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C1084 is she duplicity?

Lu xuanchen can't lie against his heart, because he is in front of Mao Rongrong, he doesn't think it necessary to lie.

Mao Rongrong frowned, and then her eyes fell on him again. She saw his strong chest exposed to the air, and her long legs which could not be covered by a pair of bath towels. She only felt the heat in her chest, and it was difficult to breathe. "

this is the night. Don't come here again next time!" Obviously want to drive him out, but words to the mouth, but soft hearted, Mao Rongrong can not help but chagrin a sentence, when oneself also so easy soft hearted?

Is this a disease? Do you want a cure? Lu

xuanchen's thin lips are up, smiling and loving: "don't worry, I will sleep in your place for one night, and I will never mess with you."

"You dare to try!" Mao Rongrong gave him a huff.

"I don't know if you've heard a story about a man and a woman sleeping in the same bed. Before they go to bed, the woman draws a line to make the man not to cross the border. The man sleeps in a proper way all night, thinking that the woman will like him to be a gentleman, but unexpectedly, the next morning, the woman breaks up with him directly. What do you mean?" Lu xuanchen is evil and wants to tease her.

Mao Rongrong doesn't have so many flowery intestines. Of course, he can't understand the meaning of his words.

"What do you mean?" Mao Rongrong asked foolishly, just curious. "

it means that women are often duplicative and inconsistent. The woman said that she would not let men cross the boundary, but she thought that men had actions against her in the middle of the night, but men disappointed her, so she broke up!" Lu xuanchen's explanation is finished.

"You Don't say anything, I didn't think so! " Mao Rongrong is so angry that he is implying that she is a duplicity woman? "

I know you are not. I'm joking with you. Don't be angry, OK? Go to bed, it's late! " Lu xuanchen saw that she was angry and was about to smoke. He quickly smiled and apologized.

Mao Rongming knew that he had played a trick on him, but he couldn't get angry. He had to walk into the bedroom quickly and close the door. Lu

xuanchen is very happy to laugh outside, and the man's hearty laughter, coming through the door wall, is like a feather scratching at the bottom of Mao Rongrong's heart, scratching her sleepless. "

that's disgusting!" Mao Rongrong's peaceful heart lake was completely disturbed. Lu

after drinking a glass of water, xuanchen walked into the guest room slowly, turned on the light, and found that the bed sheets in the guest room were broken flowers. He gave a silent smile and chose to lie down. The dim night outside the window made Lu xuanchen sleepy, but he didn't have any idea. He slept heavily. Rong Rong was tossing and turning in bed. She was about to be three o'clock in the morning. She was going crazy.

Why insomnia? Why can't you sleep?

Usually she falls asleep at ten o'clock. Besides, she can have a dream.

But now, she even rolls around in the bed like fried rice. She is not sleepy at all. "

damned man!" For the first time, Mao Rongrong got the taste of insomnia. She couldn't help sticking her ear to the wall, trying to eavesdrop on the next door, but found that the next door was quiet.

"He won't fall asleep, will he?" Mao Rongrong looks suspicious. This man is really disgusting. He disturbed her sleep, but he slept so soundly. Rong Rong is thirsty. He pushes the door out and drinks a large glass of water. When he comes back, he accidentally bumps into a chair, which makes her back ache and liver ache. She breathes a few curses. At five o'clock in the morning, Mao Rongrong finally fell asleep. At half past seven, the alarm clock rang on time. Mao Rongrong reached out to press the alarm clock in agony. If not, she would have to sleep again, and she could sleep for another day and night.

Lu xuanchen got up at 8 o'clock and ran into the bathroom. When he saw a new toothbrush, he was stunned. It was

that Mao Rongrong didn't know which tendon was wrong last night. He prepared a new toothbrush and a new cup for him. She is afraid that men will use her. Lu

when xuanchen finished washing, he went to knock on her door, and there was no response. "

what happened?" Lu xuanchen feels like Mao Rongrong. She can't sleep in, but she hasn't got up yet. Is she sick? If you want to

to have this possibility, Lu xuanchen directly pushes the door in.

On the bed, Mao Rongrong curled up, hugged the quilt, covered the pillow with black hair, brows tightly twisted, and slept uneasily.

Lu xuanchen squatted beside her bed and reached out to explore her forehead, which was cold.

Mao Rongrong opened his eyes vaguely and saw a magnified handsome face, which scared her. "

Lu xuanchen, why are you in my room? What do you want to do?" Mao Rongrong sat up with a rub. Next second, he put his hands on his chest and stared at him warily as if he were a wolf.

"Don't worry, I just see you didn't get up, think you are sick, you are OK." Lu xuanchen stood up, a gentleman's hand in his suit pocket, looked down at her and said, "do you like to sleep late?"

"It's none of your business!" Mao Rongrong lowered his head angrily. "

you have two black circles, what? I didn't sleep well yesterday! " Lu xuanchen asked with a smile.

Mao Rongrong grabbed the pillow next to him and hit him directly: "Lu xuanchen, don't come back to my house to sleep later." Lu

xuanchen quickly picked up the pillow, and the smile deepened: "what's the matter? Did I bother you to know? Did you dream of me yesterday? " "

you also say that I don't like strangers at home." Mao Rongrong said directly. "

we are not strangers now. You can treat me as a friend." Lu xuanchen some aggrieved explanation way. "

you go out, I'm going to get up." Mao Rongrong is very angry, because his current mood, like the heroine in yesterday's story, wants to kick this man out, never see again. Lu

xuanchen didn't know why she was so angry suddenly, so she had to turn around and go out obediently. Rong Rong washed well and came out with a new suit. Lu xuanchen was busy in her kitchen. "

What are you doing?" Mao Rongrong rushed right away.

"Making breakfast? Don't tell me, you go to work without breakfast? " Lu xuanchen smiled and raised the spatula in his hand. "

can you make breakfast?" Mao Rongrong couldn't believe it. "

it's easy to do it. You have ingredients in the refrigerator." Lu xuanchen said proudly. "

don't burn my kitchen!" Mao Rongrong looks at the two poached eggs he has just fried, and mutters in a low voice. It has to be said that the eggs he has fried are much better than his own. He burns them every time. "

don't worry, no!" Lu xuanchen finished, ready to put the pot of noodles up with sauce.