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C773 the bad man is afraid

Ji yunning returns from failure and hides in the room. She is in a very gloomy mood. She looks at the bright and moving self in the mirror. As for her appearance, she is not defeated by Tang youyou at all. But why does it seem that Ji Xiaohan dislikes her even if she looks at her more?

It's so sweet!

Ji Lin knocks on the door. Ji yunning thinks it's the servant who urges her to go downstairs for dinner. She says in a very bad voice: "let's not bother me. I don't want to eat anything. Go away!"

"It's me!"

Ji yunning is startled. He quickly steps past and opens the door. Ji Lin frowns at her. "How can another person secretly hide and sulk?"

"Daddy, he hates me!" Ji yunning's face was full of sadness.

Ji Lin snorted: "I've long guessed that Ji Xiaohan is not a man of fancy. He is very devoted. This is just a fight with his father."

"You mean uncle?" Ji yunning is not impressed by Ji Xiaohan's father, and Ji Lin never mentioned anything about him to her, so at the moment, he is surprised. Ji Lin sneered: "yes, his father loved a woman very much. Unfortunately, he was not so lucky as his son. He was arranged a business marriage and was forced to marry Ji Xiaohan's mother. My elder brother is good, but a failed marriage resulted in his tragedy."

Ji yunning listened, frowned, and asked curiously, "Daddy, is uncle really killed in a car accident? It's a pity to die so young! "

"What a pity?" Ji Lin suddenly turned around and glanced coldly in her face: "if he doesn't die, which round can I take over the company?"

After listening to this sentence, Ji yunning was shocked and looked at Ji Lin with cold anger. "Daddy, I I don't mean anything else. I just think he's not allowed to enter the company. He must have done too much, so I'll punish him! " Ji yunning immediately changed her mind. Under Ji Lin's education, she has become a very smooth woman. When she sees people talking and ghosts talking, she can use it freely.

"You have to go through your head to talk later, you know?" Ji Lin immediately stares at her sternly.

Ji yunning nodded quickly to admit his mistake: "Daddy, I just talked a lot. Don't be angry. I'm sure I won't dare speak in disorder to make you angry later."

Ji Lin likes Ji yunning's gentle and docile director, and he just eases his face: "OK, go downstairs to eat, don't be hungry!"

"Daddy, I can't eat it!" Ji yunning is full of Qi now. There is no taste.

"It's a dead end!" Ji Lin scolds: "a man will make you depressed. How can you do great things with Daddy later?"

Ji yunning was shaking all over again. He did not dare to go on a hunger strike any more, so he had to follow him downstairs.

The next morning, Ji Xiaohan called Ji Lin in person and invited him to lunch. Ji Lin happily agreed.

It has been five years since the two met again. One is living in prison, the other is in power. They meet again with a smile on their face and a knife in their eyes, but they are related by blood.

No matter when I see Ji Xiaohan again, Ji Lin has a sense of fear in his heart.

This feeling is not because Ji Xiaohan's words give him threats and crises, but because of the king's domineering momentum emanating from him, which makes people instinctively feel that they are inferior and feel that they are making trouble. This feeling is very bad, and Ji Lin is not comfortable. Ji yunning, of course, is the one who accompanies her. Her dress today still has a bit of professional atmosphere. Her long hair hangs over her shoulders, and her plain face is slightly rouge. Compared with the former one who likes to wear heavy makeup, she has more young and youthful atmosphere. She didn't attract the attention of Ji Xiaohan. However, she came along this way and attracted many men's eyes.

Ji Xiaohan's position also shows his wealth. In the seven-star luxury box, he ordered a table of rich delicacies. After careful calculation, this meal is no less than a million!

Such noble treatment makes Ji Lin feel uncomfortable, and has a feeling of bending in front of others.

"Uncle, please take a seat!" The season owl is cold and polite, and his words are all polite.

This kind of accomplishment and bearing, once again invisible hit Ji Lin, because he has never had this kind of bearing, so, when see others to send out, he will have a sense of shame.

"Xiao Han, I haven't seen you for several years. You're more mature and charming. No wonder I'm like a flower maniac." Ji Lin immediately laughs.

Ji yunning's beautiful eyes lifted. When looking at Ji Xiaohan's deep eyes, he bowed his head shyly and blushed.

I don't know why, in front of other men, Ji yunning still has a queen's breath, but in front of Ji Xiaohan, she looks like a little woman, even his eyes dare not look at each other.

"Oh, my uncle is really joking. I always take care of yunning as a brother and sister!" Ji Xiaohan wants to be talked about by others, so no matter where he is, he has a good command of words.

Hearing the words "brother and sister", Ji yunning's face seemed to be slapped by others, red and white.

Does Ji Xiaohan really only care for her brother and sister?

No, it must be more than brother sister relationship. Ji yunning believes that when he was young, Ji Xiaohan was absolutely obsessed with himself as a lover. She is very sure.

Ji Lin nodded with a smile and said, "you are brothers and sisters. Although yunning is my adopted daughter, you are not related by blood, but you can't be confused!"

Ji Xiaohan sneers at the bottom of his heart. Since his seniority can't be disordered, why did he give him medicine in that year? He wanted to let everyone know in front of the media. He was like a beast, and even his sister couldn't let it go?

This move is really insidious.

Ji yunning didn't expect that Ji Lin had been talking about her relationship with Ji Xiaohan all the time. Her face was pale and her hands were tightly held under the table. She was very sad.

"It's true that you can't be disordered. Just like my uncle to my father, I've always heard my father say that your brother's feelings have always been good!" Ji Xiaohan naturally leads the topic to Ji Lin and Ji Nan.

Ji Lin's face froze for a moment. Although he was still smiling, his smile was a little broken.

"When it comes to my eldest brother, I feel very sad. He has always been very kind to me, but I haven't even met him on the last day." Ji Lin immediately looked sad and filled with emotion. "After my father was sent to the hospital, he woke up for half an hour and said a lot to me!" Season owl cold suddenly opened again, this sentence, the moment attracted season Lin whole body a creepy, blood coagulation.