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The old lady stared at the two grandchildren, her voice sank and asked, "did you hide something from me?" Now, Ji Xiaohan knows that he has to tell the truth. He thinks for a few seconds and nods: "yes, I have something to hide from you. Please don't be angry."

"Tell me the truth!" The old lady glared at him.

"Brother, let me talk!" On one side of the silent season Yueze, suddenly speak. Season

Xiao Han nodded: "OK, come on!" Ji said: "Mom, did you suspect that Bai Yiyan and Bai Zhen really have something to do with each other?" LAN

Yue's face stiffened. Looking at her little son, he did not expect that he had guessed her mind. "

you guessed right, Bai Yiyan is Bai Zhenzhen's daughter, but she just knew her real identity!" Ji Yueze saw that the faces of his grandma and mother were all changed greatly, and his heart also thumped a little, and his heart sank continuously.

The old lady snorted angrily, because she already knew this matter, so she was not so surprised, but LAN Yue's face was pale. She could not believe that she opened her eyes wide, and her voice trembled: "how could this happen? How could she be a real daughter? "

"At first, she called Bai Zhen's aunt, and I always thought she was Bai Zhen's younger sister's daughter, but Bai Zhen has already confirmed that she is her daughter."

LAN Yue's mood is complicated and her expression is stiff. The old lady cut in and said, "so, what are you going to do?"

Ji Yueze's expression was also dull. He bit his lip and asked in a low voice, "grandma, you know everything, don't you?" "

Bai Zhenzhen is a vicious woman. She was drugged until your father died of a nervous accident. Do you think I can forgive her? I don't want her to pay for her life! " The old lady was so angry that she shivered. Season

Yue Zejun's face turns pale.

LAN Yue's expression also solidified for a moment. She trembled and said, "Mom, what do you say? Is Bai Zhen really killing Ji Nan The old lady gnawed her teeth and said, "who else can there be? Ji Lin himself told me that she had confessed all the crimes to the police, even though she had some conscience! " Yueyue's face was even paler. She was a little unstable and had a feeling of fainting at any time.

Why does fate play such a trick on her and her son? Her little son finds a girlfriend and turns out to be the daughter of his enemy. This plot is bloody.

"Xiaoze, grandma asked you to break up with Bai Yiyan immediately, and don't have any contact with her in the future. And Bai Zhenzhen, you should go to negotiate with the police station, and make sure that she will pay for it with her life!" The old lady has made a decision now. She will never allow her grandson to marry an enemy's daughter as a treasure. Otherwise, even if she dies, she will not close her eyes.

Ji Yueze's handsome face is inch White, and his big hand is tight and loose, which makes him confused for a while. "Grandma, mom, I know you can't accept the fact that the evidence we hold at present is really suspected of murder, but she is not the real murderer. We need to investigate again. Please give us a little more time to prove it!"

"Xiaohan, what are you doing to protect that vicious woman? If she destroys your parents' marriage, she should die for her sins. No one of you is allowed to plead for her. " The old lady said firmly.

Of course, it's because of the evidence that Ji Xiaohan dare to say so. But now I find that grandma is so angry that she doesn't listen at all.

LAN Yue said sadly, "why? How can this happen? What can I do? " Yueyue is worried about his little son. He feels that he is not easy to have a woman he likes, but he has to break up, which is really a sad thing.

"Grandma, don't worry. I'll separate from her. Don't be angry. Take care of yourself!" At this point, it's not a matter of asking for help. Season

Xiao Hanjun looks at his brother with a little surprise. Ji had a look at him, but he was helpless.

When the old lady saw that he had agreed to his request, her face relaxed a little: "don't lie to me again when you say what you want to do. Think about your father's tragic death, and you will know what her mother has done." "

I will!" Ji Yueze nods.

LAN Yue looks at her little son painfully. He seems to easily agree to this request. He knows how struggling he is. "

in addition, you should ask the police to sentence Bai Zhenzhen as soon as possible. It's better to die. It's just a disaster for such a vicious woman to stay in the world. Don't give her another chance to hurt people!" The old lady asked coldly. "

grandma, you can rest assured that if she is really guilty, we will not tolerate her!" Ji Xiaohan nods and agrees. From kaijijia manor, the brothers are still in the same car.

Ji Xiaohan looks at his younger brother's face. He sighs: "you can think of a way to delay. It doesn't have to break up!" "

do you think grandma, such a smart person, can easily cheat her?" Ji Yueze laughed bitterly. "

have a good talk with Bai Yiyan. I'm sure she can understand your hard loyalty. As long as you stick to each other, your feelings will still be strong." Season owl cold comfort way.

Ji Yueze was frustrated and said: "I have no bottom in my heart now. It's speechless when I meet this kind of thing!"

"Yes, but maybe it's a test from heaven!" Ji Xiaohan understands his brother's helplessness and distress.

"It's a life-threatening test!" When Ji Yueze thought of breaking up with Bai Yiyan, he felt the same pain of cutting flesh.

Ji Xiaohan chuckled: "I always thought you were just greedy for her. Unexpectedly, it's more important than your life." "

brother, how did you and Tang youyou stick to it?" Ji Yueze is really going to discuss experience with big brother.

"In fact, a large part of the reason why we can go to this day is that we rely on the support of two little guys!" Ji Xiaohan thought of the credit of the two little guys, and his thin lips raised a smile. "You mean, let Bai Yiyan get pregnant quickly?"

"Do you think this method is feasible?" Ji Xiaohan is not against him.

"I don't know!" Ji Yueze's mind is blank. At the moment, he can't think of any way to solve it. "

children are the best way for the elderly to be soft hearted!" Ji Xiaohan feels that children are the best medicine to maintain a family relationship. "

I'm afraid grandma will be more angry!" Ji Yueze laughed bitterly. "

when grandma is angry for a while, all she thinks about is the importance of children. Would you like to try it? There's really no other way to save your relationship than this! " Ji Xiaohan still tries to persuade his brother.