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C984 children grow up

Ji Yueze has done almost all the work at hand. He looks at the time on the watch. It's almost 9:30. Recently, the company is busy, and there are many family affairs. He's a little busy.

Take the mobile phone and think about it. Would you like to call Bai Yiyan and ask her about her situation. Call

on the mobile screen, turn to her number, but hesitate again. Although

it's just for grandma to break up, but since she knows it's acting, she still needs to play it seriously. After all, grandma is not really confused, which makes her find out how to be angry with him.

"Forget it. Let her have a good rest for two days." Ji Yueze finally pinched his cell phone, took the car key, got up and planned to go home. Ji

after Xiao Han sent the photos of Ji Lin and Wang Cheng meeting in private, Ji Lin's movement stopped at once. This move really has a deterrent effect.

Ji Xiaohan went home earlier today, just in time to have dinner with his family. Before, he was the only one living in this family. There was no fixed time for breakfast and dinner. If he came back late, he would have to starve himself for a night.

At that time, the single Ji Xiaohan made a mess of his life. Now, looking at the elders sitting at the table, and the little guy smiling around him, Ji Xiaohan found that the atmosphere of a home can be so warm that people want to speed up their steps home.

"How is Xiaoze, Xiaohan? Is he OK?" After dinner, while the old lady went upstairs, LAN Yue came to ask him. Xiao Han knows that his mother must be worried about his brother, and he is worried too. "

he is dealing with the relationship with Bai Yiyan, which should not be too good. Mom, don't worry, I will comfort him." Ji Xiaohan knows that his younger brother and Bai Yiyan are only breaking up temporarily, so he believes that his younger brother should not be so sad as to tear his heart and lungs apart. But her mother didn't know it, so she was so worried.

"I wanted to make a phone call with him, but I didn't know what to say. Bai Yiyan is Bai Zhenzhen's daughter. To be honest, I'm in a really complicated mood. I don't know if I should forgive her or be angry with her." LAN Yue's face shows a bit of confusion. The woman she hated at that time, but now her son loves her daughter badly. It's like fate's reincarnation. It's wonderful to find that the world is so small and the people who are worried about their lives are tied together like a thread. Knowing that his mother was in a bad mood, Xiao Han said in a low voice, "Mom, don't think about this matter any more, how to do it or how to do it, there will be a result."

"But I'm afraid your brother can't bear such a blow. How painful it is to lose love." LAN Yue's eyes are red.

"Lovelorn can make a man strong, which is not a bad thing." Season owl cold chuckles.

LAN Yue glares at him angrily: "you are still in the mood to make fun of him. How did your brother do it?" "

OK, mom, I'm not joking. I'm on the point. My brother is not so vulnerable. Maybe he will cherish the next relationship more after this experience." Ji Xiaohan can't tell her mother the reason. She can only comfort her like this.

LAN Yue feels that Ji Xiaohan is not worried at all. She sighs and turns away. Don

youyou also came over curiously and asked, "is mom worried about your brother and Bai Yiyan? I think she's been sitting all alone recently

"Yes, but it's useless to worry. It takes time to witness!" Season owl cold sighs to say.

Tang Youmei's eyes flickered two times: "why do I always think you seem to find a solution? Can you tell me why it takes time to witness? "

Season owl Han Jun's face was slightly stunned for a while, then he put his hand around Tang youyou's shoulder and said in a low voice: "Youyou, you can't be too smart at this time, OK? I can't tell you something, but rest assured, I'm not hiding it from you for any other reason. "

Tang youyou gave him a white look: "is that right? Then you might as well tell me. Anyway, my mouth is very tight. If you tell me, I won't tell you. " "

I know you won't say it, but you will worry. It's better not to tell you." Ji Xiaohan said in a spoiled tone.

Tang youyou chuckled: "in that case, OK, I believe you are doing the right thing. Your decisions are all wise and powerful."

"Don't you worry about your husband?" Season owl cold handsome face is miserable.

Tang youyou is also joking with him. All the way to today, what kind of man is Ji Xiaohan? She also has a deep understanding. Naturally, she trusts him wholeheartedly. "

I'm going to take a bath for two little guys. Do you want to come with me?" Don youyou winked at him playfully.

"Good!" Ji Xiaohan would like to help. Two

little guys are still playing with their own affairs. When they suddenly hear that they are going to take a bath, Ji xiaonai immediately toots his mouth to protest: "Mommy, can I not take a bath today? I am not sweating at all today."

"No, we should form a good habit of bathing every day." Tang youyou put one hand in his waist and said sternly.

"Then How about washing the butt? I want to draw? Don't wash your hair! " The older Ji xiaonai grows up, the more he talks back. Maybe he has his own ideas. Don

you can't laugh or cry. Your daughter is more and more skillful at playing tricks.

Ji Xiaohan pointed to his son: "go upstairs with daddy to take a bath. You are not allowed to talk about conditions or oppose. You have no choice but to obey." Ji

Xiaorui turned a big white eye without any words: "Mommy, what should I do if daddy is cruel to me?" Don

you didn't expect your son to come to her and complain: "why did he kill you? I didn't hear it? " "

he killed me. I'll go to grandma to complain!" Ji Xiaorui is a ghost spirit. It's not so easy to pinch him. "

Ji Xiaorui, come back to me!" Ji Xiaohan finds that he is the head of his family. He can't even manage his son. It's disgraceful to pass it on.

Ji Xiaorui stood at the stairway, unable to get up and down. Finally, he had to go to daddy with his life: "well, daddy, I'll take a bath with you!" Tang

youyou sees that his son has been taken care of by Ji xiaohanzhi. He immediately raises a gentle smile and says to his daughter who is drawing: "xiaonai, do you think your brother has gone upstairs to take a bath? Are you obedient?"

"No, Daddy won't kill me anyway!" Ji xiaonai looks up at her and continues to trace her flowers and grass with a crayon.

Tang youyou is really going to be defeated by this daughter. Why is it that the older you grow up, the less disciplined you become?