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C680 deliberate approach

At six o'clock in the afternoon, Tang youyou took the children back to Jijia villa. The old lady had already called several times to urge her. Tang youyou only explained that he took the children out to eat something and came back. The old lady immediately blamed her.

"If the food outside is not healthy, it will have a bad stomach. In the future, they should not be allowed to eat it outside, because it is the food without nutrition. It is better not to eat it." The old lady also loves the little guy, so she just breaks her mind.

"Yes, I remember!" Tang youyou didn't get angry. Instead, he nodded his head after training, promising that he would not have another time.

When the two kids saw their great grandmother scold Mommy, they all came out to plead for her.

When the old lady saw that their mother and son loved each other deeply, she knew how to defend each other. She was willing to blame them again. She immediately smiled softly: "great grandmother is also worried that your little belly will get sick. She doesn't really want to scold your mommy."

Of course, Tang youyou also knew that the old lady was worried about the children. She stood by and smiled.

"Yo, did you go to the hospital for examination? What's the result? " Seeing that the gauze on Tang youyou's head has been taken off, the old lady is relieved. Tang youyou went through the border of life and death this time, and also made the old lady think about one thing. In life, except that life and death are big things, other things are just small things. At present, the most important thing is a family reunion. Two children are so small that they need mother's love very much. Tang youYou can never leave.

"Thank you grandma for your concern. The doctor said my wound is recovering well." Tang youyou answers softly.

"That's good, that's good!" The old lady was relieved.

At this time, Ji Shangqing came back with a car. He parked the car at the door and pushed the door to get off. He saw Tang youyou in the living room and his eyes flashed slightly.

Tang youyou washed his head and took off the gauze on his head. It looks more elegant and beautiful. Like the orchid in the empty valley, it sends out the fragrance and makes people look at it more.

Ji Shangqing concealed the light under his eyes and stepped into the living room with a smile.

"Miss Tang, have you just come back?" Ji Shangqing asked with a smile.

"Yes!" Tang youyou answered lightly and said to the old lady, "grandma, I'll go upstairs and take a bath, and the children will let them play in the living room."

"Go!" The old lady nodded softly.

Tang youyou turned around and went upstairs. Ji Shangqing shook his shoulder: "I didn't expect it to snow outside again. It's really cold, grandma. It's much colder here than abroad. I also went upstairs to add a coat."

When the old lady saw that he said it was cold, she immediately took a light responsibility: "knowing that it was cold, she didn't wear more clothes when she went out. What should I do if she was ill?"

Ji Shangqing immediately laughed: "Granny, you can rest assured that I am very strong and will not get sick so easily."

But the old lady stared at him. Ji Shangqing turned around, followed Tang youyou and walked upstairs.

Ji Shangqing deliberately followed her upstairs. He raised his head and looked at Tang youyou's beautiful back, his heart throbbing. Today, when he went out, he first went to find some friends, and then those friends took him to the place where the beauties gathered in the city, a high-end private club. Ji Shangqing played table tennis and bowling with some friends, and many beauties accompanied him. Those women were also very beautiful, and their figure was even better. When a man saw the one with nosebleeds The best beauty.

Ji Shangqing's friends seem to be very excited. However, Ji Shangqing finds that the most beautiful woman will lose all his interest once she sticks to them.

Like a woman, more like the process of chasing her, only by conquering, can you realize the fun, which is Ji Shangqing's requirements for women.

So, those beauties actively lean on his arms, warm and charming, bold and warm, but Ji Shangqing did not spend the night outside, but rushed back to Ji's house.

Sure enough, when he saw the gentle and beautiful Tang youyou in the living room, he found that the heart was not dead, but suddenly came alive and jumped very fast.

Tang Youyu sees Ji Shangqing coming after him. His elegant eyebrow is slightly wrinkled.

I don't know if she wants more. I always feel that Ji Shangqing is suspected of deliberately going upstairs with her.

Tang youyou steps faster. Fortunately, Ji Shangqing doesn't shout at her. She talks to her. She quickly enters the bedroom.

Ji Shangqing also finds out that Tang youyou seems to be hiding from him on purpose. Oh, does this woman find out his mind?

It didn't make Ji feel uneasy and scared. Anyway, he didn't show any irregularities or intentions.

Let Tang youYou know that her good feeling is not a bad thing. What if this woman is also moved?

Perhaps, a conservative woman like her, who is passionate, dare not show it, but the more pressing the emotion, once it erupts, it will be more beautiful and warm, like fire and rose.

Ji Shangqing is too conceited, so he feels that Tang youyou will like him that day.

Tang youyou felt troubled by him. After she closed the door, she took a breath.

What is Ji Shangqing doing? I don't really think she'll like him, do you?

Oh, he really wants too much!

This evening, Ji Xiaohan has something to deal with again. He calls back and won't go home until later.

Tang youyou thought of Ji Xiaohan saying that she would tell her something in the evening, so after eating, she sat in the room and turned on the computer to prepare for work.

Suddenly, she heard a knock on the door. Tang youyou's expression was stiff. Who would knock at this time?

Two little guys have fallen asleep, and it's more than ten o'clock. Tang youyou stands up vigilantly.

"Miss Tang, it's me!" Outside the door, Ji Shangqing's voice came in a little hurry.

Tang youyou is worried. Ji Shangqing is so late. What can I do for her?

"What's the matter?" Tang youyou doesn't open the door easily, just a light inquiry.

"Miss Tang, do you have a laptop? I have a very important document to deal with. It happened that I was in a hurry to return home this time. I didn't bring a computer. I wanted to borrow your computer to send a document. " Ji Shangqing pleaded with sincerity.

Tang youyou didn't expect him to make such a request, so she had to open the door and saw Ji Shangqing standing outside in a gray robe, looking at her expectantly.

"You can go to Uncle yuan. He will help you find a computer." Tang youyou is still very indifferent. "It's so late. Uncle yuan must be asleep. I don't want to disturb him. If you have one, would you like to borrow it? I just need a few minutes to send an email! " Ji Shangqing continues to plead in good faith.