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Ji Xiaohan returns to Ji's home with his children and Tang youyou. The elder brother is relieved to see that all the children are back safely. He only hopes that Ji Xiaohan will not take the children out to play after that. He is afraid of an accident. The elder brother's heart can't bear it.

In the evening, Ji Xiaohan calls Ji Yueze out directly. He plans to have dinner together and talk about him and Bai Yiyan.

When we met in the restaurant, the two brothers sat down and rarely had time to eat together. "Brother, should we take a chance to talk about the photos with my grandparents? Otherwise, Bai Yiyan and I may be in trouble." Ji Yueze thinks repeatedly, but he still feels that he can't hide it. Paper can't cover fire forever. If he doesn't say it now, he will be noticed by the elder brother later, just for fear that the trouble will be bigger.

Season owl cold took a cup, sipped a sip of wine, look complex wrinkled frown: "I think grandma already know this matter, do not know grandpa also know."

"Ah How does grandma know? Did anyone tell her? " Ji Yueze's face was surprised. With his understanding of grandma, if grandma knew about it, she would have been in trouble for a long time. "I don't know how grandma knew about it, but before that, she asked me to investigate the truth of Bai Zhen. I also checked it and asked her. She only said that Bai Zhen really offended her. Now, I know how Bai Zhen really offended her." Ji Xiao's cold eyes are full of sadness and annoyance. I didn't expect that his father, who has always been an example, would do such absurd things, which really disappointed him.

Ji Yueze's handsome face is a little pale. For a while, I don't know what to do.

"Brother, do you think grandma would be angry if she knew that Bai Zhenzhen was Bai Yiyan's aunt?" Ji Yueze asked anxiously.

"Yes, certainly!" Ji Xiaohan nodded: "you don't know grandma's surname. Before, she cleaned up the bad women around Grandpa. How cruel the means were. You should have heard about it."

Ji Yueze had a chill. Indeed, in grandma's eyes, there is no sand, and there is a clear sense of gratitude and resentment.

"If grandma knew about it, she would ask you to break up with Bai Yiyan and cut off the relationship." Ji Xiao sighed coldly, and thought that he and Tang youyou had been separated because of grandma's obstruction, he was inexplicably worried about his younger brother.

"Elder brother, how does grandma forgive you for your affair with your sister-in-law?" Ji Yueze has never asked about this, but he believes that grandma should forgive them, otherwise, they will not live together. "I don't know. Grandma may have known the reason why her mother left Ji's house, and felt that the mistake was no longer on her mother, so she let it go. But it's true. On the contrary, grandma now blames Bai Zhenzhen's entanglement for all her resentment and anger, just afraid that your affair will be more serious than mine and you." Season owl cold calm voice analysis way.

"It must be serious. I can't forgive that woman's shameless behavior." Ji Yueze took the glass, looked up and drank it. His beautiful face flashed a helpless color.

Ji Xiaohan looks at his brother's face and smiles: "I didn't expect you to have feelings with Bai Yiyan so soon."

"Brother, don't make fun of me. I don't know why I am interested in her." Ji Yueze's heart at the moment is filled with panic and depression. "There is no reason for love. Love is love. Love is love. Bai Yiyan is a good woman. It is reasonable for you to love her. But you may need to find a solution to this problem." Ji Xiaohan also came here. At the beginning, he didn't like Tang youyou very much. Instead, he blamed her for giving birth to her own child. He thought about how to punish her. But in the end, he fell in love with her. The feeling he liked permeated every cell in his body involuntarily. He wanted to deal with the relationship between Tang youyou and Tang youyou When I was in the Department, I was thinking about how to bring the old with her white head and how to tie this woman to myself for a lifetime. Ji Yueze nodded and agreed with him. He laughed at himself: "yes, there's no reason. Sometimes she feels cute, sometimes she feels pitiful, hates her, likes her. Every feeling seems to pull the distance between us. The closer we get, the more I can't leave her now."

"Are you together?" Season owl cold suddenly lowered the voice to ask.

Ji Yueze nodded: "yes, we are together, so I am so anxious to solve this problem."

"Or you can ask her aunt to come over and make a mistake with her grandmother." Ji Xiaohan has figured out a way for him.

"Do you think grandma will forgive her?" Ji Yueze frowned, still worried.

"Not necessarily, maybe it will make Grandma more angry, and you can share faster!" Season owl cold light smile.

"Elder brother, can you seriously think of a way for me?" Ji Yueze stares at big brother. At this time, he is still in the mood to joke.

Ji Xiaohan suddenly smiled again: "do you know why grandpa and grandma forgive you so easily?"

"Why?" Ji Yueze would like to know the answer.

"Of course, it's because of Xiaorui and xiaonai." Ji Xiaohan gives the final answer.

"Children?" Ji Yueze's expression brightened instantly.

"Yes, it's children. Children seem to be able to solve all difficulties." Season owl cold is very affirmative to say, at the same time, also very gratified.

Ji Yueze nodded: "that's also true. Grandma can treat these two little guys as babies now. Where can we let their parents separate?"

"Do you want Bai Yiyan to have a baby? Maybe it's over." Asked Ji Xiaohan seriously.

"Now get her pregnant?" Ji Yueze frowns. Bai Yiyan's acting career is just starting. She is going to get pregnant? It doesn't seem right.

"If you think this method is a bit of a drag, try another one."

"Big brother, what else can we do besides this?" "Go to your mother to help you say something good. Grandma asked you for your mother's address last time, but she didn't say anything about her mother. I think the relationship between her mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law has been restored. If you ask your mother to help you, maybe grandma won't hate it so much." Ji Xiaohan seriously constructs the idea


After listening, Ji Yueze felt that this was a good way, nodded: "well, I'll take Bai Yiyan to see her mother tomorrow. Do you want to join me?" "I can't. go meet her first, and I'll find time!" Ji Xiaohan shook his head, thinking of his indifference to his mother these years, he didn't know how to meet her for a while.