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C812 feeling his loneliness

The failure of the plan has left Ji Lin in a state of anxiety. Suddenly, hearing his son say that he has made a big discovery, he immediately gets back to work.

Ji Shangqing's voice came, with a touch of pride: "I overheard this discovery. Although it can't actually hurt Ji Xiaohan, it will definitely damage his reputation."

"Tell me what you found." Seeing that his son was still selling, Ji Lin lost patience.

"Dad, do you remember Javier?"

"Of course, he is the most hated person of Ji Xiaohan. What's the matter? Do you want to write about him? " When Ji Lin heard the name, he looked stiff. He didn't know what his son was doing.

Ji Shangqing said with a smile: "yes, it's to use him as an article."

"People in the circle know that he married Ji Xiaohan's mother and they became enemies." Ji Lin lost interest in a moment. Jue's son's proposal really has no use value.

"Dad, don't worry. Listen to me again. Do you remember a daughter lost in Javier?" Ji Shangqing asked patiently.

"Yes? Why don't I have this memory? " Ji Lin frowned, because he didn't know enough about Xia Weiwen, so he didn't know that the sad thing of losing his daughter happened in Xia family.

"If I tell you that Tang youyou is Xia Weiwen's own daughter, do you think this matter has any use value?" Ji Shangqing laughed and said directly. "What?" Ji Lin was really shocked by the news. Then, in his tone, he couldn't hide his complacency: "what are you talking about? Is Tang youyou Xia Weiwen's daughter? Does Ji Xiaohan know? " Ji Shangqing nodded: "according to my observation, Ji Xiaohan should have known about it, and he should be trying to release it. Of course, he and Xia Weiwen must also have hidden the secret, so until now, no one has mentioned it."

Ji Lin listened more and more happily, sneering: "they just hate that the secret will disappear from the world. Xia Weiwen and LAN Yue are married. If Tang youyou is really his daughter, then she and Ji Xiaohan are stepbrothers and sisters. Hahaha, this identity is really embarrassing."

"Yes, I thought it was incredible when I heard it. If the news came out, what would you think of the relationship between Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou? I'm afraid that they will be scolded for their natural intolerance and chaos. "

"Yes, son, I always thought you didn't do anything in China. I didn't expect you to find such good news for me. OK, I'll find someone to expose this relationship. Then, how can I see Ji Xiaohan face everyone's doubts?"

"I will not let go of my stepsister. It's better to be an animal." Ji Shangqing's teeth are biting and scolding.

"Well, it's really good news. You can keep your eyes on it. I'll find more evidence to prove it as soon as possible." Ji Lin said happily.

"OK, hang up first!" Ji Shangqing said, then hung up.

Ji yunning came down from the upstairs with a low look, and saw that Ji Lin was no longer gloomy, but a little more complacent. She asked curiously, "Daddy, who did you call just now? Is there any good news again?"

"It was your big brother who gave me good news." Ji Lin is still happy.

"Oh, what's the good news." Ji yunning was immediately curious.

"Tang youyou is Xia Weiwen's own daughter. Is the news strong enough?" Ji Lin did not hide anything from her.

Ji yunning looks surprised: "is it true? Dad, if that's the case, it's really good news. "

"Yunning, what you did last time disappointed me. This time, I'll leave it to you to do it. You can find the evidence that Xia Weiwen and Tang youYou are their own father and daughter. I want to expose their relationship and let everyone see what shameless things Ji Xiaohan did."

"OK, Dad, don't worry. This time, I will never let you down again." Ji yunning also flashed a happy sneer at the bottom of her heart. As long as she can destroy the feelings of Ji Xiaohan and Tang Youyou, she is willing to do anything.

Tang youyou waits quietly in the office of Ji Xiaohan. Because it's too boring, she goes around the man's office and watches the corner fall.

In fact, although men's office is large, there are not many things on display, so it gives people a sense of emptiness. This feeling will also extend to the feeling of loneliness.

If you are a optimist, you can't stay a day in such an occasion.

But Ji Xiaohan has been here for several years. He can stand the loneliness and work hard. It can be seen that his heart must be lonely. Only when he is integrated with the environment can he not be affected by his coolness and broadness.

Think of here, Tang youyou's heart, inexplicably hurt.

The deeper the love, the more he can feel the loneliness he once had.

Unconsciously, an hour passed, and the door of the office was pushed open by a pair of slender hands.

A man in a formal suit stepped in.

At the moment, Tang youyou is sitting on the sofa. Seeing him come in, his eyes are beautiful.

In the quiet air, four eyes touch each other, and the electric current flows through each other's eyes and into the heart.

"Will it be boring?" Ji Xiaohan's dull and irritated look at the meeting just now, because she disappeared completely, and her mood was suddenly better. He threw some documents in his hand on the desk and went to her side and sat down.

"What is this?" The cold and quiet eyes of the season owl glanced at the table top and saw that there was a bottle of wine, and the long and narrow eyes narrowed and looked at her beautiful face.

"Well I'm a little thirsty! " Tang youyou had a dry laugh. Just when she transferred to his private leisure room, she found a cupboard with many precious drinks on it. She took a drink for a while.

"You're thirsty. Can you get over drinking?" Knowing her nonsense, the handsome face of the man flashed a smile, as if he had caught her little handle.

Tang youyou laughs again, but he can't find any reason to explain it.

Season owl cold extended his long arm, picked up the wine, found that there was more than half of the wine in it, so he looked up, thin lips on that mouth, also drank two.

Tang youyou is stunned. Then he smiles. It seems that he will not pursue this matter.

"Is xiaonai and Xiaorui off today?" Asked Ji Xiaohan suddenly.

"Yes, just today, winter vacation will begin!" Tang youyou nodded his head. "I want to send you and your children abroad for the new year. Do you have any idea?" Season owl cold suddenly says.