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C1370 underestimates her

When lanyanxi came to the door of the room, her sense returned instantly. Her face changed. If Cheng Yuan came back, she would swipe her card directly into the room instead of knocking.

All this is too coincidental, LAN Yanxi decided not to open the door, only pretended to be impatient and asked loudly, "who is it?"

"Yanxi, it's me!" Qiao Zhuo is outside the door. His voice suddenly becomes tender and full of guilt: "I came to apologize to you. I had a bad attitude before and didn't take your feelings into account!"

"JOJO?" LAN Yanxi was surprised. She thought that Qiao Zhuo regarded her as an enemy all her life. Unexpectedly, he would come to apologize to her and admit his mistake. Oh, what kind of trick does this man want to play?

"Yan Xi, I just saw that you left the restaurant without eating anything and brought you some delicious food. Please accept my apology. I'm really a jerk. I don't have a man's bearing. I've realized my mistake and hope we can still be friends." JOJO's attitude sounds very sincere, and it makes people feel that he has repented.

If it's not because Cheng Yuan can't be contacted and she's worried, lanyanxi really believes in his story. But now, lanyanxi is as clear-minded as if she were a female agent. Anyone who says something, she has to doubt it repeatedly, which is the way for smart people to protect themselves.

"Oh, even if you are a friend, it's hard for you to realize your own shortcomings. I hope you'll meet other women next time and be as graceful as a man!" LAN Yanxi, with his hands around his chest, did not use a very cold tone to attack and laugh at him, but a indifferent tone of indifference.

"Yan Xi, can you open the door? I'll take the food to you, don't be hungry! " In jodrow's words, there is a trace of joy in caring for her and being forgiven.

"No, I have a lot of delicious food in my room. I'm in love with instant noodles recently. I've already made them. Go to the lunch break. I have to have classes in the afternoon." Lanyanxi was very clever not to open the door, but to send him away in an indifferent tone.

Qiao Zhuo's face suddenly turned ugly and gloomy. He didn't expect LAN Yanxi to ignore his concern for her. It seems that he didn't even do it with his friends. Hum, I didn't expect that this woman was so hypocritical. He did one thing in her mouth and another.

"Yan Xi, have you not forgiven me yet? Am I that annoying? I can't even see you! " Qiao Zhuo self mocked self pity, a look of being hit.

"No, I just came back to take a bath. Now I'm wearing pajamas. It's inconvenient for me to open the door. Hurry up." LAN Yanxi is still a casual tone, which makes people unable to guess what she thinks.

Qiao Zhuo's teeth are all broken. LAN Yanxi doesn't open the door. He can't deliver food. So, his plan at noon will fail. However, the news of Cheng Yuan's death doesn't know whether LAN Yanxi will know in advance. If so, his plan will be completely invalid. LAN Yanxi, on the other side of the door, also held her breath. She really didn't want to tear her face with Joe Zhuo if she continued to make excuses to care about her and let her open the door. There was no Cheng Yuan around her to protect her. She had to be strong and independent. Even if Qiao Zhuo meant it, she could only refuse it.

What's more, she suspected that JOJO had an ulterior motive.

When Cheng Yuan's mobile phone lost contact, Qiao Zhuo took the opportunity to apologize and make up with her. Is that also a coincidence?

LAN Yanxi is not stupid. She is in a bad situation. Anyone can hurt her. If she doesn't have any security, she will not go out of this door.

"Well, then you can have a rest. Don't bother!" Jodrow could only hold back the resentment and turned away.

When he turned a corner, he threw the things he bought into the garbage can. He underestimated lanyanxi too much. In ordinary times, he saw her as stupid and cute, and her temperament was simple. Unexpectedly, at the critical moment, she was smart.

However, without Cheng Yuan's protection, how can she be smart?

Shortly after Qiao Zhuo left, LAN Yanxi breathed a sigh of relief. Just at this time, the mobile phone of the adjutant Chu called in, and she hurriedly answered.

"Adjutant Chu, have you found Cheng Yuan's position?" Lanyanxi asked anxiously.

"No, the tracker in her mobile phone doesn't reflect. I can't find her device!" The tone of Chu's adjutant was more tense and worried.

"What? How could this happen? Under what circumstances will the tracker fail? " LAN Yanxi asked suddenly.

"Smashed or submerged!" Adjutant Chu replied calmly.

"Then Is Cheng Yuan in danger? Shall I go out and look for her? " LAN Yanxi is in a panic now.

Just then, a low voice came from the other end of the phone: "Yanxi, where are you now?" It's Ling Mo Feng. Listen to his voice. He is very worried about her.

"I'm in the hotel!" LAN Yanxi heard his voice, inexplicably reassured, and answered softly. "Lock the door and don't open it. Don't worry about Cheng Yuan's business. I'll send someone out to find her. Don't run around. Remember?" Ling Mo Feng's voice was calm, and he admonished her word by word, as if for fear that she would not obey. At last, he added, "promise me not to run around!" LAN Yanxi listened to his deep voice line and his brain was buzzing. After a while, he asked in a stiff voice, "is our relationship exposed? Have I become their target? "

"Possible!" Ling Mo Feng's voice was a little bit more anxious and calm. The vice president lost his footing in the office and suddenly became nervous. However, he comforted the little woman by phone as much as possible: "Yan Xi, don't speculate. This may also be a trap set by the opposite side. We can't mess up if someone tries to test our relationship Come to see you. You'll find a way to deal with it first. I'll send someone to protect you! "

"Oh, by the way, JOJO came to me just now. Last time I had a big fight with him, he came to me to apologize and said that he bought lunch for me. I didn't open the door for him. He was sent away!" LAN Yanxi quickly mentioned what happened to Ling Mo Feng. She lost her judgment ability, but Ling Mo Feng will definitely give her a good suggestion.

"This jodrow must have a ghost in his heart. However, you should not contact him any more. If he comes to you again, you should never see him, stay in the room and wait for the person I sent to pass." Lingmo Fengjun's face is livid. At the thought of other men flattering lanyanxi, his jealousy will naturally rise. I wish I could tear that bastard up.

"Don't worry, I don't believe anyone now!" Lanyanxi completely lost his sense of security.

"It's good to have this awareness. Let me have a look and bring you back!" Lingmo Feng finally made this decision. Even if the relationship between the two people is exposed, he must take her back to his side to protect him. He will never let her alone in a foreign country.

"Really? Then try to find a way. I don't want to stay here. I'm really worried about Cheng Yuan's safety. Ling Mo Feng, you must promise me to send more people to find her. Don't let her be in danger! " LAN Yanxi's nervous voice was quivering.

"Well, I promise you, I will let her come back safely!" Ling Mo Feng knew that she was scared and was full of guilt for Cheng Yuan, so he would guarantee her peace of mind.

"Well, go to her now. I'll hang up first. I'll be careful myself!" LAN Yanxi wants to hear his voice all the time, but he can't occupy his precious time. He must hurry to find someone to save Cheng Yuan.

"Well, take care of yourself!" Ling Mo Feng is not willing to hang up the phone, although the little woman pretends to be strong and calm, but he is very distressed.

LAN Yanxi is biting her fingers and walking around the room. From time to time, she will look out of the window, because she hopes to see Cheng Yuan coming back in the car and wants to know that she is safe.

In the afternoon, it's time for class. LAN Yanxi said that he was ill and asked for leave again. Qiao Zhuo was so angry when he heard that she asked for leave.

Did LAN Yanxi find anything?