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C1214 two important things

LAN Yanxi heard that he mentioned two important words, and his face was covered in a circle. Isn't everything between her and him family chores now? What else is important?

Is it to discuss marriage with her? Blue

Yan Xi's heart rate suddenly accelerated. I don't know if the cold is serious again, or something else, but my face is boiling hot. "

must be more than I think!" LAN Yanxi's taunt.

If LAN Yanxi didn't want to marry Ling Mo Feng before, now, her idea has changed day by day. She thinks that if she can marry him, it may be that she has accumulated virtue in her last life, so this life can give her such an excellent and considerate man. Well,

, it must be. It seems that she can't do bad things in her life, because she is preparing for the next life. Blue

Yanxi went downstairs with a new set of autumn clothes. The upper part of her body was a dark turtleneck sweater, and the lower part was a long black skirt. Her long hair was tied into a ball head, which was tied on her head. Several wisps of playful hair hung over her ears, which decorated her small and exquisite melon seed face. It looked sweet and lovely, young and difficult to hide.

She stood behind Ling Mo Feng with a smile on her back and pretended to be curious: "what are you cooking?"

"Boiled noodles!" Ling murfeng answered lightly, his movements were very skillful. After finishing the water, he fished up the noodles. Then, he poured the cut side dishes into the pot. After a while of stir frying, the smell was strong. He poured the noodles in and boiled them for scalding. There were thin pieces of new year's meat rolling inside, rolling out the fragrance and warmth of the morning.

LAN Yanxi looked silly and leaned against the wall beside her. She stared at the delicious beef noodles. She licked her lips just because of the bright soup.

It seems that Ling Mo Feng, if not in politics, might be a good seedling of a top chef. Bah, bah, how could she think so?

If Ling Mo Feng knew that she regarded him as a cook, would she kick her out of the door?

"Ling Mo Feng, I remember you said before that you know a little bit about cooking, but I didn't expect you could make so many delicious food. Where did you learn from?" Lanyanxi wants to know more about him, because is there still a lot of secrets in this man? "

learned in the army!" Ling Mo Feng answers her lightly.

"Oh, I see. Have you ever been a soldier?" LAN Yanxi couldn't help asking. "

Yes!" Ling Mo Feng's understatement.

LAN Yanxi bit his lower lip: "no wonder you are in such a good figure..." "

What are you muttering?" Ling Mo Feng actually listened to what she said, and his thin lips went up a little, but he wanted to tease her, so he asked deliberately.

"Ah, nothing. I didn't say anything!" LAN Yanxi secretly glanced at his broad back for two times. The man's figure is really good, great and strong, which makes people feel safe at a glance. Ling

Mo Feng put the beef noodles into two bowls and walked out of the restaurant with them: "OK, you can eat it quickly. I'll go upstairs and change my clothes!"

"Oh! Ling Mo Feng! " LAN Yanxi's two little hands were twisted in front of him. Seeing him go upstairs, she couldn't help but call him back. The man turned around and his eyes were slightly stunned. "

thank you!" Lanyanxi expresses her gratitude immediately. She relies on his family, without any effort, and lets others take care of herself like this. Lanyanxi is ashamed. So when she should say thank you, she will never say it hard. Ling

Mo Feng knows that this girl belongs to a person with simple mind, but when he hears her thanks, he looks a bit trance, and his heart rate suddenly accelerates. The man didn't answer her, but after two seconds, he continued to turn around and walk upstairs.

LAN Yanxi bit her lips. Did he recognize her sincerity just now?

At the moment when Ling Mo Feng turned around, his thin lips rose up. I don't know why. Someone said this thank you to him. He would doubt the truth. But the woman's sincere eyes just now made him in a good mood. That must be true. Ling

when Mo Feng went downstairs again, it was already a suit in dark ink. It was always a white shirt and a dark tie. Today, there may be an important itinerary. He was dressed in a very orthodox and prim manner, like the one he saw under the camera every day. It was serious, which made people dare not be unrestrained in front of him. Blue

Yanxi is sucking a piece of noodles, only to see him appear in front of her. She can't help choking, but she was choked by a piece of noodles. Fortunately, she snapped the noodles in time, otherwise she didn't know how hard it would be. Ling

Mo Feng saw her covering her lips and coughing violently. He looked at her strangely: "what's the matter? A bad cold? " "

No, no, I'm ok, but the noodles you cooked are so delicious, I'm a little anxious!" LAN Yanxi dare not tell the truth, because of his ascetic appearance and choked with fear.

Ling Mo Feng frowned. The eyes of the woman she just felt were sincere. Now she lied, but her face was not red and breathless. She was really an incomprehensible creature. "

by the way, didn't you just say that there was something important to tell me? What's up? " Lanyanxi quickly changed the subject, lest he doubt himself again.

"Didn't you ask me to arrange a job for you? What I've arranged for you is a receptionist in the lobby. Your work is very easy. How about answering the phone, registering and delivering the information? " Ling Mo Feng's light introduction.

"OK, I have no problem. Just ask me more. Can I get in touch with you in this job?" LAN Yanxi looked at him with a smile and asked. He didn't dislike the work at all. Ling

Mo Feng's eyebrows are twisted again. Does this woman really have any requirements? Even happy as a fool. "

no!" Ling Mo Feng's voice is a little cold. "

ah?" LAN Yanxi looks lost. Ling

seeing her such a disappointed look, Mo Feng couldn't help being amused by her and said in a low voice: "what's the matter? Do you want your work to have some contact with me? "

"No, just want to touch your light, let people know that I may be your future wife, and look at me with great admiration!" LAN Yanxi's face was joking.

Ling Mo Feng is bored with her complacent appearance. "

that's the second thing I want to tell you. It's very important. You have to remember every word for me, understand?" Ling Mo Feng is a serious face, no words of laughter.

The frightened Blue Yan Xi hurriedly also collected a face of joking expression, blinked and looked at him and asked: "and the second thing? What is it? "

"It's external. If someone knows our relationship, but you must show a very discordant relationship with me, so that no one can see the real relationship between us." Ling Mo Feng's eyes were fixed on her, with a deep voice. "

what?" LAN Yanxi's brain is empty, which hasn't been reflected for a long time. She wants to touch his light. Now it seems that she can't even see the light.

"Maybe others can investigate that we will get married in the future, but they can't let them know that we get along well. We belong to arranged marriage. By reason, we should not be satisfied with this marriage." Ling Mo Feng continued with a light glance at her.

"Why? Do you really want to let people know that our marriage is not happy? " LAN Yanxi's face was depressed, because she didn't want to be such a result. "

it's only temporary. It's also to protect your safety. You must remember that you should be cool with me outside, and I will do the same to you." Ling Mo Feng finished, then he began to eat noodles. "

What do you mean just now that this can ensure my safety?" Lanyanxi didn't touch the other side of the man, so she really didn't know anything about it. "

I don't want you to become my weakness. Once you let people know that I'm good to you, you'll be in danger. Do you know?" Ling Mo Feng had to solve her puzzles. "

so it is!" LAN Yanxi finally understood what he meant. In politics, the situation is very treacherous. Her grandfather also reminded her that Ling Mo Feng is competing for the presidential election at the moment. His side will certainly be dangerous. He also reminded her to be careful.

"Don't worry, as long as you have a bad relationship with me, you are safe!" Ling Mo Feng comforts her lightly.