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Old blue man's words, like a mug, hit LAN Yanxi's head hard and woke her up. She suddenly felt cold all over. If Grandpa hadn't reminded her, she really didn't know that her situation would be so dangerous. Yes,

ah, she has always held 20% of the company's equity, which is the living expenses left by her father and her mother. Although she doesn't directly handle the company's affairs, it's really a large amount of monthly dividends to her account, so she can spend all these years. Ye is worthy of hurting her, and even calculated for her, but she is still self righteous and pursuing freedom and self. LAN Yanxi suddenly feels that she is unfilial and unworthy of her grandfather's hard work.

Lanyanxi breathed a little. What happiness and free love are far away from her. The first thing she has to do is to protect her life.

If she married Ling Mo Feng, her uncle would never dare to give her the idea of holding shares. She has money and dependence, and she can still live a decent life. "

it turns out that it's a transaction, and I'm still conceited and take the other side as a devil to hate and guard against. What am I?" LAN Yanxi laughs at herself. After she understands all this, she decides to apologize to Ling Mo Feng. Just now, her words are so fierce that she may hurt the other party.

LAN Yanxi took a deep breath, walked to the door, opened the door, and suddenly saw Ling Mo Feng who was raising his hand to knock at the door. Both of them were stunned. "

want to go out?" Ling Mo Feng put down his frozen hand and asked with a light smile. "

what can I do for you?" LAN Yanxi's voice also calmed a lot, a pair of beautiful eyes raised, coagulated on his face to ask.

"Lunch is ready. I want you to go down!" Ling Mo Feng whispered. "

Oh, let's go!" LAN Yanxi looks unnatural. Maybe her mood has changed, which makes her look good at Ling Mo Feng. When she thinks that she needs his help in the future, she can no longer stand up. Ling

Mo Feng's eyes narrowed. Seeing that the woman was not as aggressive as before, he was also depressed.

"Are you not angry with me?" Ling Mo Feng couldn't help being curious. Blue

Yanxi bit his lower lip and nodded: "I think it's useless to be angry with you. Since things are already like this, it's better to get along well with you." "

What did your grandfather tell you?" Ling Mo Feng is so smart. Of course, she knows that her anger can't disappear easily. Someone must have said something to her. Blue

Yan Xi's face is a little red. Ling Mo Feng's eyes are really poisonous. Even this can be seen. "

Yes, I called my grandfather and he said something to me, which made me think it over!" LAN Yanxi nodded and didn't want to hide it from him.

"What did he tell you?" Two people walked downstairs side by side. Blue

yanximeier wriggled and asked, "Lingmo Feng, do you know that I will marry you?"

"I don't think so!" Ling Mo Feng replied lightly.

"But you know where I am, don't you?" LAN Yan shidun stopped and looked up at him with complicated emotions. Ling

Mo Fengjun's face was slightly shocked. Then he nodded: "I know something, but it doesn't prove anything. If you really don't want to marry me, I can't help but force you!"

"If If I said, I'll think about it. Do you think I'm snobbish? " LAN Yanxi lowered her eyes in shame and did not dare to look at the man's real city eyes. She felt that her previous behavior was too willful and did not take the whole situation into consideration. Instead, she let Grandpa have some thoughts.

"No, everyone has their own interests to protect. Am I not the same as you? If you can think about it, we will have a better time if we take what we need. " Ling Mo Feng smiled faintly. Blue

Yan Xi just looked up, saw the moment when the corner of his mouth was rising, and was slightly stunned, only to find that the way he smiled was so charming and beautiful. "

if you don't think I'm too snobbish, I'll try to get along with you." Lanyanxi thought of her mother who had no power in the blue family. If she didn't feel hurt by her grandfather, she would have been kicked out of the blue family with her mother.

"You know the situation. You are the daughter of the blue family!" Ling Mo Feng knew the situation of the blue family. Before, she really worried about it. Now, it seems that this woman is still able to recognize the situation and become a person who knows the current affairs.

"I was born in the blue family, I see many things in my eyes, I don't care, because I don't like it, but it doesn't mean that I really don't care, I have to protect my mother's life and me." LAN Yanxi sighed and laughed at herself. "

it's a good practice to know the past but not the past!" Ling Mo Feng rarely praised and affirmed her. "

don't make fun of me. In front of you, I'm afraid that I can't hide this thought. You are the one with clear eyes and clear mind." LAN Yanxi dare not show off in front of Ling Mo Feng. "

well, it seems that I'm terrible to be told by you." Ling Mo Feng is not flattered. Blue

Yan Xi bowed his head and smiled sheepishly: "only when I get along with you can I find that you are not terrible."

"Don't be so naive. Even if I become your husband later, we are also trading partners. You'd better guard against me, so as not to hurt me and make me cry." Ling Mo Feng said jokingly. Listen to the words "to my husband". Blue Yanxi's face is hard and red.

This strange word will become very familiar from now on.

Two people have come downstairs, the table has been placed on the lunch of delicious food, two people sit opposite.

LAN Yanxi bowed his head and ate the meal in silence. He was calm inside.

Ling Mo Feng also ate slowly and methodically, with elegant taste and noble spirit.

"We have a hard fight to fight next." Ling Mo Feng suddenly said. "

what battle?" LAN Yanxi looks surprised.

"You think your two uncles will let you marry me so successfully?" Ling Mo Feng made light sarcasm.

LAN Yanxi's whole body is stiff, cold sense rises from the back, confused way: "but, I escape so many days, they also didn't how to me?" "

that's because you're running away from marriage. They think you don't want to marry me. Of course, they like it. But now, when they know you're with me, do you think they can still sit?" Ling Mo Feng's eyes flashed, and he felt that he had successfully set up two enemies, and all because of the woman in front of him.

"Then What would they do to me? " LAN Yanxi immediately got nervous and took a sip of water.

"Either kill you and take your equity directly, or Interfere with our emotional development! " Ling Mo Feng said lightly.