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C1408 come back to comfort her

There are six black cars in the team. The wind blows behind lanyanxi's car and stops.

When Yang he saw these cars, his eyes flashed a touch of nervousness and fear, but LAN Yanxi smiled in his heart. It was nice that Ling Mo Feng had come.

Yang He's hands and feet are cold, and her feet don't listen. Although she wants to run to the car and move the car out of the way, she feels that she can't move any more. Her eyes can only stare at the handsome man walking down from the middle car.

Ling saw LAN Yanxi's car parked on the side of the road from afar, and a white car blocked the way. He was afraid that she would encounter danger, so he ordered people to speed up the car.

But when he saw Yang He, his face suddenly sank. Why did this woman appear here?

"Mr. vice president!" Yang He walked quickly to Ling Mo Feng at the first time. Like a child who made a mistake, he restrained the bullying side of her just now. The whole person was frightened and trembled. His shoulders were shrunk together, and tears came out of his eyes.

LAN Yanxi looks at Yang He to approach Ling Mo Feng actively, and she is surprised to find her body free.

God, who is Ling Mo Feng's fiancee?

She really wants to push Yang He away, and directly rush into the man's arms for comfort.

However, she can't. Yang He is an outsider. She can't show her love to Ling Mo Feng in front of the outsider. Therefore, she can only bear it.

Ling Mo Feng was already very angry. Even though Yang he was pitiful, he still asked her in a cold voice, "what are you doing in the way? Drive the car away! "

"Mr. vice president, i..."

Chu lie has sternly reprimanded: "which department of the general office do you work for? Do you know that you have obstructed the public lane? This is an illegal act. Move the car quickly."

"Yes, Mr. vice president, I didn't mean to. I I'll go now! " Yang He is in front of Ling Mo Feng, where there is a half point momentum to speak of, she can't frighten herself any more, and can't speak out what she cares about. Because she has no position, she can only turn pale and drive to one side.

LAN Yanxi saw that Yang He's scared to death. She deliberately picked her eyebrows and made a face. Then she jumped into her sports car and left in the wind. The direction was Ling Mo Feng's vice presidential palace.

Ling Mo Feng looked at the woman who disappeared without even talking to him. He was slightly shocked, and then turned back to the car.

Yang He looks at Ling Mo Feng's motorcade and drives in that direction. He has five tastes in his heart, which is very unpleasant.

She knows her behavior today is crazy, but she doesn't regret it. If Ling Mo Feng knew how much she loved him and cared about him, he would be moved if she thought about him everywhere.

LAN Yanxi parked in the garage and waited directly at the gate. In a moment, Ling Mo Feng's car drove over. The man quickly pushed the door and got off the car. Seeing the girl leaning against the pillar, his handsome face suddenly softened.

"Yan Xi, she's embarrassed you?" Ling Mo Feng walked towards her and asked in a low voice.

LAN Yan looked at him angrily, turned around and went back to the living room, ignoring him.

When the man saw that she was angry, he seemed to be very angry. His heart was stiff and his long legs followed him quickly.

"Yan Xi, what did she tell you?" Ling Mo Feng is eager to know.

LAN Yanxi put her hands around her chest and snorted, "she scolded me for being shameless. She came to the door without marriage. Ling Mo Feng, did she scold me?"

"Of course not!" Ling Mo Feng listens, handsome face is angry black, fretful way: "why does she scold you so!"

"Of course because you don't like me? Yang He has gone mad. She began to attack me because she liked you. " LAN Yanxi is not angry. She just thinks it's funny.

"It's my fault. I didn't refuse her directly at the beginning, and let her have hope. Yan Xi, it's my fault. How can you calm down?" The man handsome face is anxious self reproach, the thought that she was scolded so bad, he is very guilty, in this matter, want her to bear so many unfair, he is very distressed.

"How can I blame you? It can only be said that Yang He takes himself too seriously. " LAN Yan hoped to see that he was so remorseful and inexplicable. He walked over and took the initiative to hold him. "I didn't mean to blame you."

The man lowered his eyes, gently coagulated her, looked at her understanding appearance, couldn't help reaching for her back brain, let her face more close to his chest, her breath hot spray in his shirt, as hot as his body temperature.

"Yan Xi, there are three months left. After three months, you will not be scolded like this again. I will let everyone know that I have always loved you." Ling Mo Feng is going crazy at the moment. He really wants to let everyone know his love for her.

"Well, I know you love me, happy life, are low-key, show love die fast, this wise saying, or to fear, we do not show to others." LAN Yanxi's mood immediately recovered. No one can shake her inner warmth and happiness.

Ling Mo Feng stretched out his hand, hugged her, and murmured, "I can't find an excuse to help you out today. Do you know how boring I am?"

"You really came to help me. I thought you had something to talk to me about?" LAN Yanxi asked with a funny smile.

"I'm afraid that Wang Xinyi will embarrass you. If I go to see you, she will surely think about our relationship, and won't dare to scold you again." Ling Mo Feng is amused by his childish ideas.

"She didn't scold me, but she wanted to help us. Wang Xinyi is not so callous as you investigated. On the contrary, she is actually a very kind person." LAN Yanxi explained softly.

"Is it? Then the information I investigated is not accurate. " Ling Mo Feng was slightly surprised.

"The news of the investigation is certainly not accurate. Many of them are from other people's mouths, but the real appearance of her is only known after contact." LAN Yanxi nodded seriously.

"Well, that's right. A lot of things can't be decided on the surface. It's also right to learn!" Ling Mo Feng chuckles and agrees.

"Why did you come back so early?" LAN Yanxi wanted to ask him.

"I thought you must be in a bad mood today, so I came to see you." Ling Mo Feng hugged her and didn't want to let go. Her thin lips kissed her hair gently, attracted by the natural fragrance of her body.

"Do you want to comfort me?" Blue Yan Xi also slightly closed his eyes, like to be treated so gently by him, a heart beating up and down, even the words are not serious.

"How do you want to be comforted by me?" A man's heart suddenly throb, all hate to hold her directly upstairs, this woman's words, too full of suggestive.

"Whatever? You decide! " Lanyanxi laughed directly, because she felt the man's body stiff for a while, and then it was straight and taut.

"If I decide, you will regret it!" Ling immediately pretended to be a dangerous threat to her.

"No, I've been preparing for it." LAN Yanxi answers him with a smile.

The man has nothing to say for a moment. Well, in discussing this matter, he seems to have never won her.

"I've bought you a present for dinner. Can I cook it myself?" Ling Mo Feng quickly shifts the topic. If we go on, I'm afraid that the end will be cleared up.

"Really?" Blue words and beautiful eyes brighten in an instant.

At this time, a piece of light cough came from the door: "Sir, you Your dish seems to have been forgotten! "

Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yan Xi turn around at the same time and see Chu lie standing at the door with an embarrassed face, carrying a large bag of things in his hand, and there are dinner ingredients brought back by Ling Mo Feng.

"Well, go back to rest!" Ling Mo Feng hurriedly went to carry it, reached for Chu lie's shoulder, and thanked him.

After Chu lie turned and left, LAN Yanxi's laughter began to ring: "it turns out that Mr. vice president brought his own vegetables back. What a virtuous family cook!"

"Yan Xi, can't you say less about me?" Ling Mo Feng blushed with embarrassment.