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C1026 a lifetime story

Ji yunning's future affairs are grand, but not many people are invited because of Ji's reputation. The old lady stood in front of her tombstone trembling slightly, put down a bunch of flowers in her hand, and then reached out to touch the cold body of the tombstone, with tears of sadness: "she always said that she wanted to go to her own parents, to see what they looked like, and to ask why they abandoned her. It's a pity that this wish has not been fulfilled, Ann Rest. "

After that, Tang youyou stands by jixiaohan. Jixiaohan reaches out and hugs her shoulder. In the cold spring season, it's cold and rainy. I don't know if it really contains grievances. A gust of wind blows here with the moisture of spring.

Ji Yueze also stood with his hands down. He didn't have much affection for Ji yunning. He didn't contact or meet her for a long time. The only thing he knew was that she was Ji Lin's adopted daughter. She was a member of Ji's family. Now, when he suddenly learned that she died in a car accident, he felt a sense of sadness. Life is too fragile. When people are alive, they tend to ignore many things. Only when people leave, can they think of picking up that little bit of acquaintance.

Ji Yueze looked at the smiling young face on the tombstone, and thought deeply. If he had known that there would be a parting at this moment, he would have asked her to have a meal at the beginning, or sat down to chat with her for a few words. He would not have such a sad feeling until she left. "Grandma, let's go back. It's going to rain!" Ji Shangqing stood beside her and reached out to help the old lady. "

hasn't your father come yet? What's the matter with him? I will not give yunning the last trip! " The old lady suddenly got angry. Turning around, she saw the row of cars on the road. It seemed that Ji Lin's car hadn't come yet.

"My father may be too sad to face such a separation!" Ji Shangqing explained one sentence for his father.

"Oh, I don't want to face it!" The old lady made a slight mockery, but she didn't get angry any more. It's

ah, who wants this painful thing to happen?

Say rain, rain will come, continuous drizzle, accompanied by cool wind, although it is spring, but also cold into the bones of people. There is no rain in Shanqing's hand. Ji Yueze took one in his hand. His assistant forced it into his hand just now. He said there was rain today, and he really brought it.

At the moment, he opened his umbrella. The black umbrella was very big. He walked quickly. All the umbrellas were propped on the top of the old lady's head. He whispered, "grandma, the road is slippery. Slow down!"

The old lady's tears blurred her eyes. She walked slowly and heavily. All of them took a last look at Ji yunning's stele, then turned around and left with the old lady. At this moment, Tang youyou is still deeply impressed. She will remember the cold wind and drizzle all her life. She hated Ji yunning before, but people can hate it, but there is an indescribable sadness. Ji

Xiao Han lowers his head and reaches out to hold Tang youyou's cold hands. He actually knows why Ji Lin didn't come because he didn't have the face to see him off. He must have found out that Ji yunning betrayed him. In a hurry, he killed her. Because, in his plan, there is no word of betrayal. Ji yunning is still the one he has always trusted. She knows how many secrets he has and how many things he will destroy. Ji Linxin knows that he can't bury the time bomb around him. Therefore, Ji yunning must die. That's all It's her destiny that can't be changed when she was adopted. As a matter of fact, Ji Lin is also very sad, indignant and sad. He is fighting alone now. How much hope he holds for Ji yunning and how he expects her to be loyal to her for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, her heart has changed so fast that she has even thrown herself into the camp of Ji Xiaohan. In turn, Ji Lin can't accept such a blow. This is a disaster of trust 。

The old lady came to the side of the car, turned her head and looked at Ji Yueze: "your shoulders are wet. Go back to change clothes quickly. Don't catch cold!" "

OK!" Ji Yueze answered in a low voice and helped the old lady to get on the car. Then he watched the car go away. He turned around and gave the umbrella to the eldest brother: "your car stops far away. Let me use the umbrella for you. I'll go first!"

Season owl cold nodded, admonished him to drive carefully, season Yue Ze drove his black sports car to leave. Season

Xiao Han holds an umbrella on Tang youyou's head and looks down at her. Her long black hair has been stained with fine water drops. Only those beautiful eyes are more and more clear and moving.

"Let's go back, too!" Said Tang youyou in a low voice. "

OK!" Ji Xiaohan didn't tell the real cause of Ji yunning's death. He didn't tell anyone. "You don't seem to be in a good mood today!" Tang youyou finds the sadness in Ji Xiaohan's eyes and asks him in a low voice.

"After all, it's a person who grew up together. It's sad that she left." Season owl cold chuckled. Don

youyou didn't ask any more questions. Of course, she knew that Ji Xiaohan had no other ideas about Ji yunning, and she didn't have to worry about anything.

Ji Xiao's handsome face flashed a flash of consternation. Later, he grasped her palm and used more force, as if responding to her silence at this moment. Don suddenly raised his chin and smiled at him.

The uneasiness in Ji Xiaohan's heart disappeared in her gentle smile. Tang Youyou, who was previously aware of as unreasonable, likes to go to the top of the heap. But now, maybe he loves too much, and the tacit understanding between them has increased. Some small misunderstandings only need a smile to be relieved. This feeling is really good. Without words, we can know what we think in each other's hearts. Then we can put all the words that we can't say into a smile, so as not to make people feel embarrassed.

Ji Shangqing's car roared past them as if he were gnashing his teeth.

"Why does Ji Shangqing seem to hate you more?" Tang youyou just found out that Ji Shangqing was staring at Ji Xiaohan, just like an ice cone, trying to stab people.

"He always thought that it was me who rejected Ji yunning and caused her great psychological trauma, which led to this accident." Season owl cold light ridicule.

"Then he hated so inexplicably. Not all the feelings in the world can please each other." Tang youyou feels speechless for a moment, and feels that Ji Xiaohan is wronged too much.

"Let him hate it, even if it doesn't happen, he hates me!" Ji Xiaohan's face is indifferent.