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As night fell, in a private club, Yang Chu Chu, dressed in a pure white princess dress, was celebrating her eighteenth birthday together with her close friends in the circle.

The number of friends that she invited over wasn't many, but they were all friends that she felt she had played pretty well. Amongst them, Ji Yue Ze, as her boss, naturally came to the scene to celebrate for him.

When it was around seven in the morning, Tang You You hurriedly pushed open the door and entered.

Sitting at the counter, Ji Yue Ze who had already rejected multiple beauties, had obviously not expected Yang Chu Chu to invite him here. The moment he saw her push open the door and enter, the hand holding the wine cup slightly froze.

"Yan-jie, I thought you weren't coming anymore. I was so happy that you came!" Yang Chu Chu immediately ran over and hugged Tang You You. Her beautiful face was filled with happiness.

Tang You You also patted her shoulder, "Chuchu, happy birthday, a small present, I hope you will like it!" Tang You You took out his present.

Thank you, Sister Lu, I already said, don't give me any gifts, I was already very happy when you arrived. In the beginning, I didn't think I could invite you, but now you are the Li Family's Young Mistress. Yang Chu Chu said with a childish smile.

Tang You You was speechless, and immediately smiled: "Don't be like that, we are also friends, it is already my honor and privilege for you to invite me here!"

"Oh, right, I've invited my boss over as well. You're his sister-in-law, go and chat with him. He was just arguing about leaving, saying that I'm too bored here." Yang Chu Chu immediately grabbed Tang You You's hand and pulled her towards Ji Yue Ze.

When Tang You You just entered, she did not pay attention to what kind of friends Yang Chu Chu had invited over. She had originally wanted to come here and start a fight before almost leaving.

Even though Yang Chu Chu was young, her impression of her was not bad. She knew that she was also a very simple and hardworking good girl.

But when she saw Yang Chu Chu forcefully push her to sit beside Ji Yue Ze, the smile on her face froze for some reason.

Ji Yue Ze did not expect Yang Chu Chu to pull Tang You You and walk towards him, and when he reacted, Tang You You was seated right beside him.

Tang You You was also extremely embarrassed.

"To think that you would come as well!" Ji Yue Ze turned his head to the side, and his gaze swept across Tang You You's face.

Tang You You also laughed dryly, "That's right, Chuchu called me a few times. With such a passionate invitation, it would be bad if you did not come to visit!"

"Sis You, you should chat with my boss first. I still have a program later, you have to eat my cake before you leave!" After Yang Chu Chu said this very enthusiastically, she went to call her friends again.

The two of them sat on the sofa with unnatural expressions on their faces.

"Have a drink!" Ji Yue Ze reached out and handed over a glass of red wine.

Tang You You took it and whispered, "Thank you!"

"Are the children alright? I haven't seen them for a while, I miss them a bit." Ji Yue Ze's expression returned to normal and his voice became slightly deeper.

Ever since he confessed to Tang You You, he could no longer pretend to be that relaxed and rogue personality of his.

Tang You You also truthfully replied, "They're all fine and they also want to see you. If you have the time, go home and eat a meal; your grandfather and grandmother also miss you every day."

"I recently... "I'm a little busy, we'll see." It was not that Ji Yue Ze didn't want to return, but that he didn't dare.

Tang You You could hear the guilt in his tone, and subconsciously, she bit her lips, placed the wine cup to her lips and took a sip.

"Look at how happy Yang Chu Chu is, do you think he will come?" Ji Yue Ze leaned on the chair behind him again and lightly changed the topic.

"Who?" Tang You You was a little astonished, but after that, she suddenly thought of the person Yang Chu Chu secretly liked, and couldn't help but laugh: "I can't guess as well, I didn't ask them if they have developed or not."

"As far as I know, they should already be dating." Ji Yue Ze Dan Dan said.

"Really? "That's good. A lover should have a good home to return to!" Tang You You rejoiced.

Ji Yue Ze's eyes turned slightly unsightly as he said indifferently: "Having a lover does not necessarily mean there will be a good home, it just depends on luck."

Tang You You turned her head, her gaze gently falling on his face, and she felt that the wine in the cup had become somewhat bitter.

Yang Chu Chu was chatting with her friends when she suddenly received a call.

She went to the side to answer it, her beautiful face beaming with happiness.

However, after he finished answering the phone, the smile on Yang Chu Chu's face became a little forced.

Just at this time, another person came. This time, Yang Chu Chu's entire being was standing at the door in a daze.

Because, there were a few of her friends standing outside the door, and at the same time, another person had actually come uninvited. It was Mi Fei Er.

The clothes she wore today was simply too beautiful. As she stood outside the door, the light from the lamp fell upon her body, for a moment, it actually overshadowed Yang Chu Chu's limelight.

"What is it? Miss Yang, do you not welcome me? These people are also my good friends in the industry. I just returned home, so I didn't have any place to play, so I wanted to come over to get some fun from you. " Mi Fei Er said while smiling gracefully.

Yang Chu Chu was still young after all, and was simply unable to deal with this kind of sudden situation.

"Chuchu, this is Mi Fei Er. She has a few branded companies under her, she will definitely come into contact with them often!" One of the women quickly explained.

"Oh, since you're here, come in and take a seat!" In front of so many friends, it was naturally not good to drive Mi Fei Er away. She could only endure the displeasure in her heart and let Mi Fei Er come in to take a seat.

Mi Fei Er immediately threw over a word of thanks, and then walked in with graceful steps.

Because of boredom, Tang You You's gaze was always on the main character Yang Chu Chu, and seeing her standing there by herself, she stood up, walked towards her and patted her on the shoulder: "Chuchu, what's wrong? Are you disappointed that he didn't come? "

Yang Chu Chu turned her head to look at Tang You You, and suddenly grabbed her hand: "Big Sis Shan, let's go out and chat!"

Tang You You stared blankly before being forcefully dragged towards Walk Outside by Yang Chu Chu.

Seeing that Yang Chu Chu had brought Tang You You out, Ji Yue Ze's eyes slightly narrowed, and in an instant, a layer of gloom covered his face.

What was this Yang Chu Chu doing?

And at this moment, Yang Chu Chu used a lot of strength to bring Tang You You to the very end of the corridor to a corner.