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Ling wennuan really ran to take two small bottles of fruit wine, which have the flavor of Bayberry and apple. Ling wennuan likes the packaging of small bottles very much. It's a little ancient style. People can imagine how delicious the wine is just looking at it.

"It's warm. Don't drink so much. Just take a few sips. This kind of wine is very powerful."

Mu Weicheng has been here for several years. He still has some knowledge of the wine culture here. Looking at the delicious taste, but in fact, if he can't drink, he will be easily confused by their beautiful appearance and get drunk.

"Don't look down on me. I'm not a bad drinker. In order to sleep well in the evening, I don't think these two bottles are enough."

Ling warms to shout to answer, a pair of confident full expression.

Mu Wei Cheng can't help but smile angrily and shake his head. She is really a girl who doesn't know the height of the earth. She gets drunk for a while, but don't say that she saw the joke.

Delicious dishes are served, a large plate of chicken, a dense beef, a thick soup and a green vegetable. It smells very fragrant and makes people have a big appetite.

Lingnuan can't wait to open a bottle of wine, take chopsticks, eat vegetables and drink at the same time. It's really hard to describe the taste. She feels that such a life is enough to satisfy her. She drinks the sweetest wine, eats the most delicious dishes and looks at her favorite man.

Looking at her face, Mu Weicheng can't cry or laugh. How satisfied she is to show such an intoxicating expression.

Ling Nuan is in a really good mood. After she drinks, she squints at Mu Weicheng, who is silly. Mu Weicheng quickly puts the fattest chicken leg in her bowl: "eating enough is Kung Fu. Don't patronize drinking."

Ling wennuan looked at the big fat chicken leg and smiled happily: "Mu Weicheng, don't treat me so well, I will expand. In case I float one day and like to bully you, don't blame me. You are used to it."

Mu Weicheng looked at her small face and could not help laughing and sighing: "eat your meal. Such delicious food can't stop your mouth."

Ling wennuan stares at him uninteresting. After wearing a glove directly, he picks up the chicken leg and takes a bite. The meat is crisp and tender. It tastes like three cents. It's really earthy. Ling wennuan instantly turns into a foodie and decides to wipe out all the dishes.

In contrast to Ling's easygoing nature, Mu Weicheng keeps his elegance and Jin's holding, eating and drinking slowly. In fact, this moment is also very happy and satisfying for him. The girl he loves is sitting opposite him, looking at him from time to time with a pair of charming smile eyes. He has never loved so easily.

There are several passionate and unrestrained girls at the dinner party. Maybe it's because there are so many people, so everyone's courage is also great. They even start to play a game. The loser must go to the next table to ask for contact information.

One of the long and gorgeous girls, their eyes were on Mu Weicheng, because in this restaurant, there are basically couples in pairs. They feel that the game is very challenging. If they can ask for a man's phone in front of each other's girlfriend, that's the proof of charm.

Ling wennuan had noticed the girls at that table for a long time, because their voices were loud and noisy.

Finally, the gorgeous girl lost the game. She took a glass of wine on the table and drank it up. Under the advice of a group of female friends, she walked to the table of Mu Weicheng and Ling Nuan with intoxicated steps.

"Handsome boy, swimming and fitness to understand, give a contact, I give you discount oh."

That girl was very clever and immediately took out the means of sales promotion. She felt that if she asked each other directly, she would definitely not arrive. She had to find a way.

Ling wennuan stared at the girl in surprise. Unexpectedly, she came directly to ask Mu Weicheng for a phone call.

Mu Weicheng calmly took a sip of tea and answered coldly, "no interest."

The girl thought that Mu Weicheng would look at her at least, and then politely refused her in front of her girlfriend, but what she didn't expect was that Mu Weicheng threw out three words directly. Moreover, his whole body's momentum suddenly spread out, making people have no courage to disturb his meal again.

"Handsome man, don't be so ruthless. Support others' work."

That girl with their long beautiful, especially charming to lift their long hair, tilt the body, she is wearing a tight low collar T-shirt, so, the moment she leans, the advantage is obvious.

Ling wennuan's eating slowed down and her eyes widened. Then she laughed directly: "this elder sister, are you right? He's my boyfriend. You're coming to ask for the phone blatantly. I don't know if you're too confident or too lonely and empty and cold?"

The girl didn't expect lingnuan to meet her directly. The people around her looked at her. She was ashamed at once, so she didn't dare to talk any more. She turned around and went back to her place.

Mu Weicheng bowed his head and chuckled with his thin lips. He didn't expect lingnuan's ability to treat people is not small.

Ling wennuan glared at him angrily: "are you looking at her?"

Mu Weicheng sat lying on the gun, looking innocent: "where can I have it?"

"Otherwise, why did she ask you for your contact information?

You must have hinted at her. "

Ling warm pretty face is not happy.

"Warm, if you are full, let's go back first. Don't be angry about this kind of thing again."

Looking at her beautiful eyes, Mu Weicheng was unhappy. He immediately got up and came to take her small hand.

Ling wennuan stood up and suddenly found that there was still a bottle of wine beside her. She took it directly and drank it all at once. Then she took her backpack and followed Mu Weicheng to the front desk to check out.

Mu Weicheng looked at her incredulously: "two bottles of wine, have you finished?"

Ling warm nodded: "I'm in a bad mood, so I have to drink some wine."

"There is a pedestrian street nearby. It's very busy at night. Otherwise, let's go first and then go back."

Mu Weicheng proposed in a low voice.

"Well, hang out with you."

Ling warm face submissive expression.

Mu Weicheng closes the account and leads her to the direction of the pedestrian street. Ling wennuan is still awake just now. When she gets to the side of the car, she suddenly falls into a virtual floating under her feet, almost unsteadily. The whole person leans against Mu Weicheng.

Mu Weicheng was originally holding her small hand. Now he put his arms around her slender waist and stabilized her body.

Ling wennuan opened his mouth and smiled, "it's too dark. I'm dazzled. I can't see the road clearly."

Mu Weicheng is speechless, and he begins to get drunk.