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C674 fear of jealousy

The soft voice of the woman makes Luo Jin's eyes slightly dull. The next second, the girl who is lying is sitting up. A young face is very close to him. He can feel her sweet and greasy breath and sprinkle it on his face.

Yang ChuChu slightly closed his big bright eyes and waited for something.

"It's very clear. Let's go out and have a look. The small town here is also very beautiful. By the way, we can buy something!" Just as Yang ChuChu was expecting his thin lips to kiss gently, her ears rang with the gentle voice of men.

Close the beautiful eyes, suddenly open, Yang ChuChu beautiful face, immediately had a small mood.

"Luo Jinyu, are you playing with me?" Yang ChuChu didn't like him to cross the subject at all.

I don't know. She just summoned up her courage to do so.

Luo Jinyu laughed loudly: "delicate, girl, learn to be reserved!"

When Yang ChuChu heard that he even taught her this way, she was even more unhappy.

"I'll go out in a minute. I'm going to go shopping crazily. I'm going to burst your card!" Yang ChuChu deliberately clenched his teeth to frighten him.

"Good!" Men dote on nodding, no different.

Yang ChuChu found that this could not threaten him at all, so she blinked her eyes: "tonight, I will climb your bed to sleep!"

Someone's handsome face froze in an instant.

Seeing that he couldn't laugh at all, Yang ChuChu was not happy. He nodded his head with a serious expression: "well, it seems that this is what you are most afraid of!"

"Stop messing around, let's go!" Luo Jinyu is really afraid of her enthusiasm, because last night, he didn't sleep well because of this.

Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu travel, followed by his four tall bodyguards.

In order to facilitate their stroll, the bodyguards followed them back and forth, keeping a distance. However, their eyes did not leave the owner's side.

One of the bodyguards helped push Luo Jinyu's wheelchair, and Yang ChuChu walked beside him in a casual way.

Yang ChuChu also threatened to blow up his card just now, but she found that the things in this town don't cost a lot of money.

"There's a cafe here. Let's go in and have a seat!" What Yang ChuChu enjoys more is the sunshine and free feeling here.

The small town residents here are all lazy, slow-paced and very suitable for leisure.

Two people entered the coffee shop and sat down near the window. On the windowsill next to them, there were several pots of very beautiful flowers, surrounded by butterflies. This feeling made people feel very beautiful.

Yang ChuChu sat down, two small hands on his chin, blinking a pair of innocent clear eyes, smiling at someone.

Luo Jin's beard is clean, with a handsome and fresh face, which is less dull and cold in China.

On his body, he didn't wear a rigorous and orthodox suit, instead, he wore a beige turtleneck and a pair of casual pants. The weather here is not too cold. This kind of dress is just right.

"What are you looking at me for?" Luo Jinyu, who has always been calm, blushed when she saw him. He quickly took a big palm and blocked it on his handsome face to avoid the warm eyes.

"Don't be so stingy, just let me look at you more. I like to look at you!" Yang ChuChu sees him to dodge, some small discontented toot to shout small mouth.

Luo Jinyu had to move his big palm away. His dark eyes also stared at her directly.

The two people looked at each other from their eyes. Suddenly, Yang ChuChu Chuchi chuckled, and then moved his face away: "OK, I lost!"

Luo Jinyu can't remember how long he hasn't felt this kind of young breath. After careful consideration, he seems not to be old, only 28 years old. But why does he sometimes feel like he is 40 or 50 years old?

When dealing with those old stubborn people in the company, he will deliberately disguise himself as more mature, calm, rational, and not allow himself to relax for a moment. As time goes by, under this young appearance, he will prematurely let his mind grow old.

Until now, Luo Jinyu found that youth is the best, can be unrestrained, all return to the most real state.

"Look, there are some beauties over there!" Just when Luo Jinyu felt this, Yang ChuChu suddenly reached out of the window and pointed excitedly.

Luo Jinyu was deceived by her excited tone and looked out of the window. As expected, she saw three young girls coming.

"You really see it!" Yang ChuChu shouted. When the three girls passed by the window, they found Luo Jinyu's eyes. One of the beautiful girls blinked at Luo Jinyu immediately. It was full of electricity.

Luo Jinyu didn't respond, but he looked at her innocently after hearing the complaint from the little thing opposite: "you let me see it?"

"I want you to see it, but you should choose not to see it!" Yang ChuChu began to play with her eldest daughter.

Luo Jinyu really has no way to take this little woman. She's a little dizzy.

"Well, I won't watch it next time. Don't say it next time! OK? " Luo Jinyu really feels wronged. In fact, even if he saw it and felt the girl winking at him, he was not moved at all.

"No, I have to see a handsome man. That's fair." When Yang ChuChu lost his temper, he was very childish.

Luo Jinyu was speechless for a moment, so he nodded: "OK, I'll find it for you and see if there is a handsome man!"

Just at the time of two sullen lives, suddenly, a handsome young man came with two cups of coffee.

In very pure English, he said to them, "Sir, miss, this is your coffee!"

Only then did they receive their eyes. Yang ChuChu raised his beautiful eyes and found a charming little foreign handsome man standing beside them.

"Miss, this rose is for you. I hope you have a good afternoon!" The handsome boy also magically changed a red rose from behind him and put it in front of Yang ChuChu.

Yang ChuChu's big eyes widened in amazement.

The face of someone sitting opposite her suddenly fell into depression.

"I'm sorry, you'd better give this rose to other girls. My boyfriend is here!" Yang ChuChu didn't go to see someone's face changed. She just smiled politely and said to the handsome boy.

The handsome boy nodded and smiled at once: "OK, don't disturb you to enjoy!"

Luo Jinyu heard Yang ChuChu's words, and his face improved.

"Don't you want to see a handsome man? Why do you refuse to receive roses? " Luo Jinyu asked deliberately. Yang ChuChu's little mouth turned, and her beautiful eyes moved with a smile: "I'm afraid you are jealous."