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C704 she has a lot of guts

Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu have finished their dinner. Yang ChuChu has no chance to meet the wine bottle except after drinking half a glass of wine poured by Luo Jinyu. When the waiter comes to clean up, Yang ChuChu has to watch the wine accepted by the waiter. It's a pity that he wants to make use of it.

However, Yang ChuChu thought about it again. It's ok if she doesn't have any wine. She had a drink just now.

So, Yang ChuChu immediately pretended to be drunk and lay on the sofa lazily, clapping her face with both hands. Fortunately, she was really drunk, and her face was red at the moment.

After Luo Jinyu received a call from the balcony and returned, he saw Yang ChuChu's intoxicated look and frowned immediately: "drunk?"

"No?" Yang ChuChu immediately replied, saying that people who are generally drunk will not admit that they are drunk even if they die. She will not admit that either.

Luo Jinyu immediately squatted down and reached out to touch her face. Her eyes were also a little more confused. He sighed, "I shouldn't let you drink!"

"Luo Jinyu, I'll be fine if I lie down!" Yang ChuChu said, directly raised his head, closed his eyes, seriously in a fake sleep.

Luo Jinyu reached out and held up her delicate body.

"Ah..." Yang ChuChu woke up suddenly, her eyes were wide open, and she looked at the man's face in surprise: "please let me down, your feet are hurt, don't hold me!"

Luo Jinyu ignored her shouting, and carried her straight into the bedroom, gently put her on the bed. Then, he took the slippers off her legs, lifted the quilt, and covered her: "to sleep, it's time to sleep in the bed, and cover the quilt well. Now it's cold at night, don't freeze!"

Yang ChuChu looked at the man's gentle way of helping her cover the quilt. She suddenly laughed: "Luo Jinyu, sometimes, you look like a good father."

After hearing this, Luo Jinyu's body stiffened and looked at her with a slightly strange expression.

Yang ChuChu chuckled and said, "don't be angry. I didn't treat you as a father."

"Sleep!" Luo Jinyu really doubts whether she is drunk or not. How can she still have so many mouths.

Yang ChuChu knew that he must be a little angry, so he had to close his mouth. He saw Luo Jinyu get up and leave, reaching out to close the door.

Luo Jinyu came out sleepless. Although he had drunk wine just now, it had no effect on him.

He went to the window and stared at the big city in the dark. His heart was filled with a sense of dryness.

Although age is not a problem, why he just can't get through this barrier? He always feels that he is dirty and shameless about Yang ChuChu's thoughts.

Luo Jinyu wants to drink again. He takes a look at the wine cabinet beside him. There are several bottles of foreign wine on it.

Luo Jinyu reached out to get the wine. Suddenly, he heard a sound of ouch in the room. He put down the bottle and quickly pushed the door open. Yang ChuChu's expression of crying was on the floor of the bathroom.


"How can there be water on the floor?" Yang ChuChu's face was bitter. She wanted to go to the bathroom to solve the problem. She was lazy for a while, didn't want to wear slippers, barefoot, and didn't expect to slip.

"Does it hurt to fall?" Luo Jinyu immediately walked over, squatted down and helped her up again.

"It hurts here!" Yang ChuChu points to a position of his own.

Luo Jinyu sighed: "it seems that you are really drunk. You can't walk stably!"

"Well, I didn't pretend!" Yang ChuChu is too naive, said a tone that there is no silver here.

"What are you going to do?" Luo Jin asks.

"Bath! I must take a bath before I go to bed. I can't sleep without it! " Yang ChuChu immediately said nothing seriously.

"Then you sit on the bed first, and I'll give you water!" Luo Jin said in a low and calm voice.

"No need to drain. I don't like the bathtub here. I like to wash it with water!" Yang ChuChu immediately frowned and shook his head. Although she said it was a seven-star hotel, she still had a little habit of cleanliness. She felt that the bathtub was not clean. Many people had washed it. She wanted to stand and wash it.

Luo Jinyu's expression shakes, standing to wash? She fell just now. Can she stand still?

"I don't trust you to go in and wash alone!" Luo Jinyu frowned too. He didn't know how to solve the problem for a while.

"Then stand by and watch me wash!" As soon as he finished speaking, Yang ChuChu didn't stop laughing.

"No way!" Luo Jinyu said immediately.

"Why not? Aren't you afraid of my wrestling? " Yang ChuChu has a small mouth.

Luo Jinyu knew what she was thinking, and quickly reached out and cut her hair: "no, no reason!"

"Forget it. I'll wash myself. I'll put on my shoes." Yang ChuChu immediately turned around and went out to find the slippers.

Luo Jin felt that this was a good way, so he nodded, "go in and wash it, I'll watch you outside the door, and call me if you want!"

"Oh!" Hearing that he had something to call him, Yang ChuChu began to be evil again, and went in with a smile.

Luo Jinyu leaned against the wall arm, trying to suppress the surging emotion in his heart.

Hearing the sound of water coming from inside, Luo Jinyu finally stopped restraining himself and let the flames burn to his heart all the way, leaving a dark shadow behind his eyes.

"Ah..." Suddenly, there was a low voice from the little woman, and Luo Jinyu immediately knocked on the door: "delicate, what's the matter?"

"It's OK. I almost fell again!" Yang ChuChu is sure that after he is outside the door, his little mouth is more happy.

"Be careful!" Luo Jinyu's heart jumped. In fact, he seemed to have a premonition that this little thing was deliberately frightening him to play.

"I will!" Yang ChuChu then took a bath seriously, and no longer became a demon.

However, after she washed, she began to make trouble again. When she came out, she didn't wear pajamas, just wrapped in a bath towel.

Luo Jinyu's mood was originally disordered. Suddenly he saw her come out like this, and her breath would stop.

Yang ChuChu's long black hair falls on her jade like shoulder, with a few wisps of playful hair and moisture, forming one by one, outlining her beautiful little face, white and red skin, which can be broken by blowing, making people feel that they can't get out of water when they are pinched.

"I forgot to take my pajamas in!" When Yang ChuChu saw that the man was staring at her, she immediately laughed twice.

Luo Jinyu seems to have recovered his breath, but when he breathed, he found that it was heavy.

"Well! Change your clothes! " Luo Jin makes a mute voice and turns to leave.

"Luo Jinyu!" Yang ChuChu suddenly reached over and grabbed one of his arms. He could not ignore the expectation in his eyes.

Luo Jin's self-control is no better. At this moment, it will break up.

What's more, his self-control has long been disturbed by this little woman. Yang ChuChu, desperate, rushed straight to the past, heft his toes, pink lips have been pasted on his firm thin lips.