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C1311 acceptance of reality

Ji Lin is still rampant. He wants to return to the same end of the drama, but suddenly hears a gunshot. His leg is hit. He staggers and looks down at the blood on his leg. He kneels down painfully and unwillingly. His scarlet eyes slowly rise up, and he sees that Ji Xiaohan has a gun in his hand and looks at him fiercely. "

do you want to die? I will do it! " Season owl cold step by step toward him, finger dead hold pistol.

"Young master!" Lu Qing's face changed, and he hurried forward a step, meaning to stop.

"Kill me, Ji Xiaohan. Aren't you very kind? Dare to kill? You dare not, I dare, that's right. I killed your father. Now kill me by yourself and avenge him! " Ji Lin didn't wait for help for a long time, and his brain was also fried. He had a deep sense of fear. He believed that Ji Xiaohan would not come here without preparation. Now it seems that the killer he invited was only afraid of being solved.

"Young master, please calm down. He's provoking you to commit a crime!" Lu Qing is also scared to death. If the gun in Ji Xiaohan's hand really rings and Ji Lin really dies in his hand, isn't young master sharing the life of homicide? Ji did want to provoke Ji Xiaohan. At this moment, he really wanted to die. Ji's muzzle was aimed at his injured leg, and then he was shot again. Ji Lin made an unbearable scream, and his face turned pale. "

don't you kill me? Your father will be disappointed. His son didn't avenge him! " Ji Lin's pain is so intense that his brow is full of blue tendons, but he still hasn't given up trying to stimulate Ji Xiaohan. Ji Xiaohan throws his pistol on the ground, turns around and hugs the old man who has swallowed his last breath. Just then, a group of men in plain clothes rush up downstairs. When they see Ji Xiaohan, they immediately give way to him.

"Ji Xiaohan, why didn't you kill me?" Ji Lin roars angrily and looks desperate. It seems that Xiao Han didn't hear his voice. Of course, he won't kill him because he wants him to live, which is more painful than death. Season

Xiao Han hugs grandpa to the car, his fingers are shaking, his face is sad, he wants to pull out the knife stuck in Grandpa's heart, but he reaches out several times, but dare not touch it. Tears

rolled down in the direction that no one could see.

The car drove along the road to Jijia manor. Jixiao sat in the back of the back seat of the back seat, surrounded by his most respected grandfather. He looked out of the window. The long road made him throb and pain. He even forgot to wipe away the tears from the corner of his eyes. He looked out of the window so straight and mindless. How does he explain it to his grandmother? I used to think that I had the courage to face everything, but now I find that all his courage was given by my grandfather. My grandfather's departure seemed to take away his heart's courage, and he became helpless.

Ji Lin, he really is. Ji Xiaohan wants to cut him with a knife. Season

the door of his home is far away, and it seems that season owl Han is just like waking up from a dream. He reaches for the tissue beside him and quickly wipes the tears in his eyes. This road is the most painful and confused road he has ever walked in his life. Later, he will remember his grandfather's teaching. A man should stand tall and stand firm, not bow his head, and let the tears fall.

The car stopped at the gate, and Ji Xiaohan took a hard breath. Suddenly, he saw the old lady and LAN Yue leading their two children out of the living room. Season

owl cold heart a shock, quickly reached out to open the door, fast down.

Later, he went directly to them and whispered to his mother, "Mom, take xiaonai and Xiaorui upstairs. I have something to say to grandma!"

"Don't say anything. Your grandfather went out in the morning. I called him and no one answered. I'm worried about him. You go with me to find Xiao Lin. he asked your grandfather out for lunch." The old lady said while holding Ji Xiaohan's arm, thinking of going out in his car.

"Grandma, Grandpa Grandpa, he's back! " Season owl cold voice choked, he still can't pretend to be strong appearance, in the heart grief to the extreme.

LAN Yue looked at his son's red eyes and was surprised. She lowered her head and said to the two little guys, "let's go upstairs with grandma. Daddy has important things to do!" Two little guys are also sensible. It can be seen that daddy is in a low mood today. They all nodded their heads obediently and went upstairs with grandma. At the entrance of the stairs, Tang youyou ran down with a thick coat: "your daddy is back?" "

well, daddy seems very sad!" Xiaonai said with a wink.

Tang youyou is stunned, reaches out to touch her head, and quickly walks to the door. The old lady has walked to the car with broken thoughts. Ji Xiaohan's heart quivers and quickly walks to the old lady's face. He says sadly, "grandma, I have something to tell you. Ji Lin asked grandpa out today, not to eat with him. He just wanted to find an opportunity to kidnap grandpa to threaten me."

"What do you say?" The old lady was shocked at his words. Season

Xiao hanjue wants to explain things to grandma clearly. Otherwise, how sad is her mood when grandma sees grandpa has gone?

Ji Xiaohan quickly takes out his mobile phone and shows the video he saved to the old lady.

The old lady's fingers were shaking, but she still watched the video sent by Ji Lin. she was all dead, and looked up at Ji Xiaohan for a long time: "is this true?"

"Grandma, I'm sorry that I didn't rescue grandpa safely..." Season owl cold bowed his head, self reproach and uncomfortable.

Tang youyou just walked outside the gate and heard the conversation between Ji Xiaohan and the old lady. She also put out her hand to cover her lips and stopped breathing.

The old lady's body trembled fiercely, almost collapsed on the ground, and Ji Xiaohan held her in time.

"How did your grandfather go?" The old lady seemed to have guessed the result. Grief occupied her eyes, and her voice was trembling.

"Grandpa left by himself!" Season owl cold painful answer.

The old lady stood on her heels, reached for the door and opened it. She saw the old man sitting there peacefully, but there was a knife in his chest. The blood stained his suit. When the old lady saw this, she fainted directly. "

grandma!" Season owl cold sad to shout her, Tang youyou walked quickly to see the old man, her eyes also momentarily sour. At this time, a sports car drove in from the outside of the door and stopped behind his car in an emergency. Ji yuezejun hurriedly ran over with worried face: "what's the matter with grandma?"

Just when Ji Yueze asked for a voice, he saw the grandfather sitting in the car and saw his grandfather's condition clearly. Ji Yueze's voice seemed to be blocked suddenly and could not be heard again. The whole person was as numb as if frozen for a long time. When the old lady woke up, two hours later, Ji Xiaohan and his two brothers had settled down the old man. The whole Ji family was covered in a thick layer of sadness. Ji

Xiao Han sat beside her bed and told the old lady what happened today. The old lady leaned on the pillow and listened sadly. She reached out to wipe her tears: "why does he still don't know how to repent? Why does he want to support power so much? Your grandfather often tells me that he is not good at his work. I didn't believe him before, but now I believe that he should be responsible for his sin. " "

I'm going to kill him, asshole!" Ji Yueze's face was livid with rage. He stood up and went out.

"Come back!" The old lady whispered.

Ji Yueze's footsteps are frozen in place.

"Grandma, you can't let Grandpa leave like this!" Ji Yueze said angrily. "

when your grandfather chose to leave, he just didn't want to see his relatives kill each other. Don't you understand? You can't change that by killing him. " Even though the old lady is extremely sad, she is not dizzy. She has lived to this age, what she should and shouldn't bear, she has experienced. "

his father's death was also caused by him. Now he forced his grandfather to die again. He has been the one who should die!" Ji Yueze's hatred can't be dissipated. He really wants to kill Ji Lin to let it go. "

Xiao Han, now it's you who support this family. You have to decide!" Said the old lady sadly.

Ji Xiaohan nodded: "grandma, don't worry, I'll make him atone!"