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Gao Yue's success in turning himself into a journalist is to visit Ji Xiaohan at the ribbon cutting ceremony on the day when Ji's group branch was founded, so as to impress him deeply.

After many days of training, Gao Yue has the sharp temperament of a reporter. Today is her good day, and she has the chance to see Ji Xiaohan again.

For Gao Yue, the man who can't get it is always full of challenge. What she believes is that life is about tossing. No matter whether it's good or bad, there must be a result. She will never give up.

In the morning, Tang youyou woke up from his sleep. In his daze, he saw a tall and upright figure standing by the bed, attaching himself to her and kissing on her forehead.

Tang youyou blinks his eyes hard, only to find that it's not a dream.

"You have a ribbon cutting ceremony today. Can't I really go?" Tang youyou turns over lazily, lies on the bed, raises a pretty little face, long hair hangs down smoothly, looks a little pitiful.

Ji Xiaohan sits on the edge of the bed, fingers gently pinched on her face, voice low and comforted: "long, not to let you go, do not want to make you dangerous, there are too many people, I am not at ease."

"Then you go, I don't feel at ease, or you won't go!" Although Tang youyou doesn't know the danger, since he is worried about her, she is worried too.

"As the boss of the company, if I don't show up, don't I want to make people laugh?" Season owl cold chuckles, the voice is deep as wine, it is intoxicating.

Tang youyou likes to see the gentle smile of a man, which can make her feel good all day.

"Then you should be careful yourself. If you are in danger, run quickly, you know?" Tang youyou also feels that what she said just now is unreasonable. Fear is not Ji Xiaohan's character, so she still asks him to do what he wants or must do, but she must also tell him.

"What you call running, is running for life?" Ji Xiaohan feels that her words are inexplicably picturesque. In addition to her embarrassing escape five years ago after being drugged, she really has no such humiliating behavior.

"Well, yes!" Tang youyou nodded seriously.

"Well, I'll listen to you. It's dangerous. Run away now!" Once again, Ji Xiaohan was amused by her.

Tang youyou squints at meimou, grabs the back of his hand and takes a bite: "what are you laughing at?"

"It's nothing. You can stay at home. Isn't it boring?" Ji Xiaohan loves her.

"A little!" Tang youyou is not a locked up person. When she comes down, she will feel that she has no goal in life and lost her direction. Even in the last few days, she starts to think about it.

"Blame me, I got you into this life." Ji Xiaohan can't help blaming himself. Although Tang youyou lived a life without money before, her life can be freely chosen. Now it's different. He gives her a halo, but makes her the target in other people's eyes.

Tang youyou was stunned for a moment and shook his head: "I don't blame you. I know it's only temporary. When you and your good friend Ling Mo Feng win, our life will return to normal. In fact, I can venture out, but I'm greedy for life and fear of death. I just want to be safe. I'd better take two kids at home."

Ji Xiaohan didn't expect that she would comfort herself in turn, and her love deepened a lot.

"By the way, I'd like to remind you a few words, don't think I'm a housewife here, you can mess around outside!" Tang youyou didn't know where the anger came from. A pretty face filled with resentment stared at the man.

Ji Xiaohan looks at her innocently, and her eyes are bigger than usual.

"Yo, what are you thinking? How can I come here?" Ji Xiaohan is a little confused. This woman even worries about this. He really wants to show his sincerity to her. What he hates most in his life is that someone else comes to interfere in his marriage. No matter the man or the woman, if the problem is him, he will solve it by himself. But if there is a man who feels like a long life, he will never sit down I don't care.

"That's not necessarily. You look so beautiful. It's hard for a woman not to move you!" Tang youyou's peering at his handsome face. He's born with a good skin. He's the darling of heaven. But he's a man, a darling of men?

Season owl coldly frowned and touched her head tenderly: "long time, it seems that if you are bored and flustered, you will be confused, or I'll send someone to send you out for shopping. It's said that spending money can cure all women's bad mood. I'll give you the card, just take it and brush it. You can buy as much as you want, don't save it for me! "

"Ah, what a crazy voice! Can I buy Tang youyou with money?" Tang youyou listens to the man's words, obviously in the heart is happy, but on the mouth does not admit, also shunbai rewarded the man a big white eye.

"You can say that, I'm so happy. If you can't even sell my money, those men who don't make much money without me can't become my rival." Ji Xiaohan answers her with a funny face.

"The money can't be collected and sold, but the beauty can. I'm superficial and handsome. I don't have any resistance in general..."

"You, believe it or not, I'll lock you up for another two months?" The man's face suddenly looks ugly. This woman is so lawless that she dare to play in front of him. She also says that she will be confused by other men's face value. When he doesn't exist?

Don't get me wrong, I only love your face

"That's your taste!" The man's face looked good. He knew she was joking, but the man was angry. He didn't like this kind of joke.

"It's so boring!" Tang youyou rolls to the bed, pulls the quilt and decides to sleep for a while.

"Who are you talking about?" She thought that the man had let her go, but next second, she was directly pressed on the bed by the season owl cold in the suit, and her small hands were also buckled by his big hands. He squinted at her and said, "say it again!"

Tang youyou didn't expect this man to be more real. Her beautiful eyes flashed a little flustered. Thinking of the amazing physical exercise last night, she gave up in a flash.


As soon as she was about to speak, she heard a small head coming in by the door, and then, it was the second!

"Brother, what's mom and Dad doing? Fight? " Ji xiaonai blinked big eyes and asked with a face covered in circles.

The next second, her eyes were covered by a pair of small hands that were stretched out quickly.

At the moment, the two people in the bed are petrified. In minutes and seconds, Ji Xiaohan turns over from the bed, walks to the door with long legs, opens the door, and sees a pair of children standing by the door.

”Brother, what are you doing? Don't cover people's eyes! " Ji xiaonai stared at his brother angrily.

When Ji Xiaohan saw his son, he seemed to realize the relationship between men and women. His heart was shocked.

Squatting down, the man and his son looked at each other: "Xiaorui, explain to your sister that I was just playing with your mommy, not bullying her!"

Tang youyou hurriedly put on a nightgown and walked out, pushing the man: "you go to work, I'll come!"

Ji Xiaohan almost fell to the ground after being pushed by a man. He stood up quickly with a bright red face and saw Tang youyou blink at him. He left immediately and wisely.

Tang youyou looks at his daughter with a mask on her face and a meaningful son with a smile. "Well, I haven't arranged your homework for today. Let's have breakfast downstairs first..."

When I heard the word "homework", I didn't want to hear the explanation. I ran away.

"It's really fast!" Tang youyou's expression is stupefied. Listening to the footsteps of the two little guys, she has gone downstairs. She sighs: "I don't know whose gene is inherited because I don't like to write homework!"

Think of how I used to be a good student. It must be inherited from Ji Xiaohan. It must be.

Ji Xiaohan thought of the chaotic appearance of the war just now, and the smile on the corner of his mouth kept flying. He forgot to restrain himself. Such a family atmosphere is what he likes and what he is infatuated with.

Children are naughty and lovely. Apart from trying to earn money and raise them, he really doesn't know what other fun can make him yearn for more than this kind of life.