bright light, a casual vice president, smiling.

Ling Mo Feng is looking at Ji Xiaohan. Of course, Ji Xiaohan also wants to get to know his friends who will not be seen in the evening. Time and years have honed the faces and temperament of the two people. It is more mature and stable, full of male self-confidence and charm.

"Haven't seen enough of me on TV?" Ling Sunglasses hook lips laugh.

"On TV you pretend to be so deep that you can't see yourself." Ji Xiaohan does him no harm. "

I can't help it. It's terrible if I don't pretend to be deep and let others see through my thoughts and thoughts." Ling Mo Feng said while taking the cup, poured out a cup of tea he had made, and handed it to Ji Xiao Han: "you have not changed, or you have a high spirited face." "

who said that? I've changed so much that I can't even recognize myself. In those days, I hated the old fox in the shopping mall, but now I've forced myself to look like that step by step. " The season owl sneers at himself.

"We're all the same. When my father was president, I didn't like him. I also opposed him every day. Now, I want to be him." Ling Mo Feng is also making fun of himself. "

when we are young, we always think that our vision is the best. We don't know how much we want to despise anyone, including those who are strong. When we enter the society, we find that we want to be strong. We have no enemies, we can protect our important people, and we can decide anything at will. We all go towards the same goal." Season owl cold took the cup of tea and drank it with a smile.

Ling Mo Feng nods and agrees. "

I didn't show up when you got married last time. Don't you blame me?" Ling Mo Feng asked with a smile.

"You didn't show up, but I accepted your heavy gifts. I don't care about the heavy gifts you give. It's a big deal. When you get married, I won't go either!" Ji Xiaohan joked. "

get married? I never thought, to be honest, I'm also very strange, how did you get married? It seems that you have a pair of beautiful twins. I don't know if I should envy or envy you. " Although Ling doesn't often communicate with Ji Xiaohan, he will pay attention to any gossip about him.

"Whatever, you will get married and have children. This is something that every man will experience. I'm just a step ahead of you." When it comes to his wife and children, Ji Xiao's eyes and eyebrows are tender. "

I don't think about getting married and having children now. I just want to take my father's place and give him an account. Before he left, he held my hand and asked me to promise." Ling Mo Feng smiled bitterly and shook his head. He had no interest in getting married and having children.

"A year ago, my idea was the same as yours. I felt that it was more difficult to get married and have children. But now, I have changed this idea. You may not know that when you come home tired after a day's work, someone cares about you and two children come to haunt you. That sense of satisfaction can dispel the tiredness of the day." As a father, Ji Xiaohan has more and more experience when he talks about these feelings. "

maybe, when I become famous, like you, I will try to build a family, have a son and a daughter, take my family out to play and relax in my spare time. Isn't this kind of day that everyone yearns for? But not everyone is lucky to have it. " Ling Mo Feng lowered his head and his eyes were dull for a moment.

Ji Xiaohan knew that he must be thinking about his dead father again, so he had to change his topic and work. Ling

Mo Feng is now vice president. His family has been in politics for generations. His father was a former president. He was supposed to succeed to him. Unfortunately, before he succeeded, a great event happened, which led to the failure of succession. Ling lost his position as president and became a vice president. But

Yes, Ling Mo Feng's family has been unwilling to recommend him to take back the position of president. Therefore, a political war of pulling the throne started, and the major parties acted carefully and secretly. Ma

last time was the election of a new president. Ling Mo Feng has the glory of his father. This election has a strong momentum, which has posed a huge threat to the current party. Now it's peaceful on the surface, but the surging wave in the dark has extended to all parts of the country. We all hope that who can win.

Ji Xiaohan is now the strongest supporter behind Ling Mo Feng. His wealth and the influence of the Ling family are enough to reshuffle the whole country's politics and economy.

Two people from politics to economy, eat while chatting, in an instant, it is already more than 10 p.m. Meaning

is not enough, we can only say goodbye temporarily.

"In the future, I will have the opportunity to introduce you to your wife and your two children." Ling Mo Feng said sincerely.

"Well, after your election, there will be many opportunities for us to meet. Then, I may introduce a girlfriend to you!" Ji Xiaohan joked.

"Well, all the women you know must be excellent. I'm looking forward to that!" Ling Mo Feng also nodded and smiled humorously, which should be good directly. "

your eyes are so high, I'm afraid it's hard for a woman to enter your eyes!" Season owl cold smile damage way. "

about my girlfriend, let's talk about it later. My mother may let me marry a woman politically. I'm thinking about it!" Ling Mo Feng's face is helpless.