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Admit you're interested in him

Tang You You was truly shocked by his sorrowful voice and was infected by it. She knew what kind of pain it was to lose your parents.

She used to think that she had a father, but when her father took her to the hospital for DNA testing, she felt the sky turn dark.

"Because I know very well that children cannot leave their parents. Since they are my children, I should treat them well and not let them repeat my sadness." When Ji Xiao Han spoke, there was a trace of a smile on his face.

Tang You You's eyes had also begun to tear up for some reason. She lowered her head and twisted her fingers, not knowing what to say.

"Since that's the case, why did you only think of having a child back then …"

"I want you now too!" The man's words instantly turned hoarse.

Tang You You's heart was so easily moved, she did not expect Zhe Ge Nan Ren Jing Ran to start spouting such infatuated words again.

"You treat me well because of the children." Tang You You purposely twisted the meaning of his words because he was afraid that the temperature would rise due to his words.

"I don't deny it. It was like this in the beginning!" Ji Xiao Han laughed self-deprecatingly, "Later on, I realized that you had a pretty good personality. Moreover, I didn't feel disgusted when we were together, so I treated you with utmost care."

"Why do you say that? "Do you dislike other women?" Tang You You curled her lips, however, she didn't realize that when she spoke, her tone of voice was obviously not as cold as it was before.

Ji Xiao Han nodded, and said in a cold voice: "Could it be that you haven't discovered it yet? At first, I thought that the person who slept with her five years ago was Tang Xue Rou, but in these five years, I allowed her to come to my side, but I had an inexplicable feeling of disgust towards her. I already knew what she was thinking towards me, but I didn't even give her a chance to eat with me, because, I didn't like the scheming in her eyes, nor her greed.

Tang You You subconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Why did she feel that her body was already warming up without the blanket following the man's words?

"Ji Xiao Han, just think that what you have said is true, but... I... "I'm not as emotional as you are. I'm a chronic person, so I might …"

"Wandering, I don't want to force you to fall in love with me right now, but I hope that our relationship can get hotter step by step, but can you tell me what kind of feeling you have towards me?" Ji Xiao Han's tone was very gentle, giving others the charisma of not being able to reject him.

Tang You You's beautiful eyes flickered randomly as she bit her lower lip. She, who had always been bold, was actually timid at this time.

"Well, I admit that you've been very good to me and the kids lately, and I can't find anything wrong with you. Anyway, I don't hate living with you right now, and as for whether I've fallen in love with you, I don't know." Tang You You mustered up his courage and expressed his inner thoughts.

When Ji Xiao Han heard the two words "something's wrong", his thin lips had already quirked upwards.

This woman sometimes spoke too casually, but using words was still considered appropriate. At least, in Ji Xiao Han's previous circle, he rarely met someone who used words as casually as her, making him feel that it was unavoidably interesting.

"That's a good start, isn't it?" Ji Xiao Han laughed lowly.

Tang You You raised his head and looked at the man. He looked miserable and sad a moment ago, but now he could actually laugh.

I wonder if he was acting.

"So what's your relationship with your mother now?" Tang You You asked curiously.

Ji Xiao Han's expression instantly turned cold and his tone became as cold as ice, "I have not seen her for many years and I do not wish to see her."

Tang You You was startled, she did not expect that after harming him, he would actually choose to cut all ties with her mother.

"So you're not going to see her again for the rest of your life?"

"Unless he leaves that man!" Ji Xiao Han said coldly.

Tang You You felt that it was not strange that he had such a request.

"Are you sure you won't see her again if she doesn't leave him?"

"I don't know!" The man's voice instantly became heavy.

Tang You You was stunned for a moment. She thought that this man would definitely say yes, but she never expected that he didn't even know the answer himself.

"Mm, it's getting late. You drank too and went to bed early. I'll go next door and sleep with the children." Tang You You didn't want to continue asking, because the man's scars were painful enough.

"En!" Ji Xiao Han did not stop her.

"Oh, right. Xiao Nai told me to ask you if you want to go out of the country tomorrow!" Tang You You turned around and grabbed the handle of the door.

Ji Xiao Han thought of his own daughter, and his expression instantly recovered its warmth: "Of course I'm going.

The corner of Tang You You's mouth raised upwards for some reason, and then, he gently closed the door.