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When lanyanxi stepped on the second floor of the hall, he saw that the man was sitting at the table near the window, drinking tea, with a rare look of leisure. Lanyanxi walked towards him quickly, and Ling Mo Feng turned to look at her. With the light, his facial features are very beautiful. With the smile on the corner of his eyes and eyebrows, he also has some warm colors. Yan Xi never knew what it was like to feel a heartbeat, but just at the moment when he looked at her, her heart was pounding and her breath almost stopped. "

here you are?" The man got up and made two polite steps towards her, with a deep and gentle voice.

LAN Yanxi finds the rhythm of breathing, and flashes a blush on his white and delicate face. She lowered her head and did not dare his eyes to look at him. She only vaguely said, pretending not to be familiar, she went around him and sat in the opposite position. Ling

Mo Feng's eyes are slightly stunned. He can't help biting his thin lips, turning around, watching the girl sitting down, staring at the menu on the table. "

how many days? Are you new to me? " Ling didn't expect the other side to be so cold, he joked.

LAN Yanxi is not really cold. She just doesn't know how to deal with his enthusiasm. She can only pretend to be calm. Unfortunately, she doesn't pretend to be decent enough. In Ling Mo Feng's view, this is cold. "

we didn't know each other before? Ha ha! " LAN Yanxi raised her eyes, as if all the lights on her head were injected into the bottom of her eyes. Ling Mo Feng found that her eyes were as black as beads, and after being dyed with light, they were like crystal, showing pure temperament. Male

the human heart is also a shock. He hasn't looked at a woman so closely, and let him find that she has such beautiful eyes. Moreover, her skin is white, full of luster, and you don't need to feel it with your hands. You can also know that it's tender and smooth, which makes people itchy and want to pinch it.

"That's right. We should be familiar with it when we have more meals!" Ling Mo Feng suddenly became humorous. Before, he always felt that it was a boring thing to get along with women, and he would be very tired to keep looking for topics to activate the atmosphere.

Now sitting opposite, LAN Yanxi makes Ling Mo Feng have a mind full of trying to tease him. "

Where is this? I've never been here before, and I didn't know there was such a restaurant. " LAN Yanxi asked him curiously, looking around with beautiful eyes.

"This is a restaurant for foreign guests. It's not open to the public. Of course you won't know." Ling Mo Feng explained with a smile. "

Oh, I see!" LAN Yanxi slightly tooted his lips, understood. Ling

Mo Feng looks at her toot mouth, and his eyes darken a few more times. It turns out that some women are really good-looking at her toot mouth.

"Does your grandfather know you came to see me?" Ling Mo Feng took a sip of tea and asked.

"Yes, I told him." LAN Yanxi thought of what grandpa said, and his face was hot again. "

What did your grandfather tell you?" Ling Mo Feng has no words at all.

LAN Yanxi's heart is thumping. No way. How does this man know what grandpa told her? Hard

can't he see through people's thoughts?

"No, my grandfather just wants me to get along with you. Don't quarrel with you!" Blue words and beautiful eyes flicker, looking at the menu and returning.

Ling Mo Feng's thin lips can't help but go up again: "so your grandfather thought you would quarrel with me?"

LAN Yanxi was puzzled by his words and gave him a white look: "shall we order first? I didn't eat much for lunch. I'm a little hungry now. " Ling

Mo Feng hurriedly called the waiter to help order the food. LAN Yanxi watched the service staff show special respect for Ling Mo Feng. She felt a complex emotion in her heart. Others were all respectful to Ling Mo Feng. What about her? "

have a cup of tea, isn't it boring to be with me?" Ling Mo Feng didn't have those thoughts in his mind, so he was really worried that Lan Yanxi would feel that he was dull. "

no!" LAN Yanxi quickly got rid of his mind and began to drink tea.

"Then why are you still in a daze? What are you thinking? " Ling asked curiously. Blue

Yanxi put down his teacup and smiled at himself: "I feel your life, which I have never touched before. I feel something new."

"Do you want to know more about me?" Ling Mo Feng saw her saying this, his face slightly changed, his voice suddenly became low. Blue

Yan xileng, then nodded: "if it's convenient, of course, I want to know more about you, otherwise, it may be too late to know you after getting married." "

have dinner then, come home and sit with me!" Ling Mo Feng didn't refuse to let her enter her life, so she asked directly.

"Is your family there, too?" LAN Yanxi's heart leaped. Although the man invited her seriously, her heart beat faster and became nervous for some reason.

"They don't live with me. If you want to see them, I'll take you there some other day." Ling Mo Feng explained with a smile.

"No, we don't have time to see our parents now. Let's get to know first!" When LAN Yanxi heard that he was going to take her home to see his family, he immediately trembled nervously.

Ling Mo Feng saw her nervousness and smiled: "well, do you want to see them? You are the master. I don't ask for it!"

LAN Yanxi then took a deep sigh of relief, and took the tea cup on the table, and drank several mouthfuls of tea in a row. Strange! Why does she become dry with this man? "

the night view outside the window is so quiet that there is no noise of water wheels." LAN Yanxi looked out of the window, only to see a quiet light and a few cars.

"This is a political area. There are not many people. Don't you like this kind of environment?" Ling Mo Feng looks tight.

"No, I don't really like busy occasions!" What lanyanxi said is also a fact. Since his father's accident, she likes to stay at home and doesn't like to communicate with others very much. Later, her grandfather sent her to study abroad, and she slowly opened her heart and accepted everything in the world again. But

her lively temperament has changed since she was young, and she has become less enthusiastic about everything.

When the delicious food was brought to the table, LAN Yanxi took back her far away thoughts, and her beautiful eyes suddenly met the eyes of the man opposite.

One is like a deep sea, one is like a lake in autumn. When they meet each other, they are embarrassed and quickly moved away.

"Eat!" Ling Mo Feng lowered his head and chuckled. Just now he saw her eyes move away in a panic. He even felt that she was very lovely again.