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The Pei An Xin of the past simply did not know how the world worked, but now, she had become strong, and did not need to rely on anyone anymore. This feeling made Mu Shi Ye feel uncomfortable, and he wanted to love and love her even more.

Pei An Xin bit his lower lip and laughed coldly: "I don't want to experience the feeling of being kicked out again!"

Mu Shi Ye's strong body trembled again. Could it be that three years ago, it was not her who moved away from his home, but his mother who drove his out?

"An Xin, I'm sorry, I didn't know …"

"You don't need to apologize to me. I have long recognized the reality of this situation and the identity between us!" Pei An Xin had already felt relieved, just that, when she thought about how her journey had been thrown out that day, her heart still felt some pain.

If not for her persistent love for Mu Shi Ye, how could she have allowed others to humiliate her?

Unfortunately, in this world, love could not represent everything. It could not surpass the cruelty of reality, nor could it change the complexity of human nature.

Mu Shi Ye looked at her slim body, not knowing how to comfort her.

The little guy in his embrace reached out to touch his face, pinched his nose, and then tugged at his hair. It was very mischievous, but it was also very adorable.

"Go play with her. I'll call you when I've finished cooking!" Pei An Xin turned his head and saw that his daughter seemed to be very interested in Mu Shi Ye.

Mu Shi Ye could only nod his head: "Alright, I'll take her to play! If you need any help, you can call me! "

"No need!" Pei An Xin said indifferently.

Mu Shi Ye carried her daughter into his toy room. The little guy was interested in everything, and when Mu Shi Ye casually teased her, she could laugh very happily with very little laughter.

An hour later, Pei An Xin came over to call them for dinner.

Mu Shi Ye carried his daughter to the dining table and sat down. Seeing the fragrant three dishes and a soup on the table, he suddenly felt at home.

Even though he came from a wealthy background, he had never experienced the true warmth of a home ever since he was young.

His parent's relationship was cold, and they often did not get together to eat, so Mu Shi Ye liked to go out and run more, and the more he went out, the more he forgot what it meant to be at home.

At this moment, although the dishes in front of him were not that precious, and even though they did not look good, Mu Shi Ye felt that they had a meaning that could be compared to every meal he ate at home.

Pei An Xin picked up his daughter's food and prepared to feed her. When he raised his head and saw that Mu Shi Ye was not moving his chopsticks at all, he couldn't help but ask, "What happened to you? Do you think the food I cook is not tasty? "

Mu Shi Ye's expression shook, and chuckled as he replied: "Of course not, how could I dislike your cooking? If you are willing to cook for me, then I will be very happy and satisfied. "

Pei An Xin disapprovingly snorted: "Who wants to cook for you? I'm cooking for my daughter and me, I'm just cooking for you!"

Mu Shi Ye knew that she was saying these kind of angry words on purpose, so he didn't bother with his.

The taste was pretty good!

"Daddy, hello!" Xiao Cheng Cheng, who had built a good relationship with Mu Shi Ye earlier, suddenly had a small outburst. She did not want Pei An Xin to feed her anymore.

Mu Shi Ye was startled for a second, and in the next moment, he immediately sat on the other side of his daughter happily. He said complacently: "Did you hear that, my daughter can't leave me anymore!"

Pei An Xin was amused by his words. Was this what it meant to not leave?

When Xiao Cheng Cheng was having fun, she did not like to eat anymore. When Mu Shi Ye tried to coax her, she only opened her mouth to bite a little.

Mu Shi Ye had been feeding his daughter for more than half an hour and it was almost time for him to start sweating.

"Is Cheng Cheng full now?" Mu Shi Ye looked at the remaining rice and vegetables in his bowl in doubt, and couldn't help but ask Pei An Xin.

Mu Shi Ye had no choice but to put down his bowl and spoon and begin to eat quietly.

When the little guy saw him eating, it immediately gaped, asking him to feed it!

Mu Shi Ye realized that his daughter's little personality was extremely weird. Just now, she did not want to feed her, but now that he had eaten, she was making a ruckus again. Sigh, he had deeply experienced Pei An Xin's hard work as a single mother.

In one meal, after eating for an hour, Mu Shi Ye realized that he had eaten more than usual. Could it be because this woman's cooking skills were really that good?

Or was it because he was in a good mood that his appetite was broadened?

No matter what, Mu Shi Ye felt that tonight was a night worthy of his memories.

After the meal, it was time to bathe the little guy.

Xiao Cheng Cheng's small mouth was still extremely sweet. By calling her father so intimately, Mu Shi Ye instantly felt the responsibility of a father.

Pei An Xin would never fight with him, since he wanted to fulfill his father's responsibility, he would just let him repay the debt.

Mu Shi Ye took off the suit jacket s and threw them on the sofa. Wearing a black shirt with half of it rolled up, revealing half of its sturdy arms.

Pei An Xin had already known that this man's figure was very good. He had seen him countless times before, and the mark that he could not erase from the bottom of her heart a long time ago.

Every time she came back to her dreams at midnight, she would always be able to control her exhaustion and mental defenses as she quietly immersed herself in her own world.

Her entire world was occupied by a man named Mu Shi Ye.

Pei An Xin missed him, but she dreaded thinking about him. He was busy with work and children during the day, so she didn't have that much time to let her imagination run wild.

What they were most afraid of was the arrival of night. When the sounds of the entire world had disappeared, their calm hearts would begin to grow restless.

Mu Shi Ye did not notice her tiny movements as he walked into the bathroom and gave the little fellow a bath.

Actually, he hadn't even bathed the little guy yet. Previously, when he was bringing the little guy along, he shamelessly ran over to Ji Xiao Han's home. Thus, the little guy's every bath was taken by Tang You You on his behalf.