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Bai Yiyan's reply made Ji Yueze stunned for a long time. In response, she pulled a smile from her thin lips. The blank in the bottom of her heart seemed to be filled in a moment. He touched her face again, and his fingers slipped to her chin and gently pinched them up and down.

Bai Yiyan used to dislike being touched by other people's faces, but now, this man with warm fingers makes her want to turn into his favorite pet and accept his master's tender love. "

by the way, I heard Yang ChuChu mention a man today. Have you thought about it and dug him up?" Bai Yiyan wakes up from the sweetness and suddenly thinks of this matter.

"Who?" Ji Yueze also looked serious. "

it's Lu xuanchen, the actor who is very popular recently. I heard that he conquered the audience with his acting skills." Bai Yiyan immediately said. "

Oh?" The man's eyebrows were slightly selected, and his face stared at her inexplicably: "so, you are one of the audiences he conquered?"

"No, no, no, don't get me wrong. I appreciate his acting. It's different!" Bai Yiyan has smelled someone's sour breath. She immediately explains it as life saving.

"This man, I can't dig!" Of course, Ji Yueze won't doubt what she thinks of Lu xuanchen, so she doesn't continue to be unreasonable, just cold voice. "

why? I heard that people have been digging in the nebula! " Bai Yiyan asked softly, curious.

"Because this man is Lu xuanchen, do you know who he is?" Ji Yueze's eyes are slightly unhappy.

"Who? Did you know each other before? Is there a festival? " Bai Yiyan looks more surprised.

Ji Yueze nodded: "she is my sister-in-law's childhood sweetheart. She is my brother's rival. How can I dig my brother's rival into the company and become a star? My big brother doesn't beat me to death? " "

ah..." Bai Yiyan's expression was a little sad. When she thought about it carefully, it seemed that when they were talking about Lu xuanchen, her expression was really sad.

"Ah what? You don't really want to know him. " Ji Yueze tapped her head with his finger as a warning.

"Of course not. I'm satisfied to know you!" Bai Yiyan endured for a while, but she still didn't tell him what happened in the dressing room today. "

OK, it's time for us to have a rest!" Ji Yueze doesn't want to talk to her about other men, so she decides to go to bed first.

Bai Yiyan had to stop talking about it. This evening is the wedding night of Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou. They sleep early. Now they have absolute private time.

The whole villa is very quiet. Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou sit on the sofa. Although they don't talk, the atmosphere is very good. "

it's getting late. Should we go to bed?" The man reached out to hold her delicate wrist, and felt that she was all lazy, which made him pinch hard.

Tang youyou nodded: "OK!" She got up and went to the bathroom. After a while, the man followed her in.

"You can wash it later." Tang youyou sees that he has reached out his hand to take off his turtleneck directly. Below is his solid and healthy body. Tang youyou breathes for a while. "

don't want to wait!" The man said grandly, threw the sweater into the Lou son of one side casually, walked directly, hugged her from the back, thin lips kissed down.


Ji Yueze takes Bai Yiyan and two assistants to the shopping mall.

In order to prove his sincerity, Ji Yueze bought many things that Bai Yiyan liked, but Bai Yiyan stopped him for a long time. Because he really bought too many things. Although Bai Yiyan was filial to her mother, she also loved his money. Two

individuals drive to the White House! Bai

the mother got a call early in the morning. Her daughter wanted to take her boyfriend home for lunch. She started to let the servants work in the morning.

Peihong's mood is very complicated when he hears that Ji Yueze is coming. On the one hand, he wants to take the opportunity to make up for Ji's family, and on the other hand, he hates Bai Yiyan. Moreover, Ji Yueze is Bai Yiyan's boyfriend now, but he just talked with his daughter Pei Ying about his heart. Pei Ying told him directly that she likes Ji Yueze, which made the scene extremely embarrassing. Do younger sisters like their brother-in-law? It's too much chaos. Pei Hong really hopes Bai Yiyan can disappear soon and complete the good things of his daughter and Ji Yueze. Obviously, Pei Hong's wish can't be fulfilled. Although Pei

Ying has signed into jiyueze's company, she has never had the chance to see him. So, in the early morning, when she heard that her boss was coming for dinner, Pei Ying intended to go to the company to spend time, and then hit up the relationship between the company and the company. Suddenly, she decided not to go.

She sat in front of the dressing table for a whole hour, and finally turned into a delicate and sweet make-up. Even some small details were handled perfectly.

"Well, I was born to be a big star!" At last, she put her face close to the mirror and looked at it carefully. She was very satisfied. Pei

Yingchang is bright and gorgeous. She has no choice but her temperament.

Pei Ying changed more than ten sets of clothes, but none of them was satisfactory to her. She immediately called Pei Hong, her father. "

dad, do I look good in this dress?" Pei Ying asked, withdrawing Jiao. In Pei Hong's eyes, his own daughter is of course the most beautiful woman in the world. He immediately nodded, "it's very beautiful, very beautiful!" "

dad, your vision is too poor. This color, good soil, no way. I have to change another one. Don't go, help me to have a look!" Pei Ying went in again and changed into a set of fashionable and lovely little foreign dresses.

"This one looks good, daughter, or you can wear it like this!" Pei Hong immediately spoiled.

"No, this one doesn't show my good figure!" Pei Ying turns around and slams the door shut.

Pei Hong watched his daughter care about his clothes so much, and his mood was even worse. See

come on, my daughter really likes Ji Yueze. She likes this crazy level. What can I do in the future?

Pei Ying picked it up, and finally picked out a slim knee length skirt. The two sides of the skirt were forked. As she walked, more white legs would appear. She was very satisfied. "

What time is it? Why don't you come?" Pei Ying sat on the sofa, fidgeting with her mobile phone. White mother sent fruit to come over, do not know who she is anxiously waiting for, immediately asked: "Xiaoying, do you have a friend to come over?"

Pei Ying saw Bai Mu and immediately stared at her defensively: "yes, I had an appointment with a friend, but he may not come!" "

Oh, Xiaoyan will come back later. Do you want to stay for dinner?" The white mother is a little patient with the stepdaughter. "

of course!" Pei yingbai gave her a look.