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C592 want to be loved

Yang ChuChu covered his ears and hid in his car.

In fact, when the last scandal came out, someone scolded her very badly, saying that she was a girl growing up in a single family, a person without the ability to love and be loved.

This is her biggest pain, she has always stressed that she is a man with a father, but for so many years, her father has never appeared. In other people's eyes, she is a wild seed whose father is unknown, and he has lost the ability to accept love.

Is that it? No, it isn't.

She also knows how to love a person, and she will accept the love from others, but that person has always been the object she dare not open.

There was nowhere to go. Finally, Yang ChuChu decided to go to a place.

She drove to Luo Jinyu's private apartment.

Lying on his broad bed, Yang ChuChu was drowsy and his eyes were wet with tears from the corners of his eyes.

She's not that vulnerable, but. When she was attacked mercilessly, she felt that her heart was so fragile that any word could break her down.

I don't know if she fell asleep. In a trance, she heard her cell phone ringing.

Took the mobile phone, pasted in the ear, sent the man anxious voice.

"Clearly, where are you now? "

is Luo Jinyu.

Yang ChuChu woke up in a flash.

"How can you call me at this time? "She asked in surprise.

"I saw the video on the Internet. Xiyang confessed to you and you refused him. "Luo Jinyu's voice was full of worries and concerns.

"It was posted on the Internet so quickly. These people are really nosy. "Yang ChuChu was hurt in his heart. It turned out that this was the price of being a star. Any small thing would be magnified by others, then magnified, and finally become his own mistakes and shortcomings.

"Where are you? I came to you! "I really don't feel at ease. Leaving her alone, the man decided to come to see her immediately.

"I'm at your house. Will you really come back? "Yang ChuChu also wants to see him.

"I'll be right back, waiting for me. As soon as she thought that he would come, Yang ChuChu didn't feel sleepy any more. She quickly got up from the bed, and suddenly a bold idea came into her mind.

Maybe she really lacks love, so she wants more love.

Yang ChuChu ran to the bathroom and took a bath. Then he found a white shirt from the man's wardrobe and put it on.

The long black hair hung over the shoulder, a delicate face, small and delicate.

She was only wearing a white shirt, showing two thin white legs, very attractive.

The breath of youth, can not hide, but also give a beautiful feeling.

Looking at that in the mirror, some coquettish self, Yang Chu's face is redder.

She thought she must be sick, or going mad.

She was so active to get the love of that man.

More than ten minutes later, she heard the sound of the door being opened, and then a tall figure stepped in.

The man's suit is black, with a white shirt and a strict tie.

The charm of a mature man is all there is.

The most amazing thing is his face, with deep facial features and delicate eyebrows and eyes.

As soon as Luo Jinyu came in, he saw Yang ChuChu standing at the door of his bedroom.

He was only wearing a white shirt all over, with the collar open, and a waist length of black hair, outlining her white, delicate and beautiful features.

A fire, suddenly from the abdomen up, Luo Jin Yu feel all over the body hot sweat.

He thought he would see a sad and crying her.

I didn't expect it would be such a beautiful picture.

He unconsciously pulled the bow tie.

Men are the most attractive and deadly when they do this.

Yang ChuChu could not help swallowing a mouthful of water, and her beautiful eyes blinked.

"Are you ok? "The man, with a charming magnetic voice, came over with concern.

"If I can't say that, are you trying to comfort me? "The girl looked at him with a smile and a little sweet voice.

"How can I comfort you so that you can feel better. "The man's tone with a smile, doting eyes locked the girl.

Yang ChuChu is very embarrassed, looked at him, then, lowered his head, said softly.

"I'm very happy that you can come and see me. "

" is that right? Why do you wear my clothes? What's the matter with you? "Luo Jinyu thought that if something happened to her, her clothes could not be worn, so he would put on his shirt.

Yang ChuChu's expression was stunned.

She did not know how to explain her bold behavior, so she bit her lower lip.

Men step by step close to her, deep eyes, more dim, without a ray of light.

What does he seem to know? The brow wrinkled.

Soon, the man stood in front of him, looking down at her shy face.

"You showed it to me on purpose, didn't you? "He asked with a smile on his face.

"Don't I look good in this way? "The other side was not infatuated with him, so Yang ChuChu felt that he could not wear that kind of charm.

"No, it's beautiful. "The man's voice has been hoarse a lot unconsciously.

"Is that right?"

I suddenly felt that the atmosphere around me was getting a little hot.

"Who taught you to do this? "The man's fingers gently fell on her white cheek.

"If a woman wants to attract the attention of the people she loves, isn't it all dressed like this? Am I wearing the wrong clothes? "Yang ChuChu asked in amazement.

Luo Jinfan was a little sad, but more attracted by the girl's youthful and beautiful temperament.

"Do you know how to dress like this? Standing in front of me, would you be dangerous? "The man's tone was already full of difficulties.

Yang ChuChu was stunned and looked up at him. Then he said, "is that right? What danger can I have? Why don't you tell me? "

"Clear!" Luo Jinyu sees her coming up boldly. He only feels her heart beating fast. But next second, he reaches out his hand and gently clasps her buttons.

"Luo Jinyu, what are you doing?" Yang ChuChu looked at him and asked.

"I said it's not the time!" Although he had such an impulse to push the girl in and do what he wanted to do.

However, as a man, a mature man, he knows how to restrain.

Although the beauty of this girl makes him want to hurt, he can't.

Because, he loves her!

When a man loves a woman deeply, he will want to protect her.

Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes burst into a flash of shame and annoyance. She pushed Luo Jinyu's hand away: "I'll come myself!"

So, she tried to hold back her tears and quickly fastened the button.

Beautiful Mou lifts again, but was angry. "I've done so much. You said it's not the right time. When can you really love me?" Maybe she is not mature enough, but she really wants to be loved.