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C1790 demands too much

In her drowsiness, LAN Yanxi heard her son crying. She woke up immediately. She thought she had slept for a long time and found that she only slept for less than two hours after watching the time. But these two hours, she really slept heavily and relaxed.

"Mom, let me feed him." LAN Yanxi heard Ling Mo Feng's voice outside the door. She was curious. She looked back and saw the picture behind the wall.

The little guy must be hungry. My mother-in-law is going to feed him milk powder.

"What do you know, a big man? This is my little grandson. I'll come." Ling's mother has long forgotten the existence of her son. At the moment, her eyes are full of that cute little guy.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes were slightly shocked. Before the little guy was born, he felt that his mother had no place in her mind. Now he guessed it.

"Mom, I don't know, but you can teach me. I will feed him every day. If you don't teach me, I will starve him later. Don't blame me." Mr. President, in front of his mother, he was childish like a child and threatened his mother and his parents.

"Dare you!" Ling's mother immediately gave him a stern look: "if my grandson is hungry and thin, how can I treat you?"

"Then you should let me learn to feed him now." Ling Mo Feng said that he had gently carried his son from his mother's arms. I don't know if he was not comfortable enough. The sound of the instrument was louder.

"Don't cry, don't cry. Your mommy is sleeping. Don't wake her up." Ling Mo Feng looks at the baby in his arms who can't communicate. Jun's face is wrinkled. He doesn't have a manual. What should he do next?

"Yes, yes, my dear grandson, don't cry. My mother is sleeping." Ling mother also hurriedly coax him gently, heartache just finished producing daughter-in-law.

"Give him milk quickly. Didn't you see that he was hungry and crying?" Ling Mo Feng's mother sees Ling Mo Feng's hands are stiff and just holding him, but she doesn't hurry to send the pacifier to his little mouth.

Ling Mo Feng's hand with a smile of steel is holding a delicate and small milk bottle at the moment. He is in a hurry for a while, but he still aims directly at his son with a big mouth.

"Be light!" Ling's mother looked at him and was very distressed. The man just didn't know how to live carefully. His grandson was just born, so he was treated like this.

"Mom, look, he's not crying." Ling Mo Feng's face was instantly overjoyed, and he stared down at the little guy who was drinking hard. He was really so hungry that he cried.

Ling's mother also looked at him with a happy face. She was excited and happy. Ling's family finally had a future. In the future, she must train this little grandson to be as good as his father. No, no, she must be better than his father. Ling's mother thought to herself and looked at her son.

"Mom, why are you staring at me like this? If you have grandchildren, don't you want them? " Ling Mo Feng raised his head, saw his mother staring at him without blinking, his back was cold, and felt that his mother seemed to be full of dislike for him.

"I'm thinking about how to cultivate my grandchildren in the future." Ling's mother is not polite to her son.

Ling Mo Feng looked surprised and couldn't believe it: "Mom, he just came to the world on the first day, you even want to give him so much pressure?"? It's cruel. "

"Whatever you know, you have to start with dolls. It's too late for you to catch them at the beginning. That's why you're nearly thirty years old, and then you can make them." Ling's mother doesn't think so.

"Mom, you've worked hard for my sister and me for half of your life. For the rest of your life, you'll have a good romance with your father, and you won't think about the next generation. I'll be responsible for my son's education with Yanxi." As soon as Ling Mo Feng saw the light in his mother's eyes, he held a pair of tears of sympathy for his son. He thought of how he had come to this day step by step. He really felt that it was too heavy. The courage on his shoulders did not dare to stop for a moment.

"At first, I thought that if Yanxi had a daughter, I would take her to play with your father. Yanxi gave birth to an heir to Ling's family, so the fun would have to be put away and education would be better." Ling's mother mumbled to herself.

Ling Mo Feng's thin lips twitched for a moment. This is the family style of Ling's family. Sons and daughters will not treat each other equally. Sons are used to carry on the family line and shoulder the glorious mission. Daughters are used to hurt, get used to, and indulge, just like their younger sisters. To get a general score is a miracle in the eyes of their parents and masters. It's just a marvel. It's not like him. The whole school takes an exam The first time I came back, I had to be scolded because the score didn't meet my parents' expectation. It was too hard to be a son of Ling's family.

LAN Yanxi lies on the bed and listens to the conversation between her mother and son outside the door. She is about to laugh, but she can't laugh too loudly. After all, it's eavesdropping.

"No, hiss!" LAN Yanxi still laughed and pulled her wound.

Outside the door, the mother and the son woke up immediately. Ling's mother came in to care: "Yan Xi, what's the matter with you? Does it still hurt? "

"No, no, no, Ma, I'm fine. I'm It hurt a bit. " LAN Yanxi tried hard to suppress the smile. She could not let her mother-in-law know that she had been eavesdropping for a long time.

"Your child, the doctor said that you should have a good rest first. Don't worry about your child. Mo Feng and I are watching. My father sent my grandfather back first. I have to go to school for warmth. If you have anything, please tell my mother, don't mention it." Ling's mother is more pleased to see LAN Yanxi at the moment. She feels that she is the great hero of Ling's family. She will send such a lovely child to them. In this life, she will be grateful to her.

LAN Yanxi listened to her mother-in-law's concern. Her eyes were moist, and she answered gently.

At the moment, Lingmo Feng is still fighting with his son. The little guy doesn't even reach the milk to drink. He immediately opens his mouth and starts to cry. The blue mother listens and rushes out to see the situation.

"Why are you crying again?" Blue mother asked.

"I don't know. I ate well. I cried again. Maybe I'm full." Ling said he was helpless.

"Can you send the pacifier in? The baby is just born and doesn't have that much strength." Ling's mother is from here. Seeing that her son is just putting his pacifier on the mouth of the little guy, he can't get it if he wants to use his strength. Can he not be in a hurry?

Ling Mo Feng was educated by his mother, so he had to throw his son to his mother to feed him. Then he got up and walked to the bedroom.

LAN Yanxi looks at the tall body coming towards her, her face is inexplicably ashamed, thinking of the hurt he pulled just now because of a joke, she quickly hides in the quilt.

Ling Mo Feng steps in leisurely, seeing the woman hiding in, he looks at her with a little consternation.

Yan Xi is not angry with him. Don't you want to see him?