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She looked down at her glass. She had even drained the last drop of water. It was strange. Was she that hungry?

Tang You You couldn't help but lick her lower lip. She didn't expect that the small action she did without any consciousness had already fallen into the deep eyes of a man.

Tang You You suddenly felt that the air that was still in good condition a moment ago became stuffy, the oxygen in her heart was not enough, and her body started to feel hot.

His words, were always carrying a bit of bewildering malice. Only now did Tang You You think back to how his previous predicament had completely surfaced. In his opinion, he must have turned into a complete joke.

"I don't need you to take responsibility!" Seeing that he was actually making fun of her, Tang You You was instantly embarrassed and annoyed. He placed the cup on the table, stood up and was about to leave.

However, she didn't expect that the man's large palm would directly grab her slender wrist. With just a slight force, she fell into his embrace.

His firm chest caused her delicate body to shudder violently. She raised her eyes once again, anger already flashing within her beautiful big eyes.

"Ji Xiao Han, what are you doing now?" Tang You You was instantly nervous to the point that his palms were sweating, as his beautiful eyes stared at him accusingly.

"Just give it a hug!" The man's voice was low and hoarse. His long arm had already been pulled back and rested on her slender waist.

"No way!" Tang You You said that she could not, but from her voice, there was a hint of flirtatiousness, like a woman trying to act coquettish.

Ji Xiao Han had already become exceptionally sensitive towards her words and actions. Seeing that she wasn't really angry and was only protesting, he knew that he could still hug her for a while.

"Wandering, when are you going to reject me? You're my real girlfriend right now, aren't you even going to give me a hug? Then isn't my boyfriend too wronged? " Ji Xiao Han's low and magnetic voice, carried a trace of a bewitching smile, quietly and hoarsely landed beside her ear.

The hot feeling of his vomiting made Tang You You's earlobes go numb. Instinctively, she hid herself deep in his embrace.

"Ji Xiao Han, we agreed to do superficial work, what are you doing now? An inch forward? " Tang You You said unhappily while he was in his arms.

"If this is called taking an inch, then what about this?" Ji Xiao Han decided to not do anything at all. Since he had longed for her lips for so long, if he could not obtain them, wouldn't that be treating him too unfairly?

Ji Xiao Han would never let himself suffer a loss.

Therefore, he lowered his face slightly and stretched out a big hand to press against her chin. He easily lifted her face up and kissed her lips without any forewarning.

Tang You You's mind rumbled, and instantly went blank.

He didn't know if it was because his head was severely injured, but why did he feel like he was kissing her? Was he that dizzy?

He felt as if his legs had become powerless, as if they were about to collapse at any moment.

"Don't... "It's like this!" Tang You You was still not used to a man's overbearing and domineering aura, and her entire person felt a sense of helplessness and unease.

A strange, unfamiliar feeling burst forth from her body, making her feel uneasy. She instinctively wanted to push him away.

Unfortunately, the man had one arm around her waist and the other around her chin.

However, his thin lips were gentler than ever before.

It was no longer as violent as a torrential storm. This made Tang You You unconscious, and he managed to take advantage of it for two minutes.

"Don't worry, just kiss him. He won't do anything else." The man was finally satisfied. He let go of her, his voice hoarse.

Although Ji Xiao Han said that he would not do anything excessive to her, but his body had given her the most honest response.

Just then, the two of them were pressed tightly against each other. Tang You You could feel it very clearly, and her small face blushed even more.

She grabbed her bag and ran out the door.

Ji Xiao Han was in a slightly sorry state as he turned back to the office desk, both of his hands on top of the desk, as he used this chance to calm his chaotic emotions.

Unfortunately, the feeling that woman gave him was too beautiful. It actually gave him a feeling of longing and reluctance.

Hopefully this will be a good start.

It's always like this in the future. Don't be rejected by her again.

Looking at her blushing face as she escaped, Ji Xiao Han's lips curled up. No matter what, when he kissed her earlier, she did not reject him too strongly, proving that he had already applied for this benefit.

Tang You You ran out of the CEO's office. Only then did she realise that outside of the assistant's office, there were a few women sitting. All of them were looking at her strangely and surprisingly.

Only now did Tang You You realize that he had lost control of himself and forced himself to slow down.

Under the envious gaze of the assistant, they walked towards the elevator.

"Miss Tang, please wait!" Standing at the elevator door, he suddenly heard Lu Qing's urgent voice.

Tang You You turned his head to look and saw Lu Qing smiling as he said, "Quarterly wants me to send you back!"

"Thank you!" Tang You You said gratefully and lowered his head.