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C1161. It's true. It's true

Yang ChuChu asked the assistant to drop all those unlucky things into the garbage can, but his heart was still uncomfortable. What kind of hatred is it? Do you have to curse her with these things? Yang carefully thought about it, but I haven't had a deep hatred recently? It's hard to imagine who did it. Yang ChuChu won't think about it. If the other party still has the next move, she will wait and see. If she finds out the person, she must call the police to catch him.

Yang ChuChu's trip today is over. She has a look at the time. It's only four o'clock in the afternoon. In her spare time, she only wants to go to one place to stay.

She asked her assistant to take her downstairs to Luo Jinyu's apartment. She pressed the fingerprint lock and pushed the door in. Suddenly, she felt familiar and relaxed, with the smell of home. Yang

walked directly to the refrigerator, which was full of fruits and drinks. It must have been prepared for her by Luo Jinyu, and her heart couldn't help warming up.

Yang ChuChu takes out cherries and a big apple and cleans them. Eating them, he goes to the man's bedroom balcony. From here, he can see the man's office building as well as the far away place.

Yang ChuChu sits lazily on the leisure chair, and Mei Mou looks at the Xionghong building shining in the sun. She cannot tell her sweet taste.

I don't know if he is busy in the company at the moment. I really want to call him and listen to his voice.

When Yang ChuChu decided to go to the living room to get her mobile phone, suddenly, the door was pushed open, and she was stiff. When he looked up and saw the people coming in, Yang ChuChu's pretty face turned white all of a sudden, and he forgot to eat the apples he was gnawing. "

bo Auntie! " Yang ChuChu stammered out his voice.

Tang Qi just glanced at her face, nodded and said, "Why are you here? No more acting? " "

I just came here! Just finished shooting a play, will rest for a while. " Yang ChuChu looks at Tang Qi's face nervously. She doesn't know why. She's still afraid of Tang Qi, maybe because she's like an outsider who doesn't invite her. She doesn't have a foothold in this family. Tang

chess also saw her tense expression and smiled lightly: "don't be nervous, sit down, let's talk!" Yang quickly turned to the bedroom and brought out a plate of fruit that she had just washed and put it on the tea table.

Tang Qi sat down, reached for a cherry and ate it. He said slowly, "you live here. It's more like a home. Before you came, my son didn't know what it was like." Yang

looks down and listens quietly. Tang Qi's emotion seems to be a kind of affirmation to her. She is slightly surprised. Tang

Qi glanced at her and sighed: "Yang ChuChu, since Jin Yu really likes you, you should associate with him now. I will not separate you, nor force you to marry and have children now. But you tell me the truth, do you love my son or his money?" Yang

with a clear heart, he suddenly looked up at Tang Qi: "if I was a money greedy person, I would make money myself, and my mother would give me money. I really need money, aunt. In your eyes, I like him because he has money?" "

I don't mean that. I just want to hear what you have in mind. To be honest, my son has a good personality. It's understandable that you like him." Tang Qi laughs awkwardly and feels that he is not polite.

"I like him. Don't worry, auntie. If I break up with him, I won't give him a cent." Yang ChuChu's heart has been hit. Why do all people think that when she climbs up to Luo Jin Yu, she will take advantage of his money. Isn't love worth mentioning in front of money?

Yang ChuChu is really sad. Tang

Qi felt that he was talking too much. He immediately explained with a smile: "I didn't let you break up. I was too arbitrary before and didn't think about your feelings carefully. But from now on, I won't interfere in your affairs. You are a good girl child. You are a little younger, but your age is not a big problem. As long as you love each other, it's all It can be overcome. " Yang

she thought that Tang Qi wanted to talk about her age again. But after hearing her words, she was shocked and looked up at Tang Qi: "aunt, do you really agree that we are together?" "

Yes, didn't Jin Yu mention it to you? I've really figured out that you young people have your own life hobbies. I'm an elder, and I'll only refer to it later, not demand it. " Tang Qi saw Fang Kexin's other face before he realized that the girl was too shrewd, which was not necessarily a good thing. In contrast, Yang ChuChu's clear and bright eyes, she lacked the shrewd and powerful, gentle and amiable person with a big family. It seems that although Cheng Ying raised her by herself, she also educated her well.

"He mentioned it to me, but I can't believe it. I always thought he was lying to me." Yang ChuChu smiled shamefully. "

it's also my fault. I said some unpleasant words before, which made you sad. In the future, you can be with Jin Yu in all directions. I really don't care about you!" Luo Mu sighed a little. Yang ChuChu was so pathetic that he didn't have a sense of wholeness.

"Thank you, Auntie!" Yang ChuChu looks excited and his eyes are red. Unexpectedly, Luo Jinyu doesn't cheat her. Tang Qizhen agrees. "

in fact, I'm here to see how my son's life is now. With you here, I believe there's nothing to do. I'll take the first step!" Tang Qi gets up and leaves.

Yang ChuChu has not returned to her mind, and then she happily turns around.

It seems that she and Luo Jinyu have finally ushered in spring after experiencing winter snow. Yang

ChuChu takes out his mobile phone and directly calls Luo Jinyu to have a chat with him about the good news. Luo

Jin Yu is picking up the phone faster and faster. The low magnetic male voice comes over: "what's the matter? Have you finished your work today? "

"Well, I'm home. I'm standing on the balcony of your bedroom now. I can see your office building." Yang ChuChu said with a smile.

"So you miss me?" Luo Jinyu put down the pen in his hand, but he couldn't help standing up from the office chair and went to the floor to window. Even though they were far away, they couldn't see each other clearly. This feeling of looking at each other from afar still gives people a sense of peace.

"Well, I miss you. Your mother just came here. She said she agreed with us. It turned out that it was true." Yang ChuChu said excitedly, unable to conceal his inner joy. "

of course it's true!" Luo Jinyu said he was speechless.