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Ling Mo Feng's words made LAN Yan Xi laugh again when he was speechless.

"People's children are so big, you're only jealous now, will it be too late?" LAN Yanxi looked at him jokingly and said.

Ling Mo Feng is looked at by her smiling eyes, the mood instantaneous joyful many, he put out his hand hugged her to come, two people crowded to sit on a sofa together.

His big hand played with her long hair, and his voice was soft: "there are two days left before we are engaged. I have made a list of dowry. Tomorrow night, our family will come to your house to discuss this matter with your grandfather. To be honest, my dowry may not be as much as you think. Will you be disappointed?"

Lanyanxi's beautiful face froze for a moment. She turned her head and focused her eyes on the man's face. For a while, she pretended to be obsessed with it. Her fingers also moved to the man's handsome face carelessly: "such a handsome face, such a good figure, will warm the bed and hurt people. No money, I will marry."

When Ling Mo Feng saw her, he also made such an informal joke with him. He was so angry that he couldn't laugh or cry. He grabbed her small hand and said, "I'm talking to you seriously."

"I'm serious, too. I don't expect your dowry to live. What I want is you, a living, warm person. Why do you say this kind of unconfident words?"

"I know, but I'm a little guilty." Ling of course knows that she doesn't care about matter at all, because she never lacks these things.

"Don't feel guilty, Ling Mo Feng, I don't care about this with you. Really, my accountant is better than you to me. If I don't love me enough, will I be disrespected for being lazy and stupid?" Blue words crouched on his chest, closed his eyes, murmured in a low voice, like a child who lost his sense of security.

Ling Mo Feng lowered his head and put his thin lips on her forehead: "OK, I won't mention it."

"Ling Mo Feng, the curtains are done. Let's just sit and do it like this?" Blue words beautiful eyes blinked, some curious asked.

Ling Mo Feng saw that she began to say something wrong again. He tapped on her cerebellum door and said, "I just want to see what happened in the office in the distance, so I can draw the curtain to cover it."

"Oh, I didn't mean to do something bad. Sure enough, I think so much." LAN Yanxi blushed.

Ling Mo Feng is so angry that he laughs out: "how can I do something bad here? Let's go and go home with me."

"Together?" LAN Yanxi's face was unbelievable, as if she had heard it wrong.

"Yes, together, before we get engaged, we all go home together." Ling Mo Feng to do so, is not assured that she drove around alone.

Ling Mo Feng arranged his eyes, penetrated into the old president's interior, and learned a news that made him angry.

Before that, the old president didn't take LAN Yanxi seriously. He only felt that she was a small and unimportant role. He knew that Lingmo Feng and she were unhappy because of the news of engagement. He only felt that such a woman's existence could disturb Ling Mo Feng's personal emotional life, which was also helpful to him.

But now many people around the old president have lost the importance of the old president because of their incompetence, and Ling Mo Feng took the opportunity to sell one of them. That's when he learned that the old president had begun to focus on lanyanxi.

I want LAN Yanxi to put on a big green hat before he gets engaged, so that he can become a joke of the whole country.

As soon as Ling Mo Feng heard the news, he almost went mad on the spot. The old bigot was going to fight LAN Yanxi. It seems that no matter whether he continues acting or not, it has no meaning.

Since it's meaningless, Ling Mo Feng simply stops acting. If he thinks about her, he must see her. If he wants to take her with him, he will never let her out of his sight.

In fact, he wanted to pick her up from work and go home together a long time ago, enjoying the most common love fun. Today, he has done all he dared not to do before.

"Really? Have we all gone home together? " LAN Yanxi is also like a dream. Some of them are not true. The smile on his face has been lost.

”Well, it will be all the time. " Ling Mo Feng answered her in a low voice, very firm.

LAN Yanxi followed Ling Mo Feng out of the elevator and immediately attracted many people's attention.

The surprise made lanyanxi feel embarrassed for a while. She slowed down and followed Ling Mo Feng. As long as she raised her eyes, she could see his clean back collar and broad shoulders. She was in a good mood.

At a corner in the distance, a pair of eyes full of resentment stare at lanyanxi.

Yang He hears that Ling Mo Feng has come back. She purposely delays her time off work and stays here waiting for him to pass by. Even if she looks at it from a distance, she can fill the lovesickness river of her blank time.

But when she arrived, she was waiting for another person. LAN Yanxi was dressed in black overalls, with long black hair and a slim body. She walked with Ling Mo Feng in a proper way, which made her eyes red with envy.

Yang He's hands are tightly clenched into fists. She really hates it. This hatred deepened with her love for Ling Mo Feng.

Yang he can only look at it from afar. She doesn't even have the courage to say hello, because she's not good enough.

Outside, the black and tidy motorcade waited. As soon as Ling Mo Feng came, someone came forward to help open the door.

Lingmo Feng is still a gentleman. He asked lanyanxi to sit in first. Then, he bent down and sat in. When the door was closed, the narrow space inside was closed. Suddenly, people could imagine ten thousand words of indescribable pictures.

It's been a few days since they came back home. They stood in the living room and looked at each other.

"What would you like to eat? I had the ingredients delivered at noon yesterday. " Ling Mo Feng went to the refrigerator, opened it, took out a bottle of water, drank it and walked to her gracefully.

"No, you were working abroad at noon yesterday." LAN Yanxi immediately laughed.

"No matter where I am, the first thing I think about is all about my family."

"Well, I'll give you full marks for your answer. You can make good dishes you've got. And tonight, can I have a little wine?" Lanyanxi suddenly made a request.

"Drinking?" Ling Mo Feng didn't expect that she would ask for it. Her eyes were slightly surprised: "what wine do you drink at home?"

"We're all engaged to have a drink. We haven't been romantic yet. Wait for me. I'll go upstairs and take a bath and change my clothes." LAN Yanxi says, already gallop toward upstairs to run, do not give the opportunity that the man asks more.

Ling Mo Feng's face is slightly shocked. How can we make her feel the romantic atmosphere?

For the first time, a man's brain is empty. He can't think of any romantic things.

Does he have to ask someone to buy a bunch of flowers? Chocolates? Gifts?

I looked down at the watch in my hand. It's already seven o'clock. It's too late to buy anything.

At last, Ling Mo Feng suddenly thought that his back flowers seemed to have planted several kinds of flowers. He turned around and walked towards the backyard as soon as his eyes brightened slightly.

He turned on the light, and sure enough saw the spring coming. All the seeds he had sown before had blossomed.

Some of them can be called famous ones, some of them are unknown. Ling Mo Feng stooped and picked up a small bunch. He turned back to the living room. He took his daily newspaper, picked out one and wrapped the small bunch of flowers gently and carefully.

Ling Mo Feng, a big man, still can't do such meticulous work, so although he has wrapped it up, it doesn't seem to have much beauty.

"Try your best." Ling Mo Feng sighed and put the flowers on the dining table. He took off his suit coat and went into the kitchen to cook dinner for the little woman with his white sleeve.

The first thing lanyanxi did when she ran upstairs was to take a bath. She took a bath and washed her hair. When she came out, she immediately found out all kinds of equipment. She sat in front of the mirror and began to curl up her long hair, which was half wet and half dry. Soon, her long black and soft hair became a big wave. Lanyanxi sat in front of the makeup mirror and made up a makeup, which was in the mirror Girls, bright and dazzling, have already had the feminine charm amorous feelings.

"And my little dress?" LAN Yanxi is busy with these things, and starts to rummage again. Finally, she finds the small black gift group on the side of the wardrobe. This is the gift she bought for herself before. There are only a few thin belts on her back. She hasn't worn it once. Today, it has to be used.